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Consider the value of your old car


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This presentation or document will help you to consider the value of your old car.

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Consider the value of your old car

  1. 1.  Many Car Parts have a hidden value, often more than we realize the exact scrap car value. So it’s better to keep a vehicle for fulfill our requirements but not to damage the Eco-Friendly Environment! Mostly, More than 90% of car parts can be recycled like:  Batteries  Tyres  Glass  Fluids and Acids  Metal Parts
  2. 2.  Car batteries can be recycled by the scrap car dealers to create new ones. Simply drop off a car battery to an automotive store that sells them.
  3. 3.  Car Tyres can be recycled. UK dispose close to 220 billion tyres a year. Fortunately, about 80 percent of these are recycled. Recycled tyres are used in pavement bases to build new roadways.
  4. 4.  Glass can be recycled over and over again. Recycled auto glass is used to make tile flooring, countertops, porcelain, glass beads and jewellery. Ten gallons of oil is saved with every ton of glass recycled.
  5. 5.  Recyclable fluids, such as engine oil, coolant, refrigerant and gasoline, can be removed and reused. The sulfuric acid in car batteries can be neutralized and turned into water.
  6. 6.  About 14 million tons of steel and cars are recycled every year . Countries such as China and India import scrap steel and iron and use it to create other products.
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