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Attractive marketing solutions provided by nurture my leads in the usa


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Here you can get more attractive marketing solutions provided by in the USA like social media marketing, multi-channel marketing, campaign management, sales force management and many more…

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Attractive marketing solutions provided by nurture my leads in the usa

  1. 1. Attractive marketing solutions provided by Nurture my leads in the USA Nurture My Leads…
  2. 2. Social Media Marketing  Extend your reach by leveraging the power of Social Media to get your message to a potential audience of millions of prospects.  you can create and deploy campaigns which include coupons, discount offers, sweepstakes, contests, and much more.  This new communication medium instantaneous and very effective. is
  3. 3. Multi-Channel Marketing  Nurture My Leads offers the following channels for you to deliver you message:          Emails Direct Mail Text Messages Social Media Mobile Devices Landing Pages QR Codes Personalized URLS Videos
  4. 4. Mobile Sites & Mobile Marketing Apps  Nurture My Leads mobile application development services include:         Building mobile marketing apps. Building mobile apps for the sales force. Custom Mobile Apps Development. Mobile Games Development. Solutions to mobilize your enterprise. Integrate social media with your mobile apps. Mobile Website Development Integrate your legacy systems with mobile apps.
  5. 5. Direct Mail & digital marketing  There are two ways for making your direct mail interactive:  By adding personalized URL’s to the direct mail piece which opens a landing page or even a micro-site.  You can make your direct mail interactive and mobile by using QR codes.
  6. 6. Event Show Marketing  There are two types available for event show marketing:  Pre-Show Marketing: Will allow you to schedule and send your pre-show messages automatically.  Post-Show Marketing: In this marketing your work continues to pile when you were at the trade show and waiting for you when you return.
  7. 7. Campaign Management  Nurture My Leads has a very powerful marketing campaign management feature.  The Campaign Management Hub enables you to quickly and easily map out each step of your campaign including your list, marketing creative, auto-responses, sales notifications, and follow-up actions.
  8. 8. Sales Force Enablement  The process of moving a lead through the sales process involves efforts from both marketing and sales.  Sales force enablement tools include lead generation, lead nurturing, multichannel relevant messaging, analytics, segmentation, lead scoring and intelligent lead distribution.
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