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CMO Exchange - CMOs as Change Management Operators panel - January 27 2013

CMO Exchange panel: 'CMOs as Change Management Operators' by Steven Cook, Vince Ferraro, Maribel Garcia-Rodriguez, Lorena Harris and Filip Wouters. #CMOExchange

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CMO Exchange - CMOs as Change Management Operators panel - January 27 2013

  1. 1. l.27.l3! CMOs asChange Management Operators
  2. 2. As a CMO, are youexperiencing big CHANGES in yourleadership role?
  3. 3. managed  in   single-­‐most   What  is  the   survey says: led  change   significant   Marke4ng-­‐ what  was   *   2012  and   that  you   the  o...   What was the most significant Marketing led change that you managed in 2012 & what were the results? Implemented Marketing automation system with Re-org’ed Marketing to align with other Division’s & Company goals Sales marketing tools to differentiate Sales team - increased revenue Integrated Marketing strategy with new products, communications, digital Implemented financially-driven alignment process with Product & Sales - increased attributable opportunities to Marketing … at lower cost Increased globalization – Marketing Centres of Expertise - improved employee engagement, leveraging of best practices, customer experience Deployed performance based marketing measures & use of data for actionable decision making*CMO survey led by Kimberly A. Whitler, Indiana University Kelley School of Business PhD candidate & serial CMO  
  4. 4. fromChief Marketing Officer
  5. 5. toChange Management Operator
  6. 6. CMOs/Senior Marketers as Change Management Operators - Improving Customer Engagement - Building Relevant Brands - Growing Revenue, Improving MROI Steven Cook @StevenCook CMO writer former CMOVince Ferraro Maribel Garcia–Rodriguez Lorena Harris Filip Wouters@VinceLFerraro Director, Global Marketing @harrilor @FilipAWoutersformer VP Global Excellence, Bayer VP Corporate Marketing Senior Director, IntegratedStrategy & Marketing, Consumer Care Marketing, Windows PhoneCorporate & ConsumerGroup
  7. 7. Understanding & proactively leading through these changes is critical to each of us.
  8. 8. Not making Brand Marketing changes from this …
  9. 9. ‘listening’ to your consumers like this …
  10. 10. strategic planning like this …
  11. 11. digitally engaging with your consumers like this.
  12. 12. ‘It’s Time To Raise the CMO Bar’ Chief Marketing & Sales Officer Forum Editor & reader pick Editor ‘Must Read’12 Most Popular Posts of 2012 Q1 2012
  13. 13. ‘It’s Time To Raise the CMO BarTipping point to develop NEW & IMPROVED roles for CMOs,Marketing & Agency partners to remain relevant, valued, connected& focused on the highest value creation strategic opportunities.  Shift from traditional CMO role & deliverablesto CGAR5 - Commercial Growth Accelerator Relationships (‘people’ engagement) Reputation (authentic, transparent, trust) Relevant reimaging (compelling value prop, grow brand) Revenue & results (metrics that matter, MROI) Real-time (responsive, agile)
  14. 14. What has shifted?push > pull > powered = >potential  
  15. 15. What has shifted?push > pull > powered = >potential   >potential for people & brands  
  16. 16. driving brand value pre-digitalpush prospect 1-way A dv Tec hbrand customer /
  17. 17. driving brand value pre-digital push prospect 1-way A dv Tec h brand customer / 2016 2009 2010 20112008 2013 2014 2012 2015 powered potential people brand
  18. 18. Communication landscape has shiftedfrom 1-way brand building at you to building brands with constituents.
  19. 19. Consumer’s behavior has shiftedto a hyper socially engaged, multi-screen, mobile lifestyle. Super Bowl 2013 online & offline party
  20. 20. Consumer’s path to purchase has radically shiftedto a non-linear, merged online-offline multi-screen journey.
  21. 21. HAPPENED!
