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Gamify energy saving campaign


Gamification for Utilities - Energy 2014

Gamification for Utilities - Energy, how to increase customer loyalty and engagement.

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Gamification for Utilities - Energy 2014

  1. 1. Gamification by Steven Bradley
  2. 2. Gamification by Steven Bradley “Utilities will spend $65 million on applications by 2016 to engage customers.“ Gamification Building a community organically around a product, service or goal using game technology and mechanics. IDC Energy Insights (USA)
  3. 3. Gamification by Steven Bradley What is Gamification? Achievement Competition Fun - Progress - Badges - High score - Opponent - Pride - Easy - Challenging Goal - Improve status / loyalty - End the game 17534
  4. 4. Gamification by Steven Bradley What does it leverage? "Takes advantage of humans' psychological predisposition to engage in gaming." Meaning Empowerment Accomplishment Scarcity Ownership Social pressure Unpredictability Avoidance
  5. 5. Gamification by Steven Bradley Gamification encourages behaviour with instant, positive feedback. What types of feedback can we give our customers?
  6. 6. Gamification by Steven Bradley Gamification in other industries Frequent Flyers Program (JetBlue) Education (Mathletics) Shopping (Ebay)
  7. 7. Gamification by Steven Bradley Gamification for Energy What would our end goal be? Example: Sustainable Energy Strategy Energy players keen to improve energy efficiency and/or peak response. Note: you need granular and real-time energy data, which allows them to provide instantaneous feedback.
  8. 8. Gamification by Steven Bradley Neighbour Comparison Show users how their usage compares to that of their neighbour and houses like theirs. Can be Suburb vs. Suburb or even State vs State. Examples of interactions for Energy Customers Virtual Rewards Earn points and badges for energy saving actions.
  9. 9. Gamification by Steven Bradley Daily + Monthly Contests Coordinate with Utility Marketing Teams to create contents. Leaderboards Show ranking of highest achievers to spur competition. Friend Activity A streaming credits list of actions friends have taken to save energy. Suburb Challenges Competitions between groups increases motivational values, also great PR (Red Flag NRMA)
  10. 10. Gamification by Steven Bradley Targeted Program Offers Offers based on key timed actions leading to incentives or unlocks. Weather Data Incorporate weather data to make relevant suggestions and to predict/game usage output. Tier Usage Calculator Shows which tier they are in and how they can get to a more affordable tier. Convert Social Network Unlock status or rewards on referring or growing network.
  11. 11. Congratulations! You are now Gamified!
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Gamification for Utilities - Energy, how to increase customer loyalty and engagement.


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