Sunisle Technology Solutions Sales programs version 2013


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This is a power point of our Eastern Caribbean products and services offing for 2013 - 2014.

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Sunisle Technology Solutions Sales programs version 2013

  1. 1. IT Infrastructure Support Application DevelopmentNetwork/Security Consulting Presented By Steven Williams, AS, MBA, MCP
  2. 2. About Us Sunisle Technology Solutions, is a Managed I.T. consulting firm that delivers end-to-end information technology solutions to Caribbean businesses. Empowered by Sunisle, companies and organizations have been able to leverage the use of information technology to realize their goals.     15 plus years I.T. industry veteran Certified industry professionals (Microsoft, Fortinet, etc) Tri service pillars (Business Facilitation/Apps/ I.T support) One stop virtual IT Department
  3. 3. Sunisle Services Web based & Mobile Applications I.T audit and Advisory Network Management and Security VoIP & Telephony
  4. 4. I.T audit and Advisory Our primary objective is to be your trusted business adviser. By understanding your operations and respective industries, we are able to provide you with timely insights and assessment in determining your best fit e-Business strategy. In doing so, we deem the following qualities to be essential :      Industry Knowledge Platform expertise Collaboration and innovation CTO advisory and planning Public facing expertise– Social Media & Website advisory
  5. 5. Introducing our lead business partner A Leader in Network Security  Pioneered integrated security platform  133 patents; 106 pending  Over 1.25 Million units shipped to more than 160,000 customers  Leading-edge diversified product portfolio  Founded in 2000, IPO in 2009  High Growth, 2,200+ employees, 30+ global Offices  Projected FY13 Revenue ~$600M  Strong Cash Flow & Profitable • One of the 3 Largest Network Security Vendors Worldwide • Fastest Growing Top-5 Security Appliance Vendor Worldwide • Leader in Unified Threat Management (UTM) MQ Since 2009
  6. 6. FortiGate Advantage Traditional Approach VPN IPS Firewall Servers Antivirus Antispam Users URL Filters
  7. 7. FortiGate Consolidated Security Platform FortiGuard™ Updates Real-Time Protection Fully Integrated Security & Networking Technologies AV IPS Firewall VPN WLAN Web Filter Antispam DLP VoIP SSL Insp App Ctrl WAN Opt HA Hardened Platform Traffic Shaping Load Balancing Specialized OS High Performance Purpose-Built Hardware Support and Services FortiCare™ FortiGuard Labs • Purpose-built to deliver overlapping, complementary security • Provides both flexibility & defense-in-depth capabilities 7 VM
  8. 8. Identity-Centric Enforcement for BYOD + Assign Bandwidth Limits Identity = Policy = P. Lewis = = = J. Jackson = = = B. Baker = = DMZ = = J. Jackson = = Internet = Identity/Device based Policies Internet = = Assign access based on user & type of device
  9. 9. Zero Day Attack Detection Client Reputation Reputation by Activity Multiple Scoring Vectors Identification Policy Enforcement Score Computatio n Identify potential … zero-day attacks Threat Status Real Time, Relative, Drill-down, Correlated Ranking
  10. 10. Fortigate Security Platform Options  20+ FortiGate Platforms  4 AP/100user to 10,000AP / 32K user capacity …Right sized for your deployment!
  11. 11. Both Thick and Thin AP’s with 802.11n FortiWifi Thick indoor access point & Controller FortiWifi-20C FortiWifi-40C FortiWifi-60C/CM FortiWifi-80/81 CM FortiAP Thin indoor access point FortiAP-210B FortiAP-220B FortiAP-221B FortiAP Thin outdoor access point FortiAP-222B
  12. 12. Fortinet + Sunisle = Secure Business Operations Sunisle leverages its relationship with Fortinet to provide Managed, Threat Intelligence and Managed Enterprise Security Monitoring to create solutions to address security specific needs, such as Unified Threat Management and Enterprise-Wide Security Reporting, inside your organization. Other Managed Security Services include : - 1. DDOS Mitigation Services 2. Managed Firewall 3. Email Protection Services 4. Host-Based Intrusion Detection Services – HIDS 5. Network Intrusion Detection Service - NIDS
