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Giải pháp mạng không dây thông minh Ruckus Wireless


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Giải pháp mạng không dây thông minh Ruckus Wireless

  1. 1. Taking Wi-Fi Where It’s Never Gone BeforeHồ Thanh TùngPresales E ngineerCell: 0903 1 05 426E-mail: tunght@
  2. 2. Fast and Fierce: About Ruckus Wireless  Fast growing Wi-Fi technology innovator  Founded 2004, headquartered in Bay Area  Privately held, $51M raised to date $33m  Critically-acclaimed “Smart Wi-Fi “systems for carriers/enterprises  Over 2 million Smart Wi-Fi APs shipped  Funded by Sequoia, Sutter Hill, Motorola, T-Ventures, Telus, Mitsui, Focus Ventures  ~240 employees worldwide 06 07 08 092 Ruckus Wireless Confidential
  3. 3. Fast and Fierce 20073 Ruckus Wireless Confidential
  4. 4. What We Make, Where We Compete Purpose-Built Smart Wi-Fi Systems  Reliable  Manageable  Extensive Range Hotspots Quad-Play Services Enterprise WLANs4 Ruckus Wireless Confidential
  5. 5. The Big Picture Flexible Deployment Options with Ruckus Smart Wi-Fi Solutions Enterprise ZoneFlex SMB Hotzone ZoneFlex™ ZoneFlex ZoneFlex ZoneFlex FlexMaster™ Branch ZoneFlex ZoneFlex NOCService Provider FlexMaster Home-spot MediaFlex™ Community/Metro Home5 MetroFlex MediaFlex MediaFlex Ruckus Wireless Confidential
  6. 6. Enterprise Verticals Education Healthcare Hospitality Other Warehousing Manufacturing6 Ruckus Wireless Confidential
  7. 7. Customer in Vietnam7 Ruckus Wireless Confidential
  8. 8. Technology
  9. 9. Smart Wi-Fi Technology Breakthroughs Adaptive Precision Advanced Self-provisioning beam-steering per-user per-user self-optimizing smart antenna per-traffic class security high speed QoS wireless backbone = simple, pluggable Deployment = reliable, extensive Coverage = consistent, high Performance = seamless secure Mobility9 Ruckus Wireless Confidential
  10. 10. 10 Ruckus Wireless Confidential
  11. 11. Omni Antennas Are Not Smart  RF energy has similar characteristics to light energy  If you take an unfocused light bulb of a given power, it spreads it energy in all directions and the energy quickly diminishes over distance  Traditional omni-directional AP antenna work like an unfocused light bulb and radiate RF wastefully in unwanted areas causing interference11 Ruckus Wireless Confidential
  12. 12. Issues with current Omni Antennas  Broadcast 360 degrees  Create interference to neighbors  Can not detect where interference in coming from  Must slow down and retransmit when interference occurs  Not pleasant looking12 Ruckus Wireless Confidential
  13. 13. First-of-its-Kind Smart Wi-Fi Self Learning, Self Optimizing, Self Healing Wi-Fi Antenna System  Patented BeamFlex™ beam-steering antenna  Directional elements add range, reject interference  Combined elements to provide extended coverage  Self-learning software selects best combo in real time  Maximizes performance  Placement/orientation indifferent Signal Gain  Completely compatible with all 802.11 devices  Proven in over 1 million AP installations Antenna Beam  Already deployed by 200 service providers worldwide  Acclaimed for superior coverage, video-worthy performance Interference being rejected13 Ruckus Wireless Confidential
  14. 14. BeamFlex RF Beam Steering  Radio Frequency energy has similar characteristics to light energy  If you take an unfocused light bulb of a given power, it spreads it energy in all directions and the energy quickly diminishes over distance  If you focus the same light bulbs energy in a particular direction, the light will be brighter travel further in the direction of focus  Traditional omni-directional AP antenna work like an unfocused light bulb  The Beamflex antenna focuses the RF energy as a beam towards the receiver  How it works Unfocused energy doesn’t travel far… Focused energy is more direct, dense and travels further14 Ruckus Wireless Confidential
  15. 15. BeamFlex Dynamic Antenna15 Ruckus Wireless Confidential
