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SVEN Future of Marketing Series - Ubertrends & Innovation 4-19-17 program


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SVEN Future of Marketing Series - Ubertrends & Innovation
Keynote: Michael Tchong

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SVEN Future of Marketing Series - Ubertrends & Innovation 4-19-17 program

  1. 1. Panelists ! Ubertrends & Innovation MODERATOR FACILITATOR KEYNOTE MICHAEL TCHONG STEVEN COOK BRIAN REYNARD DON BENNION LORI H. SCHWARTZ Principal, PwC New Ventures & PwC Innovation Leader, PWC MITRA BEST Director of Business Strategy, Adobe Senior Digital Innovations Executive, StoryTech Contributing Editor, CMO & Business Development Head, Startup Nation 2 Enterprise Chief Executive Officer, Silicon Valley Executive Network Innovation Consultant Adjunct Professor of Innovation Author Speaker Trend Analyst STEVEN TIELL Senior Principal, Technology Vision + Digital Trust, Accenture VASU JAKKAL Vice President of Corporate Marketing, Brocade Future of Marketing Series PANELISTS
  2. 2. Future of Marketing Series Our purpose is to provide insightful & inspirational thought leadership from the best practitioners inside & outside of the SVEN community to help CMOs, the Marketing community & the C-suite get ready for the future. Our topics are CMO-centric & C-suite con-centric. As always, lively SVEN community dialogue is encouraged.
  3. 3. Ed Saxon! PROGRAM #1 10/15/15 8 time Oscar winning Producer! Insights & application of Hollywood’s best storytelling & audience engagement practices to marketing at any company and brand. The Power of Story
  4. 4. Tamara Gaffney! PROGRAM #2 3/16/16 Principal Analyst & ! Director Adobe Digital Index! - ADI’s latest predictions and what they mean for technology's future - Practical advice on which areas of future growth appear most promising - Innovation ideas to build leading-edge marketing programs - Top of Mind issues facing senior marketing executives Digital Trends
  5. 5. Michael J. Becker PROGRAM #3 5/17/16 Co-Founder, Managing Partner, ! What it means to be a Connected Marketer & how to survive in this age of connectedness & mobility. The Rise of The Connected Marketer™ -  Former Global Board Member and North America Managing Director of Mobile Marketing Association -  Association of National Advertisers, Direct Marketing Association, Path-to-Purchase Institute, National University -  Awarded 2014 Marketing EDGE Edward Mayer Education Leadership Award for commitment to marketing education
  6. 6. Harry West & Ari Popper! PROGRAM #4 11/2/16 Harry West and Ari Popper explore how “Design Led Thinking” creates true competitive advantage. Marketing automation, lead generation, and analytics have transformed the value and contribution of marketing, but the downstream focus has left gaps in the renaissance role of the CMO. This session provides an overview of design thinking methods and how design-led marketing requires marketing’s involvement in product concepting, strategy, and design, resulting in better products and improved downstream marketing. Design-Led Marketing CEO, Frog Design CEO, SCIFutures
  7. 7. Our Learning Promise To You Today How emerging trends and innovation can help you gain a competitive edge to generate disruptive growth and contribute to the bottom-line. How to develop the right mindset and culture in your organization to create disruptive innovation.
  8. 8. Disruptive Growth Falls To CMOs - As Does Blame Accenture Strategy ‘CMO Insights 2016’ - 535 CEOs & 847 CMOs globally
  9. 9. IoT 2020 Forecast $8.9 trillion of business value 4billion connected people
  10. 10. Content Marketing:  the right message to the right buyer at the right time Creating actionable data, not just numbers Leadership as a top CMO Building a great marketing organization Bridging the gap between the digital and physical world Cultivating brand advocates in your employees and your customers Most Important CMO Issues & Opportunities Effectively targeting high value sources of growth The role of Marketing in the firm and the C-suite The digital transformation of the modern corporation Generating and using insight to shape marketing practice Dealing in an omni-channel world Competing in dynamic global markets Balancing incremental and radical innovation GLOBAL CMO SURVEY Enriching the Arc of Engagement -  Creating better customer experiences is a top priority -  75% of leading CMOs are using more event and experiential marketing than market followers Embracing Creative Destruction -  Assessing strategic direction in light of technology disruption -  Leading CMOs are more likely to embrace creative destruction and build more open and collaborative business models to effectively drive innovation Injecting Data-driven Insights into Every Marketing Decision -  60% of CMOs are preparing to bring in more data driven insights into marketing in next 3-5 years Increasing Their Digital Acumen -  79% of CMOs planning to hire employees with digital skills to improve marketing’s digital acumen -  74% plan to either partner with other enterprises to tap digital expertise or work with consulting firms