  22. 22. We are beyond trends.! HAPPENED!Fundamental sustained strategic shifts have happened that will continueto accelerate people power… and change their behaviors and expectations…powering potential for brand’s to deliver increased value. trend shift •  general direction in which •  to exchange or substitute one something is developing or thing for another changing or has a tendency to •  to move or transfer from one move, or a popular taste at a place or position to another given time •  to change position, direction,   place, or form  
  23. 23. And experts forecast that these shifts will accelerate.“This cycle of tech disruption is materially faster and broader than prior cycles.No industry or business is immune. We will see the re-imagination of nearlyeverything… powered by new devices, connectivity, UI, and beauty.” Mary Meeker, General Partner at Kleiner, Perkins, Caufield, & Byers
  24. 24. Digital is no longer asubset of the averagepersons life. Its just a partof everyday living thatsexpected and moreaccessible than ever.Marketers need toembrace how people(consumers) engagedigitally and integrate theircommunicationsaccordingly.
  25. 25. Digital Brand Marketing 2013+ Sustained Strategic Shifts_Smart User Experience Social Media Mobile FirstMulti-Screen Integration Omnichannel Big Data INNOlytics Content & Context Social TV CMO ReinventionBrand Value Reimagined Brand Trust Brand Agility
  26. 26. CMOs understand importance of these shifts … & are starting to make changes.
  27. 27. Marketing Mind is at a tipping pointshifting from ‘Art & Science’ to ‘Science & Art’.
  28. 28. Chief Marketing & ‘Prediction for 2013: “Operations” becomes " Sales Officer Forum a key word in Marketer’s vocabulary’"‘every CMO made a strong reference to the significant changes they havehad to make to their operations’‘non-stop drumbeat of mentions: “the incredibly heavy lifting it took to ___”‘‘snapping point of current organization structures, processes, & tech’‘getting tighter about designing workflows for customer engagement’‘setting up coordinating mechanisms across functions & lines of biz’‘rethinking agency mixes & what they do internally’‘standardizing on shared sets of technology tools’‘needing to add new roles’
  29. 29. “More than 70% of needed change either fails to belaunched, completed, or finishes over budget, late, andwith initial aspirations unmet.” John P. Kotter Harvard Business School    
  30. 30. Topline stories about 2012-13 Change Management OperatorMarketing led initiatives that grew value-add results & grew leadership capabilities. - Improving Customer Engagement - Building Relevant Brands - Growing Revenue, Improving MROI Vince Ferraro Maribel Garcia–Rodriguez Lorena Harris Filip Wouters @VinceLFerraro Director, Global Marketing @harrilor @FilipAWouters former VP Global Excellence, Bayer VP Corporate Marketing Senior Director, Integrated Strategy & Marketing, Consumer Care Marketing, Windows Phone Corporate & Consumer Group
  31. 31. Change Management Operator - Improving Customer Engagement - Building Relevant Brands - Growing Revenue, Improving MROI Filip Wouters @FilipAWouters Senior Director, Integrated Marketing, Windows Phone The Launch of Windows Phone 8 –A Mobile Change Challenge
  32. 32. The  Change  Challenge:  Create  the   Next  Mobile  PlaDorm  
  33. 33. A  Fully  Integrated  Approach  to   Windows  Phone    Best  of  Microso,   Windows  Phone  8   Killer  Hardware    “Windows  Phone   8  makes  big   changes   while  remaining  true  to  its   core.  On  the  whole,  it  is  a   worthy  refresh,  and  one   that  gives  MicrosoMs  Best  for  Windows  8  &  Surface     mobile  plaDorm  the  boost   it  needs  to  compete  against   Android  and  iOS.”   Over  125,000  apps   8X  HTC  &  Nokia  Lumia  920   Store  available  in  50   languages  and  191  markets    
  34. 34. Crea4ng  Customer  Engagement  Starts   with  a  Clear  Consumer  Target   Persona   Target  market  
  35. 35. And  features  that  can  change  the  game.     Only  Windows  Phone  has  …  Live  Tiles   Live  Apps   SkyDrive   Kid’s  Corner  
  36. 36. Building  a  brand  starts  with  a  clear  brand  story   “The  smartphone  reinvented  around  you”  
  37. 37. Brand  Manifesto  TV  
