Cloud computing fact or fiction


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let us know about cloud computing and know whether the cloud computing is fact or fiction.

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Cloud computing fact or fiction

  1. 1. Cloud Computing Fact or Fiction?Cloud Computing allows you to store, access and share data from internet-connected devices in one central location. As technological innovation professionskeep growing across the U.S. and cloud computing makes nearly 14 million jobsby 2015, the Cloud is more essential than ever. Here are the essential points youneed to know about the Cloud – and the stories that many believe. ICT Northwest
  2. 2. The perception of the cloud What people believe when it comes to cloud computing. A recent study revealed: 51% 51% believe stormy 29% 95% weather has an effect on cloud computing 29% think the Cloud Have used Cloud has something to do but don`t know it with weather 16% 54% 16% correctly think the54% claim they`ve Cloud is a place to store,never used the Cloud access and share data ICT Northwest
  3. 3. Fact OR Fiction 22% of Americans admitted to pretending to know what the Cloud is.1. The Cloud is a Place.The Cloud is nowhere, but everywhere. You`re probably using itwhen you: Check Mail Stream a video Pull up iTunes Share a document Check Facebook ICT Northwest
  4. 4. 2. The Cloud is Growing.By 2016, 340 million more people will have moved to the Cloud. Impressed ?Take a look at how we used the Cloud in 2012: ICT Northwest
  5. 5. 3. The Cloud is 100% safe from cyber attacks.With thousands of companies storing data on Cloud servers, the risk isincreased. Here are the common attackers:98% Involved External Agents4% Internal Employees<1% Committed By Business Partners53% Tied To Activist Groups ICT Northwest
  6. 6. 4. Millions of people are using the Cloud. How many folks have their heads in the Cloud already?425 425 million people worldwide use Gmail and all email users send over 204 million messages everyMILLION Minute. 150 million people use Apple`s iCloud. Plus,150 Apple receivers about 47,000 app downloadsMILLION each minute. 50 50 million people use Dropbox to save more than 1 million files every 3 minutes.MILLION ICT Northwest
  7. 7. 5. The Cloud is creating IT jobs .Companies like Amazon and Google have a much higher need for IT admins thatunderstand the specific concerns of the Cloud.Cloud computing is a key component for these growing jobs.  Network System Administrators  Network And Data Communication Analysts  Information System Security Specialists  System Analysts  Application Software Developer  Web Developer  Application Programmer  Database Administrator ICT Northwest
  8. 8. 6. The Cloud is a fad .There`s a lot more to look forward to with the Cloud, with companies looking tomake big investments. Microsoft – 90% of R&D budget 90% ($8.6 billion) is being used to Improve cloud computing Technology, including security of 8.6 billion measures and hosting services. ICT Northwest