Expediting Learning with New Technology


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Componica utilizes the latest software to increase the pace of learning. This slideshare explains how we use empirically derived models to design the pace of learning utilizing spaced repetition learning, embedded computer adaptive testing, vocalized instruction & scripting.

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Expediting Learning with New Technology

  1. 1. Technologies Pertaining to Self-Learning / Education Steven C. Mitchell, Ph.D. Electrical Computer Engineering
  2. 2. What Componica Offers Software Components for the context of learning: Spaced repetition learning Embedded computer adaptive testing Vocalized instruction / scripting iPhone and mobile devices application development
  3. 3. Spaced Repetition Learning An empirically derived model for scheduling when to present concepts to maximize material and retention Student is tested on previously seen concepts or self-grades The response determines to next time to repeat concept.
  4. 4. Memorize Words for Spanish A vocabulary building program for iPhone Students presented vocabulary with audio in the form of flashcards Everyday the student evaluates how well they retained the word, scheduling the next time they see the word. Words games are included to practice words that are least proficient.
  5. 5. Memorize Words for Spanish Outstanding app!! Loved being able to go through word list and pick which words I want to learn first. I am a paramedic for the FD and it is helpful to learn body parts, symptoms and other medical terms before learning about train stations, bus stops or other tourist type things you have to learn first in other programs.
  6. 6. Memorize Words for Spanish Over 6,300 words, each word has a recorded pronunciation by a native speaker. Application was designed to be adapted to other languages with minimal modification. Russian, French, Korean, German are in progress for the fall and winter.
  7. 7. Simplified Space Repetition App Removing all vocabulary-building features, concentrate on memorizing concepts. Content is represented as images and developed by third party. Images are combined with application to create a product ready for sale.
  8. 8. 10th Hour Anesthesiology First application using Simplified Space Repetition. The Content IP is owned by the client.
  9. 9. Computer Adaptive Testing An internally derived item response theory implementation for computer adaptive testing. Example application, the political IQ test during the 2008 elections. 190 multiple choice questions created by a public school teacher during the summer break covering current leaders, basic civics, historical facts, etc. Modeled after an exam required by immigrates seeking citizenship.
  10. 10. Computer Adaptive Testing
  11. 11. What does Componica bring? A sound background in statistical modeling, pattern recognition, computer vision. Graduate level developers from the field of Engineering. Experience in creating applications for learning and testing. A strong group of mobile application developers in iPhone, Google Android. Bootstrapped solely by consulting and marketing internally derived products.