  38. 38. Building  a  brand  through  Integrated     Marke4ng  Touch  Points   Across  Windows  Phone,  MicrosoM,  OEM  partners  and  mobile  operators   Search   OOH   Retail  stores   PR   MS  stores  /   Online  ads    e-­‐commerce   Consumer  Purchase  Journey   Cinema   Learn  and  Evaluate   Select  and  Buy   Ecosystem  buys   (apps/accessories)   RSPs  Tv  ads   Brand  Experiences   Familiarize   Try   Purchase  &  Customer   Use  &   Print   Service   Advocate   Social   Custom   Product   Wow  demo   WOM   Crm   Experien4al  
  39. 39. Global  marke4ng  –  Reinvented   Meet  Jessica   Meet  Gwen   Meet  Cam   Meet  Bilbo  Glocal approach: +20 Celebrities & characters in 5 countries, 32 TV ads
  40. 40. Integrated  marke4ng  -­‐  reinvented  Bilbo  App  CollecTon   InteracTve  Print  (STckers)   CompeTTve  mobile  ads  
  41. 41. And  the  results…  -­‐  Engaged  customers:,  Social,  CRM  &  Online  -­‐  Brand  momentum:  Considera4on,  Percep4on  &  Recogni4on  -­‐  Growth:  RSP,  Experien4al,  MS  Stores,  Demand  in  stores  
  42. 42. Change Management Operator - Improving Customer Engagement - Building Relevant Brands - Growing Revenue, Improving MROI Maribel Garcia–Rodriguez Director, Global Marketing Excellence, Bayer Consumer Care Marketing Evolution asChange Management Operators
  43. 43. The  rate  of  change  is  not  going  to  slow   down  anyTme  soon.  If  anything,   compeTTon  in  most  industries  will   probably  speed  up  even  more  in  the   next  few  decades."   —  John  P.  Koer   Leading  Change    
  44. 44. Iden4fy   Develop   Embed  
  45. 45. Why  is  Integra4on  Necessary?   PRODUCT   CONSUMER   PRICE   VALUE   PLACE   CONVENIENCE   PROMOTION   COMMUNICATION    
  46. 46. Why  is  Integra4on  Necessary?  
  47. 47. WHAT  IS  INTEGRATED  MARKETING?    The  coordinaTon  and  integraTon  of  all   markeTng  communicaTon  tools,  avenues,  funcTons  and  sources  within   a  company  into  a  seamless  program   that  maximizes  the  impact  on   consumers  and  other  end  users  at  a   minimal  cost     Source:    Wikepedia  
  48. 48. WHAT  IS  INTEGRATED  MARKETING?     “A  way  of  looking  at  the  whole   markeTng  process  from  the  view   point  of  the  consumer”    Phillip  Kotler,  Professor  of  Interna9onal  Marke9ng,  Northwestern  University  
  49. 49. WHAT  IS  THE  FOUNDATION  FOR  SUCCESS?   CONSUMER   Focused  Thinking     CONNECTIONS   Among  Key   Ac4vi4es     PLANNING                   as  One  Team    
  50. 50. Marke4ng  Integra4on  =  Strong  Results   Elevit  China   •  Helped  iden4fy  in  store  and   digital  as  new  channels  which,   upon  ac4va4on  lead  to  a  77%   growth  and  +12.9  share  points.   Bepanthen  Russia   •  Helped  iden4fy  Maternity   hospitals  and  digital  as  new   channels  which,  upon  ac4va4on   lead  to  35%  growth  vs.  15%   growth  for  the  category  
  51. 51. “We  don’t  have  a  choice   on  whether  we  do  social   media,  the  ques4on  is   how  well  we  do  it”   The  ROI  of  social  media     is  your  business  will  exist   -­‐  Erik  Qualman*   in  5  years*  Source:    2013  Social  Media  Revolu4on  
  52. 52. Why  is  a  DDP  Process  necessary?    •  Digital  is  s4ll  new  to  most  of  us  •  Digital  development  is  complex  –  involves  mul4ple  agencies   and  func4ons  •  Legal  and  regulatory  restric4ons  are  vague  •  There  a  few  established  success  models  •  Digital  development  oMen  lacks  strategic  direc4on  and/or  is   not  fully  integrated  in  the  overall  communica4on  strategy  
  53. 53. What  is  the  Founda4on  for  Success  
  54. 54. Strategically  Integrated  Digital  =  Strong  results   800,000 video views of Canesten ‘The Naked Truth’ You Tube Channel in only 4 weeks
  55. 55. Change Management Operator - Improving Customer Engagement - Building Relevant Brands - Growing Revenue, Improving MROI Lorena Harris @harrilor VP Corporate MarketingMarketing Change Management at Vantiv