  16. 16. How BeamFlex Works  BeamFlex antenna directs Wi-Fi signals to clients Metal Wall  Automatically adapts to moves, ZoneFlex adds and changes AP  Automatically rejects Interference Fewer APs reach farther, faster,  Steers signals around for more users impenetrable obstacles AUTOMATICALLY!  BeamFlex antennas make “good neighbors”  Director automatically controls AP transmit power and channel assignment16 Ruckus Wireless Confidential
  17. 17. RF Management Today Interference Too complex Coverage for SMB, hot Hole Interference spot markets RADIUS/AD WLAN switch Router IDS Firewall Internet17 Ruckus Wireless Confidential
  18. 18. Network BeamFlex Advantage Typical APs with Omni Antennas BeamFlex-equipped APs  Energy wasted radiating everywhere  Energy focused toward each destination –  Reduces coverage radius farther coverage, fewer APs  Causes neighbor AP interference  Built-in interference avoidance between neighbor APs  Need constant AP power adjustments  Overhead on WLAN controller  AP power adjustment by ZoneDirector only a last resort  Never perfect in dynamic environments18 Ruckus Wireless Confidential
  19. 19. Performance Under Interference… Ruckus AP and Ruckus Client RF Interference Tolerance Test Microwave on 20 Client Mbps 19 Mbps Microwave 30 ft AP Ruckus AP and Off-the-shelf.11g Client Off-the-shelf 802.11 AP and Client Microwave on 13 17 Mbps Microwave on Mbps 14 Mbps6 Mbps19 Ruckus Wireless Confidential
  20. 20. Performance and Coverage Advantage Ruckus AP Omni antenna AP 200 ft (61m) 200 ft (61m) 125 ft Upper 125 ft (38m) Floor (38m) AP AP 25000 sq ft (2322 sq m) 200 ft 200 ft Lower 12 12 Floor 5 ft 5 ft AP AP upstairs upstairs 20-22 Mbps 15-20 Mbps 10-15 Mbps 5-10 Mbps20 Source: North-American Carrier Test Location: Commercial high rise building in Canada Ruckus Wireless Confidential
  21. 21. ZoneFlex 7942 Competitive Performance UDP Ruckus 7942 vs Omni antenna Ruckus Ruckus 7942 vs Omni antenna Downlink % Throughput Comparisons Range of Coverage Comparison Throughput Gain (Mbps) vs Cisco Ruckus ZoneFlex 7942 120 120% 100 100% 118 119 120 121 122 123 124 125 126 127 128 129 AP 80 80% 117 60 Omni antenna Technology 60% 40 40% 118 119 120 121 122 123 124 125 126 127 128 129 AP 20 20% 117 15 feet 0 0% 117 118 119 120 121 122 123 125 85+ Mbps <10 ft 15 ft, 30 ft, 45 ft, 60 ft, 75 ft, 90 ft, 120 ft, 1 wall 2 3 4 5 6 8 45-84 Mbps walls walls walls walls walls walls 20-44 Mbps Ruckus ZoneFlex 7942 10-19 Mbps Omni antenna Technology Ruckus % gains over Omni 0-9 Mbps21 Ruckus Wireless Confidential
  22. 22. Putting 802.11n to the Test Third-Party Testing Tells the Real Story: Test Results Mbps Mbps 70 140 60 120 50 100 40 80 30 60 20 40 10 20 0 0 20Mhz Ruckus 40MHz Aggregate for three clients Meru Single client average Note: Aruba Networks, Trapeze Networks, Cisco and Bluesocket declined to participate22 Ruckus Wireless Confidential
  23. 23. Better Performance (for dual-band 802.11n) Independent “Open Air” Wireless Testing Tells a Complete Story 2.4GHz 2.4GHz Video Grade Data Grade 5GHz 5GHz Video Grade Data Grade23 Ruckus Wireless Confidential
  24. 24. Questions?24 Ruckus Wireless Confidential
  25. 25. 25 Ruckus Wireless Confidential
  26. 26. How SmartCast Works SmartCast BeamFlex Classification Queuing /Scheduling 802.11 Adaptation • By station Per-station, Master • Antenna config • By port per-class Qs Scheduler • Data rate • By heuristics • Retransmission Voice Per-packet • Channel • By layers 4-7 Video dispatch to hardware • Power Best Effort Background Set-Top Box 1 802.11 Video HW Qs 802.11 Chip Set-Top Box 2 Voice Wi-Fi Handset Flow Classifier Notebook PC Data26 Ruckus Wireless Confidential
