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Strange but amazing alarm clock

This presentation or document is used to know about the strange or weird but amazing alarm clock.

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Strange but amazing alarm clock

  1. 1. Introduction• When point is comes to wake up in the earlymorning, many of us require additional help.• Thankfully, there’s no shortage of creativityfor alarm clock out there.• Alarm clock designed to help us all conquerour mornings and seize the day.• So, let’s take a look at some of the weirdestwake ups around from the clock
  2. 2. Gun Oclock• Have you ever feel likeshooting your alarm clock?• No!!! Then you can!!!• You will need seriousmarksmanship in order tohit the target and make thisalarm clock stop ringing.• If you feel like you arefighting with sleep eachmorning, this will make
  3. 3. Hydraulic Bed• Bigger may not always bebetter, but sometimes itcertainly is more effective.• This model is powered byhydraulics system andcomputer and turns yourentire bed into an alarmclock, shaking your untilyou are forced to get
  4. 4. Rolling Clock• If you are not morningperson, clocky couldpossibly be your worstnightmare. Designed to rollaround your bedroom likeR2D2 on ecstasy, thismobile alarm clock willmake you chase it down inorder to turn off itsannoying cacophony
  5. 5. Flying Alarm• It could be more fun with ahelicopter style alarm clock.• This clock buzzing aroundyour head and dive bombingon you in the dark of thewee hours?• It is not recommended forcombat veterans, this alarmmay terrify you into hoppingout of bed and running forcover.
  6. 6. Carpet Alarm• Sometimes the worst part ofgetting up in the morning isthat first step out of bed.• This alarm will get youmoving, since it is designedto ring until you stand on itwith your own two
  7. 7. Bacon Oclock• Looking for an alarm thatgives you serious incentiveto get out of bed?• This alarm clock cooksbacon each morning,filling the room with theirresistible smell ofeveryone’s favorite food!!!Mmmm, Bacon!!!
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