  56. 56. Vantiv’s Marketing MissionMarketing’s Challenge in 2011: Vantiv is a 40-year old paymentRebrand and build awareness from processing company, originally known Fifth Third Processing Solutions, the paymentscratch in time for a successful IPO processing division of Fifth Third Bank. A decision was made to separate and re-Marketing Challenge for 2012-13: brand in June of 2011. The new companyRedefine the Marketing function as a subsequently IPO’d in March 2012 with achange agent, revenue center, and market cap of $3B.partner to the Sales process.…Or, put another way…Work Miracles 57
  57. 57. Change Management Through Content MarketingVantiv’s thought leadership / content The Vantiv Insight Series Researchmarketing program is designed to: In January 2012 Vantiv and Mercator•  Improve brand awareness, Advisory Group teamed up to•  Position the company as an industry conduct primary research on thought leader, payment trends in the U.S. We asked•  Generate qualified leads via multi-channel 1200 consumers details both about digital campaigns, and how they currently make payments and how they expect to do so in the•  Provide the Sales force with high-quality future. The research was just content for client conversations. refreshed in January 2013. The Vantiv Insight Series is based on this data, and provides educational campaigns and tools to help merchants and financial institutions identify areas of opportunity in payments. All this information is available at, with registration required so that Vantiv can follow up to nurture prospects and funnel leads to Sales.
  58. 58. Vantiv’s Thought Leadership Program to Talk About2012 Program CampaignsJan Security & Fraud ProtectionApril Top 10 Trends for 2012July The Case for PrepaidSept Payments Go MobileNov Executive Thinking on Payments 20122013 Program CampaignsMarch Top 10 Trends for 2013June Payments in the Omni-Channel Customer ExperienceSept In Pursuit of Mobile PaymentsNov Executive Thinking on Payments 2013Viewers who come to for the ThoughtLeadership content represent over 66% of newvisitors, spend 4X longer than the average viewer,and view over 11 pages per visit (versus 4.5 pages).In 2012, the program touched more than 12kopportunities and helped generate more than $22M. 59
  59. 59. Thought Leadership Program Toolkit Organic   Experts  as   Paid  Search   Spokespeople   White   #4  SEM   Papers   Editorials/   #2  External   Endorsements     Advertorials   #1  Primary   Key     ValidaTon   &  Referrals   Micro-­‐site   Referral   Research   Themes   Program   Co-­‐PublicaTon     Key  Findings   Quarterly   &  Co-­‐MarkeTng   Campaigns   #3  Web   Industry  Views     Live   News     Downloads   Releases   PresentaTons   #12  Collateral   #13  Sales  Tools  #11  Sales   Recorded   Media    Training   Webcasts   Briefings   #5  PR  &     Core     Media  Presence   Media  Query   Scripted     PPTs   Business     Responses   Issue       Scripted     #14  eNL’s  &   Interviews   #15  eBooks   Client     Sales  Presos   Blogs   Seminars   #10  Sales   Industry   #6  Speaking   Prospect   Deep-­‐Dive   PresentaTons   Presos   Engagements   Workshops   Short  Decks   Podcasts   Industry   Filler  Slides   External   Conferences   Experts   Video   Webinars   Sharing   #8  Themed   Client   #9  Social   Media   Videos   Interviews   Trade     Social   #7  Events   Shows   Networking   Event   Montages   Community   Blog     Events   Content  
  60. 60. Change Management Via Integrated Channel MixIn late 2012 Marketing began leading revenue acceleration campaigns whichapply a full set of digital inbound marketing programs -- integrated withtraditional outbound channels -- to deliver leads with a 3X higher close rate thanany other lead source. Nurtured  by   Qualified  by   Prospect     Mktg  thru   MarkeTng   Inside  Sales   Sales   Closed  by   Serviced  by   or  Client   Lead   Opportunity   Sales   Rel  Mgmt   Marketo   team  Accelerated Revenue Cycle (ARC) Fast-track Lead Gen Program•  Kick-off: Identify revenue goals, target markets, primary channels, timing, success metrics, etc. •  Inbound Marketing (B2B) – web content, advertising (print, online), paid search, SEO, webinars, blogs, videos, social media, events, PR, etc. •  Outbound Marketing (B2B) – Direct mail, email mktg, event invites, telemarketing, sales tools, etc.•  Assessments: Frequent, then regular evaluation of metrics and adjustment of tactics to ensure leads are flowing within 2-3 months.