  27. 27. Smart Traffic Management  Automatic provisioning  Auto-classification by app heuristics or TOS tags  Priorities & per-user rate limits settable per SSID Per Client Queues Voice Video  Per-client, per-traffic-class queuing Flow Best Effort  Precision bandwidth management and shaping Classifier Background Scheduler  Eliminates “slow” clients from slowing down others Client 1  Fair airtime among clients of different speeds Voice  Enables 11n Traffic Aggregation and Block ACK Video techniques to maximize throughput Best Effort  SmartMesh-wide QoS policy enforcement Background Client 2 Voice  Guaranteed multicast streaming Video  Enforces 802.11 ACKs Best Effort  Per-multicast-client antenna & rate adaptation Background Client 3  The only proven production systems for IPTV • •  Power-save optimizations for VoFi •  WMM U-APSD  Maximized data rates  Minimized retransmissions27 Ruckus Wireless Confidential
  28. 28. Dealing With Density Before Band Steering 5GHz – 3 (18%) Band Steering for High Capacity Environments 2.4GHz – 14 (82%) Dual-band 802.11n After Band Steering 5GHz – 14 (82%) 2.4GHz – 3 (18%) • Steers clients to 5GHz by withholding probe and auth responses on 2.4GHz • Doesn’t steer clients below RSSI threshold set per WLAN • Client table in each AP tracks • Client probe requests per band • Avg. RSSI per band over last minute • Dual band support • Table checked before responding to client28 Ruckus Wireless Confidential
  29. 29. Client Load Balancing Smart load management for high-throughput Wi-Fi networking Without load balancing With Load Balancing 3 vs clients per AP 5-6 7 client imbalance  Distributes clients evenly across APs Dual-band 802.11n  Improves network performance  Full utilization of all available spectral resources 7 6  Balances clients across APs, across radios  Smart load balancing algorithm  ZoneDirector automatically determines which APs to balance clients across based on AP neighbor signal strength  Smart client distribution protects 5 3 against orphaning single-AP client 6 729 Ruckus Wireless Confidential
  30. 30. Airtime Fairness  The Problem  Diversity of clients  Slow vs. fast clients  11b vs. 11a/g vs. 11n  Slower clients take more air-time and slow-down faster clients  Effectively, all clients are limited to the slowest client throughput  Overall WLAN performance degrades  The Solution  Schedule transmit queues subject to airtime constraints per STA  How it Works  Weighted round robin  Per client queues, weighted round-robin (but with equal weights…)  Frame aggregation is a special case  11n clients do get some preference  11n-only mode – keep 11a/b/g clients out of the WLAN30 Ruckus Wireless Confidential
  31. 31. Real World Results Performance of both 802.11n and 802.11a 802.11a stations 802.11n stations stations without airtime fairness enabled continue to experience much operate at higher levels of expected levels throughput with airtime fairness • Multi-rate testing with clients enabled • 11n and 11a clients • High data rate 11a and low data rate 11a clients • High data rate 11n and low data rate 11n clients31 Ruckus Wireless Confidential
  32. 32. WLAN Prioritization  Enables tiered services with service level agreements (SLAs) with per-user queuing and rate limiting  Prioritizes mission-critical applications  Traffic automatically pre-queued in software  Works in concert with per user and per class auto per client/traffic Per Client  Higher priority SSIDs Software class QoS Queues receive preference Voice High Video High Hardware Queues Data High Background High SSID CLIENT 1 Corp Priority Scheduler Wi-Fi Chip Voice Low High Video Low SSID Guest Data Low Priority Background Low Low CLIENT 232 • • Ruckus Wireless Confidential
  33. 33. Questions?33 Ruckus Wireless Confidential
  34. 34. 34 Ruckus Wireless Confidential
  35. 35. How Come Mesh Hasn’t Taken Off? Not as fast as wires Not as reliable as wires Nightmare to deploy/ manage35 Ruckus Wireless Confidential
  36. 36. Taking Mesh Where It’s Never Been Before 802.11n + Smart Wi-Fi Better, predictable performance Intelligent RF routing and beam steering optimized for meshing Killer reliability Self-forming, -healing, -optimizing Effortless installation and management36 Ruckus Wireless Confidential