  11. 11. Michael Tchong! PROGRAM #5 4/19/17 Our world is changing at warp speed. Massive waves, like the Time Compression, Digital Lifestyle and Unwired Ubertrends, are reshaping society. In an exhilaraCng ride through the ‘landscape of now,’ Michael Tchong will paint a riveCng tableau of a world recast by these powerful phenomena. It’s challenging to keep pace with the changing data points in a digital world. Michael provides uncanny insights plus acConable thought starters to help spark the necessary dialog and creaCvity to push brands toward the future. Ubertrends Innovation Consultant | Adjunct Professor of Innovation ! Author | Speaker | Trend Analyst!
  12. 12. Kay was a ringleader of the exceptional group of ARPA-inspired scientists and engineers that created an entire genre of personal computing and pervasive world-wide networking. Fundamental contributions: personal computers, object-oriented programming, graphical user interfaces. He was also a leading member of the Xerox PARC community that actualized those concepts and integrated them with other seminal developments, including the Ethernet, laser printing, modern word processing, client-servers and peer- peer networking. Awarded National Academy of Engineering & Association of Computing Machinery highest honors. ‘The best way to predict the future is to invent it.’ ALAN KAY
  13. 13. 1. Smell out a need 2. Apply favorable exponentials 3. Project the need 30 years out and imagine what might be possible in the context of the exponential curves 4. Create a 30-year vision 5. Pull the 30-year vision back into a more concrete 10 to 15-year vision 6. Compute in the future 7. Crawl your way there ‘Escaping the present to invent the future.’ KAY’S APPROACH TO INVENTION:
  14. 14. ‘Information technology is not only a great invention; it has reinvented invention. It powers the favorable exponential curves upon which other inventors can escape the present and invent the future.’ ALAN KAY
  15. 15. Well … we have a very skilled POWER PANEL today. ‘This method is not a cookbook for invention. It is more like a power tool that needs to be wielded by skilled hands.’ ALAN KAY
  16. 16. 'Day 1' companies - companies that are at the beginning of their potential. Jeff Bezos 2017 Shareholder Letter 'Day 2' is stasis. Followed by irrelevance. Followed by excruciating, painful decline. Followed by death. And that is why it is always 'Day 1'.  Don’t let the world push you into becoming a 'Day 2’ company.
  17. 17. Panel Discussion Guide To Get Us Started. Please Join The Discussion At Any Time. How has the changing social dialogue affected your influencer or line-item marketing? Describe the role of marketing at your company. What does your C-suite & Board think Marketing’s value is? How does your company and marketing team collect, create, make sense of a panoramic perspective to gather marketplace intelligence and predict future trends and growth opportunities? What are your sources? How do you action this info and insights? How do you use this intel to shape business models, marketing strategy and programming? How do you and your company define innovation and how are ‘innovation’ efforts integrated into your company, culture and processes? How does your team approach innovation? Are you doing radical innovation? Is your company doing more innovation with external sources & partnerships versus internal innovation? Why? Industry convergence is the biggest trend for the next 3-5 years. Is your industry experiencing convergence? In what ways? What are you & your company doing about it? Is your company embracing creative destruction to identify new business models? What do you believe the most transformative technologies are that will disrupt your industry & necessitate the reinvention of your company’s strategic direction & business model? How is Time Compression, the acceleration of life, impacting the effectiveness of marketing? What impact will artificial intelligence (AI), or machine learning, have on business and marketing? Do you believe that the current user experience/interface presents an impediment to the future growth of digital marketing?