  61. 61. Demonstrating the Value A marketing touch does not equal a sale, but it’s valuable to show Leadership how and when Marketing contributed – and which tools are most effective in soliciting the desired responses from prospects and clients.Circle size represents program cost. Thereforeat this time print SEO and web search have thelowest cost, highest success, and best ROI.Conversely, print advertising is the mostexpensive, least successful and has lowest ROI. 62
  62. 62. Change Management Via Marketing Automation Critical Tool: Implementation of a marketing Marketing Maturity Journey automation system (like Marketo) for lead generation and nurturing, email marketing, *% Revenue Target Achieved analytics, reporting, and interoperability with *100% *80% + Improve business results through continuous analysis and optimization of *72% + Embrace multi-channel sales and marketing *60% program delivery resources + Enable business users to + Lead scoring and nurturing create content, manage+ Leverage automated campaigns and events + Alignment between sales email or direct mail and marketing communications to + CRM Integration stay in touch with + Integration to 3rd party customers + Lead scoring practices system Chart information from Marketo Traditional Demand Integrated Revenue Performance Marketing Generation Marketing Management 63
  63. 63. Change Management Priorities for 2013 s d he Sale Fill T With Integra te Sales Bran & Mark rove nessImp are Funnel pects eting Aw Ne w Pros Efforts Improve Help Mktg Mix Culti Sales Effectiveness vate Relat Clien Demonstrate ionsh t Value ips Be a Change Management Agent Going Forward
  64. 64. Change Management Operator - Improving Customer Engagement - Building Relevant Brands - Growing Revenue, Improving MROI Vince Ferraro @VinceLFerraro former VP Global Strategy & Marketing, Corporate & Consumer Group Change Management -The Decline and the Phoenix of a Venerable Brand
  65. 65. EK  Facts  At  A  Glance  •  1892  -­‐  Founded  in  1892  by  George  Eastman  •  1900  -­‐  Introduced  Brownie  camera  for  $1  •  1901-­‐1930s    executed  marke4ng  like  Coca-­‐Cola,  Ford,  and  P&G  •  1974  –  Developed  film  used  on  the  moon  •  1975  –  Developed  first  digital  camera  •  2004  –  Last  film  camera  sold  •  2012  –  Kodak  files  for  Chapter  11  protec4on  •  2012  –  Announces  businesses  to  be  sold  or  shut  down  •  2013  –  Kodak  plans  and  is  likely  to  reemerge  from  chapter  11  later  this   year.  Sells  IP  and  license  brand  
  66. 66. The  Marke4ng  Transforma4on  Agenda   Three  Ques4ons   Old  and  Rusty  Brand   New  and  Shiny  Brand   1)  What  do  we  do  with  the  Kodak  brand?     2)  How  does  marke4ng  posi4on  Itself  as  a  change  agent?   3)  What  needs  to  be  done  immediately?    