  37. 37. How SmartMesh Works Mesh 150 Mbps 100 Mbps 80 Mbps APZoneDirector Root controller AP 300 Mbps 802.11n 802.11g 802.11g  Mesh APs constantly advertise potential throughput  Each AP picks the best (fastest) path to the root AP and clients  BeamFlex manages best signal path to client and inside mesh  If mesh node fails, SmartMesh self-heals37 Ruckus Wireless Confidential
  38. 38. Introducing SmartMesh™ First Intelligent, Centralized WLAN Mesh Solution for 802.11n and 802.11g  Eliminates Ethernet cable to every AP  Uses RF signal routing to determine best paths to client and between mesh nodes  Only mesh system that avoids interference  Uses high-gain, long-range smart antennas to minimize hops, improve performance  Deploys in half the time, half the cost of conventional WLANs  Simple, simple, simple to configure/manage Half the Cost Half the Time 3X the Performance38 Ruckus Wireless Confidential
  39. 39. SmartMesh Features Galore ZoneFlex SmartMesh Simplifies WLAN Deployment and Expansion  Supported on all ZoneFlex 802.11g and n APs  Centrally managed by ZoneDirector  Automatic provisioning  Self-forming topology  Self-healing  Around AP failures and environmental problems  Secure encrypted backhaul links  Quality of Service and Rate Limiting across mesh  2 to 3 mesh hops satisfy most installations39 Ruckus Wireless Confidential
  40. 40. Simple to Use, Simple to Manage 2 At-a-glance view SmartMesh easily of entire SmartMesh 1 enabled with a click of a mouse 140 Ruckus Wireless Confidential
  41. 41. SmartMesh vs. Dumb Bridged Mesh Wi-Fi service Extended range means higher Poor range means degrades/fails performance, fewer hops more hops, lower performance with interference Smart 802.11n Dumb 802.11g Automatic Additional mesh interference nodes needed for avoidance complete coverage ROOT AP ROOT AP41 Ruckus Wireless Confidential
  42. 42. Questions?42 Ruckus Wireless Confidential
  43. 43. Powerful and Simple Wireless Security43 Ruckus Wireless Confidential
  44. 44. What’s SmartSec?  A collection of robust wireless security capabilities made easier to implement  Authentication and authorization  Dynamic PSK™  Role-based user access  Wireless LAN client isolation  Wireless intrusion detection  Link layer encryption44 Ruckus Wireless Confidential
  45. 45. How Do I? SME Wireless Security Concerns How do I protect the data? How do I control who’s on the network? How do I manage all this? How do I control who can access How do I and to what detect resources? potential intruders?45 Ruckus Wireless Confidential
  46. 46. Why you need a ZoneDirector !  Channel Management  Configuration management  Ease of installation  Upgrading  Troubleshooting / SpeedFlex™  RF Management  SmartMeshing  SmartRoaming  User Management  Layer 2 Isolation  Guest Access  Dynamic PSK  Layer 3 Voice Roaming46 Ruckus Wireless Confidential
  47. 47. A First: Dynamic PSK™  The Problem: Provisioning secure wireless access  Single pre-shared key is not secure (e.g. employee leaving requires changing key for all employees)  802.1x is complex and not affordable for SMBs  No IT resource to administer unique key per employee  The Solution: Auto administered Dynamic PSK™  Automatic provisioning of unique encryption key to each user/device  No manual client configuration  Highly secure: unique 63-byte pass-phrase per user  Easily deactivated when employee leaves  New key can be generated periodically  Configurable per WLAN47 Ruckus Wireless Confidential
  48. 48. Effortless Configuration In 5 Minutes or Less48 Ruckus Wireless Confidential
  49. 49. The ZoneDirector 1000/3000  First centralized multimedia ZoneDirector WLAN control platform 1000 Series  Built for simplicity and robustness  Network, RF, security and location management all-in-one  Centralized authentication  Internal authentication database, ZoneDirector seamless AD & RADIUS integration 3000 Series  Director is not on the data path  At a glance management  Customizable management dashboard  Instant Guest Accounts, Terms of Use  AP heat map  Wireless Intrusion Detection (WIDS) – Rogue APs detection  Controls up to 250 APs  Automatic redundancy49 Ruckus Wireless Confidential
