10 Amazing Tools For Entrepreneurs and Marketers


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10 of my favourite tools for organisation, goal accomplishment and sales. If you are bootstrapping a startup or simply looking to gain an edge, you may find something here you had not considered.

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10 Amazing Tools For Entrepreneurs and Marketers

  1. 10 MUST HAVE TOOLS for Entrepreneurs
  2. CONTENTS Overview Aims Tools Goo.gl Signals by Hubspot Rapportive Ecquire IFTTT BuzzFork Evernote Unbounce Boomerang F6S Contact
  4. Aims A friend* once told me that At Mavin Management, we polled the office to see which tools were the most common and most useful hacks, tweaks and shortcuts for busy professionals. As always, comments and shares are welcome. If you know a busy entrepreneur – give him this slide deck! *That individual was Paul Huston - Founder of the awesome Gloanna Yoga run!
  6. GOO.GL by GOOGLE Easy, free QR code for embedding into media Data tracking in real time Embeds directly into your Chrome browser Inbound traffic insight How? Simply use Goo.gl instead of web and hosted media URLs to derive data insight | Source | Free |
  7. SIGNALS by HUBSPOT Registers recipient behaviour Including link clicks and email opens Email tracking in real time Embeds directly into your Chrome browser Views Times Locations | Source | Free & Premium |
  8. RAPPORTIVE by HUBSPOT Almost total social media integration Embeds directly into your Gmail Helps to verify potential leads and contacts Grow your network in seconds | Source | Free |
  9. ECQUIRE by ECQUIRE Embeds directly into your Chrome browser One-click capture of contact details Delivers contacts and lead status directly into popular CRM programs or Google spreadsheets Free CRM! | Source | Free & Premium |
  10. IFTTT by IFTTT IF THIS THEN THAT Create fast easy recipes which link applications and web services Practically unlimited amount of time-saving methods. Huge recipe market For instance? Every time I favourite a tweet it sends the link to Pocket to be read. Anything favourited in Pocket issues a PDF to Evernote. Information triage in under 60 seconds and automated. | Source | Free |
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  12. BUZZFORK by BUZZFORK Super-fast and easy targeted Twitter campaigns Data tracking in real time Target by #Hashtag Keyword Trends Completely automated – simply set it up, let it run and check in periodically | Source | Free & Premium |
  13. EVERNOTE by EVERNOTE So useful someone wrote a book about the 100s of ways to use it! Store files, notes, tags, webclips and media directly in the cloud Complete collaborative working with shared folders Multiple apps, works offline and synchs later Can scan handwritten notes and make them searchable!! | Source | Free & Premium |
  14. UNBOUNCE by UMS Connects seamlessly to major marketing platforms (MailChimp etc) No CSS or HTML skills required A/B test conversion rates immediately Hugely respected and informative educational resources How? Use Unbounce to throw up a quick landing page to validate ideas, sell products, conduct interviews… | Source | Premium |
  15. BOOMERANG by BAYDIN Link tracking and email receipts Embeds directly into your GMail Schedule reminders for follow up emails Schedule emails to be sent later. Great for offline working Inbound traffic insight | Source | Free & Premium |
  16. F6S by F6S Search for startup jobs and co-founders A cash and carry for startups and entrepreneurs! Find massive discounts for products and services View and apply for accelerators and funding | Source | Free & Premium |
  18. CONTACT Mavin Management is an independent consultancy specialising in project management, lean startup and marketing. We strive to provide insight to inform your decision making process. In addition, we also host the not-for-profit TEDxCorby conference and mentor new entrants in Lean Startup Machine. Steven Feeney Managing Director Project Management, Lean and Marketing steven.feeney@mavinmanagement.com 24
  19. BIO Steven Feeney steven.feeney@mavinmanagement.com Steven, father of 3, served 8 years in the British Army Intelligence Corps with operational tours of Iraq and Afghanistan. Skilled in Operational Intelligence, Counter Intelligence and Protective Security he transitioned into the Palo Alto firm Palantir. After achieving the coveted Capstone Trainer qualification he subsequently worked as a freelance intelligence consultant, specialising in PRINCE2 methodology. In July 2013 he won the Eric Ries inspired Lean Startup London conference and is a resident business and intelligence mentor for Evolve and Lean Startup Machine as well as a writer for Urban Times and Team Treehouse. As one half of Fuse & Forge Design he published the 100 Day System – a total productivity approach (and a SlideShare top presentation). A serial entrepreneur, he co-founded Yoji Security Services, invented the Human Hunt adventure race, established Epic Trek for Charity and encourages people to read more with 52 Books. He also has this crazy idea of completing 10 Quests… He can be found evangelising new technology, security and intelligence techniques to the start up community in London. His ambition is to be online less and writing more. Connect with him with a click below!
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  21. Ding Ding Ding! Bonus tool! You made it to the end! You are the sort of person who stays to the end of the credits in movies theatres aren’t you? Just in case…because you never know… Well, like Vanilla Coke, your curiosity has been rewarded. BUFFER! Real time data analysis Schedule social media for anytime from anywhere! Up to 12 accounts | Source | Free & Premium |