10 Reasons Why Google Journal is Changing the Game


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An analogue system with digital functionality?

Google Journal is the future of notebooks.

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10 Reasons Why Google Journal is Changing the Game

  1. Google Journal 10 Reasons could change the game (if they make it)
  2. 1. Reading is up to 30% faster on paper
  3. 2. The Journal NEVER needs charged
  4. 3. Blue sky thinking. Be that guy. “Paper is still the fastest way to get ideas into a tangible form.” Accomplish more. Faster.
  5. 4. It’s not rude to use a notebook in a meeting.
  6. 5. It’s easy to collaborate… Just turn it DOWN UPSIDE Hi.
  7. 6. Touch = Memory Source “MRI testing shows that writing by hand helps idea expression and composition.”
  8. 7. Thinking Fast not Slow Paper allows instant decision making. Creative spark? Follow it across the page…
  9. 8. It’s personal, this time. Art Diary Brainstorm To-Do Management Business A Journal for you.
  10. 9. You cannot give an application to your children
  11. The number reason
  12. 10. It is DIGITAL! Simply take a photo of your notebook page Upload Let the OCR algorithm work Done.
  13. Simplicity
  14. 2 Pages
  15. This is for creativity Left Page
  16. Right Page This is for productivity
  17. Date Panel It is a kick-start. By opening your journal first thing in the morning over a coffee and entering the date you are already taking control of your day. The location of the date makes it easy to see at a glance when you are thumbing through it especially if you have lost your place using the thin ribbon strip. Simple no?
  18. Goal Panel Achievements or milestones which you must hit periodically. This panel represents a tick box for each time you accomplish that task. It works brilliantly for daily items such as… • Running • Writing • Weight loss • The 13 attributes of Benjamin Franklin • Quality time with your family Every time you [TICK] an item you create a chain of accomplishments
  19. Need a spark of inspiration? The Daily Motivational Quote panel. Today’s quote? “Knowing is not enough, We must apply. Willing is not enough, We must do.” Johann Von Goethe
  20. Task Panels This set of 4 panels is your to-do list. They are referred to as the Task Panels. They are ranked in priority order.
  21. Project Management
  22. There is a lot more.
  23. But...
  24. It is based on the principles of the www.100daysystem.co.uk Google Journal is a prototype.
  25. The 100 Day What?
  26. In a review, James Kelly of GeekDad said Source The first time I read through the book.. …I was blown away “ ”
  27. Source The ultimate way to get organised. Far superior to any mobile app I have used. The 100 Day System kicks you into high gear. “ ” said
  28. It is the foundation for success
  29. 50% off the digital edition
  30. Analogue Digital ProductivityCreativity
  31. @steven_feeney uk.linkedin.com/in/feeneysteven/ Shy? Don’t be.
  32. If you are a notebook manufacturer Get in touch!
  33. CLICK ME AND FIND OUT MORE Thanks for viewing