  50. 50. Highlights of this Release  ZoneDirector 3000  • FlexMaster managing ZoneDirectors  • ZoneDirector Layer-3 support  • Voice mobility (WLAN tunneling for VoIP layer-3 roaming)  • 802.1x Roaming (PMK Caching and Opportunistic PMK Caching)  • SpeedFlex™  • RADIUS and ActiveDirectory authentication for Admins (including Read- only and read-write privileges)  • Built-in DHCP Server on ZoneDirector  • Static IP provisioning for APs from ZoneDirector  • Client HTTP proxy support  • DynamicPSK™ for Windows Mobile & CE  • FlexMaster support for ZoneFlex 7942  • FlexMaster Auto-configuration  • Enhanced FlexMaster reports layouts  • FlexMaster certificate import  • Device inventory status in FlexMaster50 Ruckus Wireless Confidential
  51. 51. What’s Really Important for the SMB? User authentication Wireless intrusion Link layer and access control detection and encryption prevention51 Ruckus Wireless Confidential
  52. 52. Dynamic VLAN Seamless integration with secure and scalable enterprise networks Tunnel-Type:0 = VLAN Tunnel-Private-Group-Id:0 = “200" RADIUS Server Tunnel-Type:0 = VLAN Tunnel-Private-Group-Id:0 = “100" Corp WLAN BENEFITS • Integrate with Network Access Control (NAC) solutions • Remediation network (and endpoint security) • Group-based segmentation Corp WLAN • Enhanced security and control VLAN #200 Corp WLAN VLAN #100 • Control number of WLANs (and over-the-air beacons)52 Ruckus Wireless Confidential
  53. 53. Authentication and Authorization  Discrete policies configurable per WLAN  Captive portal with backend authentication via:  Local database – including role-based authorization  ActiveDirectory - including group-based authorization  RADIUS SSID=1 SSID=Guest VLAN=1  Wireless authentication VLAN=3 OPEN Dynamic PSK  Open  Shared (pre-shared key)  802.1X  Dynamic PSK SSID=2 VLAN=2 802.1x Active 802.1X/ Directory RADIUS53 Ruckus Wireless Confidential
  54. 54. How Dynamic PSK™ Works 1. First time user connects to Ethernet port ZoneFlex 2942 2. User specifies URL to be automatically configured for WLAN access 3. Once authenticated, ZoneDirector auto- provisions the requisite WLAN settings and a RADIUS/AD unique, dynamic PSK in user’s wireless settings ZoneDirector 4. Key is bound to both user and device until Router invalidated 1. User can now connect IDS securely to the WLAN Internet54 Ruckus Wireless Confidential
  55. 55. Strong Access Controls CFO Sales guy  Role-based user access allows only authorized users to access authorized Guest resources  MAC (L2) and IP (L3)- based filters  Users can be rate limited Active Directory per WLAN preventing against distributed denial of service attacks  Hackers trying to masquerade as a Finance Sales Marketing authorized users can be easily blacklisted55 Ruckus Wireless Confidential
  56. 56. Blacklisting Clients Point and click client blacklisting56 Ruckus Wireless Confidential
  57. 57. Controlled User Access AAA group attributes can be linked to user roles Users granted or denied access to specific WLAN(s) based on role WLAN can be tied to pre-specified VLANs and/or user groups Guest pass creation privileges definable57 Ruckus Wireless Confidential
  58. 58. Wireless LAN Client Isolation L3 filters prevent L2 client isolation two clients from prevents two clients directly connecting using the same AP across different APs from communicating directly ...but users can still Internet access the Internet58 Ruckus Wireless Confidential
  59. 59. Wireless Intrusion Detection (WIDS)  Automatic detection and classification  Rogue AP  Evil twin/AP spoofing  Ad hoc networks  Neighbor networks  Email automatically sent to IT administrator alerting them to the breach59 Ruckus Wireless Confidential
  60. 60. Preventing Denial of Service Attacks Automatic Zone Defense  Clients automatically blacklisted after failed authentication attempts (eg. dictionary attacks, excessive management frames, etc.)  Auto blacklist interval is customizable60 Ruckus Wireless Confidential
