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Generating great internet follow up with school websites


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If you are looking for internet follow up with the help of school website then this presentation has great information that how internet can helpful through school websites.

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Generating great internet follow up with school websites

  1. 1. Generating great internet follow-up With school websitesThe School that rule the web
  2. 2. The School that rule the web• Best education sites’ comprehensive data set shows that a college’s web presence is more than just marketing.• Increased engagement between educators and students via email and social media has positive effect on learning.• It’s often a indicator of an institution’s overall quality.• Scroll through to see how your school measures up.
  3. 3. The Internet is revolutionizing education Use The Have Home Use Wireless Use Social Internet Broadband Internet like Laptop Networking Access & Mobile Sites 75% 66% 57% 60%National Adult Average The National Adult Average Vs. College Student College 99% 95% 92% 86% Students
  4. 4. Social Media WarriorsHarvard University Harvard University University Of California Berkeley 711,688 67,279 5,046,491 Most YouTube Most Facebook Most Twitter Channel Views Likes Followers
  5. 5. Education sites go graySurprisingly, Yellow Is Used Over 5X More Often Than Red On Education Sites. 3% 2% 16% 7% 15% 4% 33% 20%
  6. 6. Sans serif fonts dominate The Vast Majority Of Schools Go With Clean And Modern Fonts Like Arial, Verdana, And Helvetica. Console Sans Serif 3rd Qtr
  7. 7. So, The web can make or break a school• Some school have quickly adapted to the new landscape of online engagement, many others have been slower to respond.• In a world in which virtually every student is online, the schools that separate themselves from the pack will be the ones who meet them there.
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