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Seo in 2013 the year of the consumer


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Seo in 2013 the year of the consumer

  1. 1. SEO In 2013 : The Year Of The Consumer In 2013, SEO will shift from optimizing websitesfor search engines to optimizing content for users.
  2. 2. Want to keep a site’s • Leverage the authority of the writer.Authorship • Social is a good way to create a reputation of content authors is transparent, it will make the web better. • Maintain a constant flow of new, on-site content. Frequency • Freshness of content is a ranking factor in google’s algorithm affecting 35% of search queries. • 79% of marketers credit social media as their preffered method ofUniqueness finding the right content to share, followed by email newsletter subscriptions. • Greater interaction means greater authority.Engagement • “Thinking about creative ways to make a site more compelling… can help with search engines as well as social media.” • The web is becoming more social; SEO is no exception.Social Signal • Social outreach - generate social signals to your content by building real relationships with influencers.
  3. 3. The percentage of firms that Social Signals have acquired a customer through their blog : Like : • Sites that 56% blog once a month • Sites that 78% blog daily • Sites that blog more 92% than once daily
  4. 4. What to avoid!! Wordy Content Don’t use too many words to communicate basic ideas or facts. Get to the point Keyword Stuffing Spun Content Only use keywords as Don’t rewrite they pertain toinformation that expressing the focus already exists. of the page. Grammatical Errors These are very easy Factual Errors for Google to detect This is a no-brainer algorithmically and but be sure to fact lead to a poor user check your content. experience.
  5. 5. Ways to vary anchor textBrand Naked Urls Brand + Universal• Variation of • These are Keyword • Generic words your brand variations of the or phrases that name. url of the • Variation of the brand name relate to any• i.e. ictinsite, destination website. page. along with a keyword. • i.e. click here, • i.e. read more, • i.e. ictinsite SEO, ictinsite website. m/internet- marketing, internet http://www.ictin marketing. t-marketing .
  6. 6. What SERVICES are you currently using to find third - party content to share? 79% of Marketers credit social media as their preferred method of finding the right content to share, followed by email, newsletter subscription90%80%70%60%50%40%30%20%10% 0% Social Media Email Newsletter News Clipping Manually Subscriptions Service Scanning Online Outlets
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