  61. 61. Link Layer Encryption CFO Sales guy  State of the art encryption that can be applied on a per WLAN WPA2 Employee (SSID) WPA TKIP WPA2  LWAPP-based tunnels AES with (AES) encrypted messaging between APs and controller Active Directory  Dynamic PSK™ (patent pending) Finance Sales Marketing61 Ruckus Wireless Confidential
  62. 62. ZoneDirector Guest Pass Generation62 Ruckus Wireless Confidential
  63. 63. 63 Ruckus Wireless Confidential
  64. 64. Half the Time (less than that really) Real World SmartMesh Deployment* Omni Ruckus Technology SmartMesh WLAN Deployment Tasks Average  Configuring individual APs 2 hours n/a  Configuring controller 3 hours 1 hour configuratio n time Average  RF planning / site survey 5 hours 1 hour  Running Ethernet cabling 5 hours n/a installation  Deploying APs 5 hours 4 hours time 6 TOTAL 20 6 hours hours * Actual SmartMesh installation at Courtyard Marriott Buckhead, eight floors, 181 rooms, 100,000 sq. ft.64 Ruckus Wireless Confidential
  65. 65. Questions?65 Ruckus Wireless Confidential
  66. 66. ZoneFlex Products
  67. 67. Adaptive Wi-Fi Indoors/Out Ruckus ZoneFlex Smart Wi-Fi APs Enter ZoneFlex™ Reaches Farther, Faster with Unmatched Reliability  Best Wi-Fi technology on the planet  WLAN-wide optimum signal path selection Simple, Strong, Secure Control  WLAN-wide interference avoidance ZoneDirector Smart WLAN Controllers  2 to 4X coverage improvement per AP (fewer APs)  Best 802.11n performance  Controller not in datapath (no ‘bottlenecks’)  802.11n beamforming ensures range/reliability Advanced WLAN Apps Smart/OS WLAN Software  Effortless everything  Pluggable, meshable, easy to install/expand  Wizard-based configuration  Automatic client administration Remote Wi-Fi Management  Advanced security simplified Ruckus FlexMaster  Unmatched price/value  Unprecedented CAPEX savings, Lowest OPEX  Breakthrough feature/functionality  “Triple-Play” over Wi-Fi67  Data/Voice/Video over Wi-Fi Ruckus Wireless Confidential
  68. 68. Introducing the ZoneFlex 7962  Industry’s first dual-band 802.11n Smart AP with dynamic beamforming  Automatic interference mitigation  Requires only 802.3af power  Standalone or centrally managed  Up to 16 discrete WLANs  19 unique antenna elements provide over 4,000 unique antenna combinations  Supports adaptive meshing Vertically Auto Horizontally- -polarized RF signal polarized  Ideal for concurrent voice, antenna elements optimizer (based on device antenna elements video and data applications orientation)68 Ruckus Wireless Confidential
  69. 69. Introducing the ZoneFlex 7300 Affordable, Mid-range 802.11n Smart WiFi Access Points ZoneFlex 7363 ZoneFlex 7343 Dual-band, 2X2 802.11n Single-band (2..4GHz), 2X2 802.11n  Flexible wired connectivity  Requires only 802.3af to power  Low profile and support wall or ceiling mount  Integrated smart antenna array that supports dynamic beamforming  Automatic interference mitigation  Supports standard ZoneFlex software  Supports adaptive meshing and meshes with other ZoneFlex APs  Standalone or centrally managed69 Ruckus Wireless Confidential
  70. 70. ZoneFlex 7300 Details Mid-Range 802.11n Smart WiFi Access Points 3 physical ports Low profile 1GE PoE+2FE Integral part of the ZoneFlex product line managed by the ZoneDirector and FlexMaster 2.4GHz 5GHz directional directional antennas antennas provide provide signal gain and signal gain and interference rejection interference rejection with 300+ potential with 300+ potential70 combinations combinations Ruckus Wireless Confidential
  71. 71. What’s the Dual-Band Difference? ZoneFlex 7363 ZoneFlex 7962 Ideal for: Ideal for: Mid-range enterprise applications High-end enterprise applications Cost-sensitive customers Concurrent data/video/voice streaming Normal density deployments High density deployments Extra wired ports High capacity meshing Low profile Large-scale enterprises, universities, Retail, branch office, 3-star hotels, Four/Five-star hotels, hospitals K-12 schools, healthcare clinics71 Ruckus Wireless Confidential
