iPhone to Enterprise "Please check in"


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Short presentation to Arup on how consumer mobile applications might influence the design and uptake of mobile workflows within the enterprise.

The secret sauce is context (location, direction, time and schedule)

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  • How can the consumer applications of mobile devices influence the use of mobile within the enterpriseNot a eulogy for the iPhone except in as much as it defines how device and application design can transform usability and enable more productive usageThere are a few contrived obscure and not so obscure references to the music of my youth in these slides, see if you can spot them. Clue from the title, think "Ground control to Major Tom" Answers at the end. Prize for the person who gets them all. Why might location be the secret sauce of many mobile enterprise applicationsI've worked in the location or applied geography industry for the last 14 years. I have been an evangelist for the use of location within the enterprise for a long time, not surprisingly I think it is a key element of mobile workflows. Who uses an iPhone, Android, BB?If you have more than one which do you prefer Not an Arup expertI can't make any specific recommendations to you about mobile within your business. These are some general thoughts based upon my experience of working with mobile applications developers.Hopefully they will prompt some conversations amongst you in the second half of your workshop 
  • Why would an organisation want to develop mobile work processesWhenever people or things are on the move in a business there is an opportunity for mobile workflows to improve efficiencyMany field based business processes involve some kind of customer interaction or service that provide an opportunity for differentiation against competitors.Updating systems at the end of the day, taking notes and transcribing them or remembering to complete small process tasks on your return to your office are unlikely to encourage optimum efficiency or quality Real time can be business advantageKnowing what is happening in the field in real time can facilitate real time adjustments to resourcing, forecasts, customer serviceReal time data means that field and office based workers have a single view of a project, business process or customer ExamplesAsset managementMany asset management processes require field based inspection and services Site surveysProcess trackingProviding feedback in real time of progress with a job or workflow DeliveriesRepairs and installationsLone worker safety 
  • I think location is a key element of mobile work processes. Mobile workers are never nowhere, their location can be a key element of their context or status within a workflow. e.ga field service engineering arriving at a job could trigger an update to a workflowstreetworks team sending start noticemovements can trigger stages within a workflowRemember that with the latest technologies (UWB for example) we will be able to monitor location within building complexes as well as outside
  • What can we learn from the consumer world when designing mobile business applications and workflows? DevicesConnectivityContextInterfaces
  • Let's think about devices Taking the office into the fieldGreat for moving your desktop on site but hardly a truly mobile experience and may not be well equipped for some tasks without addons (broadband, camera, GPS) Dedicated devices for one task are fine if you only do one task or are happy to carry loads of devicesThe consumer experience of using a mobile deviceWe nearly all have oneWe know how to use it without training (most of the time!)
  • Won't always be onlineBut it will get better and better.4G spectrum in UK Cache what you can, but be smartTo synch or not to synch that is the question Little by littleMove small packets of data frequently rather than trying to download big chunks of data and leaving user waiting for ages Fail elegantly
  • Context is the key to making a mobile application more intelligent, useful and easier to use.All of the smarter mobile social media applications apply context to the way they present information and choices to the user - Facebook, Foursquare LocationCan indicate when an engineer has arrived at a job, left a job, not left.Location can prompt specific choices for a userBut location alone is rarely enough TimeTime is another element of context.location and time may trigger an alerteg lone worker Movementdevice knows if you are moving and in what direction Combining, location, direction, time with anticipated or planned behaviour provides context to an application
  • InterfacesLess is more on mobile Count the keystrokes or navigation tapsSmall screens Touch padsVoice control****Set a voice reminder for 5 minutes***** Virtual realitySeeing what is under the ground or behind a wall Use context to present right information or choices to userMobile browsers vs appsBrowser works across multiple devices but may not be able to access smart features like GPS, compass, cameraApps are device specific 
  • Mobile work has potential to bring big benefits to your organisation and to your clientsHope I have prompted some thoughts on how you can apply the lessons of mobile apps developmentRemember simplicity and contextDid you spot all the musical links?
  • Hopefully a bit of time for questions
  • iPhone to Enterprise "Please check in"

    1. 1. iPhone to Enterprise “Check in please” Steven Feldman
    2. 2. Going Mobile
    3. 3. Miles from nowhere
    4. 4. Learning to flyhttp://www.flickr.com/photos/david_reverchon/206760475/
    5. 5. Beyond the “Computer Age”
    6. 6. no reception I can’t gethttp://www.flickr.com/photos/quinnanya/3375769147/
    7. 7. Right place, wrong timehttp://www.flickr.com/photos/rogerlynn/189852416/
    8. 8. T Make it easyhttp://www.flickr.com/photos/rogersmith/484993905/
    9. 9. http://www.flickr.com/photos/powerhouse_museum_photography/3128638021/ Wrap it up
    10. 10. Thank you Steven Feldman steven@knowwhereconsulting.co.uk Twitter @stevenfeldmanhttp://www.flickr.com/photos/jmcphers/38169811