  67. 67. What  Do  We  Do  With  The  Kodak  Brand?    SituaTon:  •  Kodak’s  brand  lost  over  $10B  in  equity  between  1999  and  2007.  •  Brand  had  strong  awareness  but  lacked  energized  differen4a4on  and   relevance.  •  Consumer  brand  posi4on  with  a  go  forward  B2B  set  of  businesses.  •  IP  PorDolio  externally  valued  at  $1-­‐2B  in  late  2011.  •  At  the  4me  around  the  Chapter  11  filing,  the  market  cap  of  Kodak  hit  $145M.    AcTons  and  Results:  •  IP  sold  for  $525M  to  a  consor4um.  •  Selling  or  shut  down  all  of  the  consumer  businesses  (cameras,  printers,   photofinishing).  •  Refocus  brand  on  remaining  B2B  businesses.  •  Licensed  B2C  brand  to  consumer  photography  company.  
  68. 68. How  Does  Marke4ng  Posi4on  Itself  As  A  Change  Agent?  SituaTon:  •  Marke4ng  had  to  take  charge  of  the  communica4ons,  especially  with  the  end  user.  •  Cycle  4mes  for  strategic  communica4ons  went  from  days  to  hours.  •  Mindset  shiM  –  From  money  spent  and  its  ROI  to  money  saved  and  its  ROI.  •  Drama4c  cost  reduc4ons  to  contribute  to  downsizing  of    “RemainCo”  company.    AcTons  and  Results:  •  Marke4ng-­‐led  end  user  communica4ons  for  the  company,  Chapter  11,  business   shutdowns,  including  the  establishment  of  Kodak  Transforms  web  site.  •  SWAT  teams  established  to  reduce  communica4on  cycle  4mes.  •  Unwound  sponsorships,  saving  $17M  in  2012  and  $77M  over  life  of  contracts.  •  Tough  decisions  in  reducing  cost  structure  and  winding  down  func4ons  and  jobs   that  were  no  longer  needed  or  affordable.  •  Developed  a  no  excuses  Nike  “Just  Do  It”  approach.  Provided  air  cover  to  team  for   difficult  decisions    with  collabora4on.    
  69. 69. What  Needed  To  Be  Done  Immediately?    SituaTon:  •  Need  to  cut  costs  to  manage  to  “new  reali4es”  of  Chapter  11.  •  Ensure  business  confidence  to  all  stakeholders.  •  Mo4vate  and  retain  employees,  especially  high  performers  in  strategic  posi4ons.  •  Move  from  strategic  planning  process  to  something  more  short  term  and   responsive.  AcTons  and  Results:  •  Drama4c  reduc4ons  in  people  costs.  Transparent  process  of  how  people  and  job   reduc4ons  were  going  to  occur.  •  Business  con4nuity  –  communica4ons  to  strategic  partners  and  •  Provide  buffer  to  team  -­‐  accessibility,  authen4city,  buffer  from  C-­‐suite,  individual   recogni4on,  deployment  of  reten4on  programs,  etc.  •  Double  down  on  cri4cal  marke4ng  ac4vi4es  –  trade  shows,  events,  new  product   launches,  social  media,  and  online.  
  70. 70. Lessons  Learned  •  Don’t  expect  a  call  to  be  a  leader.  Just  act  and  do.  Lead  the  change  you   want  to  have  happen.  •  Know  the  limits  of  your  brand.  In  the  church  of  your  brand,  not  everyone   is  going  to  want  to  be  a  member!  •  Know    the  difference  and  4me  for  brand  building  and  con4nuity.  •  Learning  how  to  “deconstruct”  marke4ng  func4ons  and  spend  is  as   important  as  “construc4ng”.  •  You  got  to  know  when  to  hold  em,  know  when  to  fold  em.  •  Marke4ng    scope  gets  very  granular  –  revenue,  costs,  intros,  strategic   account  management  …  
  71. 71. Eastman  Kodak  Company  –  The  Story   Con4nues  …    
  72. 72. Filip, Maribel, Lorena & Vince, Thank you for sharing your successful Change Management Operator stories! > What was your mostsignificant incremental value contribution? > What was your most significant professional growth?
  73. 73. What value adding CHANGES are you going to lead in your leadership role? Tell us: #CMOExchange