  72. 72. Introducing the ZoneFlex 2741 AP Smart Outdoor 802.11g Access Point Purpose built with IP-65 enclosure Built for extreme conditions: -20C – 65C (-4F – 149F) N-type external antenna connector Powered by PoE or 12V DC (PoE Injector included) BeamFlex Inside Flexible mounting options: Integrated smart antenna array • Ceiling, Wall, Pole Integral part of the ZoneFlex product line: • Managed by ZoneDirector and FlexMaster (release 7.1) • Smart Mesh Networking (indoor and outdoor)72 Ruckus Wireless Confidential
  73. 73. Introducing the ZoneFlex 7762 Industry’s First Concurrent 2.4 / 5GHz 802.11n Outdoor Access Point Aesthetically pleasing lightweight design, purpose built with IP-67 enclosure -40◦C – 65◦C (-40◦F – 149◦F) N-type external 802.3at PoE in and 802.3af PoE Flexible, fast deployment options, antenna connectors out allows additional devices to pole, wall, ceiling mountable be connected (e.g. IP camera) in minutes Resilient and adaptive meshing Custom high-power PoE support and seamless operation injector included Managed by with Ruckus indoor mesh APs ZoneDirector Only outdoor AP with dynamic, WLAN controller directional high-gain smart or FlexMaster antenna array delivering up to remote Wi-Fi 7dBi signal gain / -15 dB management interference rejection system73 Ruckus Wireless Confidential
  74. 74. 802.11n Outdoor Applications ZF 7762 ZF 7962 Outdoor Area PoE output 5 GHz ZF 7762 for surveillance Guest camera SmartMesh SSID Voice SSID SSID Outdoor Area Employee g SSID Outdoor WLAN Extension n ZoneDirector 2.4 GHz Employee Voice 5 GHz SSID SSID Firewall SmartMesh SSIDInternet Router ZF 7962 5 GHz ZF 7762 RADIUS/AD Outdoor Area ZoneFlex 802.11n MESH Outdoor Smart Wi-Fi APs ROOT MESH Smart Mesh MESH Inter-AP backbone Community WiFi connections FlexMaster Smart Wi-Fi Management Platform MediaFlex Bridge/Repeater Provider INTERNET NOC ZoneDirector74 WLAN Controller Ruckus Wireless Confidential
  75. 75. Introducing the ZoneFlex 7731 802.11n 5GHz Outdoor Managed Point-to-Point Bridge Dual-polarized Simple, simple, simple… directional • Auto-provisioning and pairing antenna • Easy aiming with LED-based guidance Designed for extreme outdoor conditions • IP-65 rated • -40ºC – 65ºC (-40ºF – 149ºF) 30º beam width for simple 12V DC or 802.3af power input positioning and aiming 14dBi gain Fully managed by FlexMaster75 Ruckus Wireless Confidential
  76. 76. ZoneFlex 7731 802.11n 5GHz Outdoor Managed Point-to-Point Bridge Designed for extreme outdoor conditions: •IP-65 rated High performance at range with •-40ºC – 65ºC (-40ºF – 149ºF) 802.11n: 12V DC or 802.3af power input • Up to 150Mbps at 1.5km/1mi • Up to 100Mbps at 5km/3mi • Up to 60Mbps at 13km/8mi Simple, simple, simple… • Auto-provisioning and pairing Dual-polarized directional 30º beamwidth for • Easy aiming with LED-based guidance antenna simple positioning and aiming Fully managed by FlexMaster 15dBi gain76 Ruckus Wireless Confidential
  77. 77. Outdoor Point-to-Point Applications Building to Building Bridging Wireless Broadband Access Point to Point Point to Point backhaul POP School/Hospital ZoneFlex School/Hospital mesh outdoor FlexMaster Point to Point Inventory / Config Remote Database Monitoring & Troubleshooting NOC Backup Link for Disaster Recovery 3G Offload & Backhaul Point to Point backhaul Enterprise Point to Point Broadband ZoneFlex backhaul backhaul hotzone Video Surveillance77 Ruckus Wireless Confidential
  78. 78. Smart Point-to-Point Redefining the backhaul market  Simple, Simple, Simple… ZoneFlex 7731 802.11n  Ruckus plug-n-play Point-to-Point Bridge  Guided aiming  Wide beamwidth for instant point-and-shoot  Best Wi-Fi on the planet  11n Spatial Multiplexing and dual-polarization  Multimedia ready, state-of-the-art QoS  Unmatched price/value FlexMaster  Breakthrough price/performance ZoneFlex  Centrally and remotely managed, VLANs Product Line  AES encryption  End-to-end  Management, backhaul, mesh, access, CPE78  Indoors and outdoors Ruckus Wireless Confidential
  79. 79. ZoneFlex 7731 Throughput 802.11n 5GHz Outdoor Managed Point-to-Point Bridge 1 kilometer: 180 Mbps 5 kilometers: 100 Mbps 12 kilometers: 60 Mbps79 Ruckus Wireless Confidential
  80. 80. A Family of Super Smart APs Indoor Outdoor FEATURE ZF2942 ZF7343 ZF7363 ZF7962 ZF2741 ZF7762 ZF7731 Wall, Wall, Wall, Wall, Wall, Wall, Wall, Mounting options ceiling ceiling ceiling ceiling Ceiling, Ceiling, Ceiling, Pole Pole Pole 802.11n 802.11n 802.11n 802.11n 802.11n Wi-Fi technology 802.11g (2.4 GHz) (2.4/5GHz) (2.4/5GHz) 802.11g (2.4/5GHz) (5GHz) Radio chains 1x1 2x2:2 2x2:2 3x3:2 1x1 3x3:2 2x2:2 Antenna elements 12 8 14 19 12 12 - Antenna combinations 4000+ 256 300+ 4000+ 4000+ 4000+ - 14dBi/30° Signal gain 9dBi /-17dB 4dBi /-10dB 4dBi /-10dB 7dBi /-15dB 9dBi /-17dB 7dBi / -15dB beam width Polarization (vert / horz) Dual Vertical Vertical Dual Dual Dual Dual Smart Mesh support - Ethernet ports 2 3 3 2 2 2 1 802.3af PoE support80 Ruckus Wireless Confidential
  81. 81. ZoneDirector Family ZoneDirector 1000  Network, RF, security ZoneDirector 3000 and location management all-in-one  Internal authentication database, seamless AD and RADIUS integration  Super simple guest access  Wireless intrusion detection (WIDS) support  Software upgradeable system controls from 6 to 250 APs  Integrated Smart Mesh support  Automatic redundancy  Advanced security capabilities (eg. Dynamic PSK)81 Ruckus Wireless Confidential
  82. 82. Distributed Forwarding THEM US Directly in datapath Out of datapath Performance and capacity scales as APs added WLAN dies if controller is remote and can’t be accessed No single Existing point of failure WLAN Single point connections of failure continue to operate if controller Performance No performance is lost bottleneck bottleneck82 Ruckus Wireless Confidential
  83. 83. Determining Client Performance SpeedFlex Allows Remote Client Testing from a Central Point SpeedFlex integrated in and evoked from controller Requires small agent running on client under test83 Measures uplink/downlink throughput, packet loss Ruckus Wireless Confidential
  84. 84. Remote WLAN Management (with FlexMaster)84 Ruckus Wireless Confidential
  85. 85. Wi-Fi Management for Big Enterprises FlexMaster “Delegated Administration” Enables Greater Flexibility Network Full management of Administrators all devices and groups Group Selected control by Administrators assigned managed group Group Read-only privileges Operators on assigned devices Operators Individual device management Group-based management Role-based management Delegated IT staff managing Administrative hierarchy for different devices regulatory compliance85 Ruckus Wireless Confidential
  86. 86. Scalable Wireless LAN Deployment Enterprise Management of ZoneFlex WLANs Campus NETWORK OPERATIONS CENTER WAN V PN FlexMaster86 Branch Ruckus Wireless Confidential
  87. 87. Pricing that “Rolls” Price/Performance for Delivering 10 Mbps per User (5000 employees) $300 Adding controller Price per user $217 throughput (APs and controllers) $176 $161 Based on AP throughput only $71 Ruckus Vendor Vendor87 C A Ruckus Wireless Confidential
  88. 88. Wireless LANs: What Matters Most Reliability Cost Security Easy integration Management Scalability n/a Dont know 0 10 20 30 40 March, 2006: Base = 521 SMBs88 Ruckus Wireless Confidential
  89. 89. What We Have That Others Don’t And What the Middle Market Cares About the Most… Reliability  Smart antennas (BeamFlex)  Extended coverage, reliable Wi-Fi signals Cost  Wireless without wires (SmartMesh)  No cables anywhere, fewer APs Security  Dynamic Pre-Shared Keys (PSK)  Simple and secure Easy  Plug and play deployment integration  Configuration in minutes, IT Lite89 Ruckus Wireless Confidential
  90. 90. The Ultimate Enterprise Value Half Half 3x the the the Cost Time Performance Of a traditional 802.11g wireless LAN90 Ruckus Wireless Confidential
  91. 91. Questions?91 Ruckus Wireless Confidential
  92. 92. Thank You PreSales Enginner Hồ Thanh Tùng Cell: 0903 105 426 PostSales