  13. 13. Smart Applications and Business Intelligence The services offered under this area include designing and developing customized systems to meet the needs of your organizations. The services include but are not limited to the following:  System and software development including mobile apps  Modernization of legacy systems to web enabled applications  Development and integration of internet/intranet web applications  Development, integration and implementation of the following:  Data warehousing  Electronic Commerce  Client/Server computing
  14. 14. Smartphone App Development We don’t just develop apps for one platform, we develop apps for ALL major platforms. With our team of expert developers Sunisle’s App Studios can develop iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Windows, and all other major mobile devices. I.e tablets.
  15. 15. Screen Shots – Campaign One Campaign One is a software platform and mobile application that has been designed to assist political candidates in managing the data processes of their candidacy while helping to strengthen the relationship with their constituents by infusing I.T. into their respective campaigns
  16. 16. Web software development Computerisation Retire ‘Spread Sheets’ Web Applications We listen to your issues – and help to solve them, offer alternative ideas, and define a unique solution that is cost effective, easily implemented and absolutely focused on your objectives. Our experience and understanding of database & software design are the two most important aspects of building a successful solution. Its unfortunate buy some of the most well known companies create silos of data and inefficient workflow through the over use of ‘spread sheets’ as a management tool. But this isn’t future proof. We look to uncover ways to uncouple businesses from their dependence on ‘spread sheets’ and replace them with purpose built software that will enable workflow that’s accessible anywhere in the world. Web applications are no longer merely a website to advertise your products or services. Apps are serious business, and serious tools for business. At Sunisle, we have first-hand experience developing solutions for government and corporate clients; including mission-critical webapps that interface directly to backoffice systems such as ERP or CRM. Situations where failure is not an option if data is being shared in real-time.
  17. 17. Phone Systems that Mean Business © 2010 Allworx Corp A subsidiary of PAETEC Holding All Rights Reserved
  18. 18. Routing Management Global Multi-site Integration Business Process Productivity Diverse Voice Services What Do Customers Want? Robust Customized Features Voicemail Mobility Connectivity Presence Management
  19. 19. 24x Connections Voice T1/ PRI Data T1 WAN 3 FXO Door Relay/Serial Interface DMZ Port USB Interface LAN 6x Connections Audio Port Paging/MoH 5 FXS Analog Fail Over Port Audio Port Paging/MoH WAN 6 FXO USB Interface 2 FXS Door Relay/Serial Interface Analog Fail Over LAN
  20. 20. Advanced Multi-Site …across town or across the Region Up to 99 locations – public, or private network • • • • • • Global Directory, Global voicemail Global Numbering Visibility of handsets at branch locations Transfer Site to Branch Access remote site trunks Shared Automated Attendants    Primary Site has visibility of users of all branches Multiple Primary Sites can serve for Disaster Recovery Distributed is better for SMB Roseau, DM 767-448-4000 Bridgetown, BB 246-897-2800 Rochester, NY 585 321-6000
  21. 21. Hosted IT : Data Centre Services Sunisle’s outsourced ‘Data Centre services’ offers enterprise grade functionality and support, from dedicated hosting solutions to disaster recovery, delivered through a wide variety of services that relieve organizations from the costly burden of maintaining in-house infrastructure. Sunisle’s data centre services is available for : Server colocation,  Dedicated server hosting  Mail server hosting i.e. Exchange hosting  Managed application services i.e. CRM software  Disaster recovery solutions i.e. Acroknight Sunisle’s data centre delivers the highest level of security, redundancy, reliability, scalability and technology to enterprise customers with high data network availability and storage requirements.
  22. 22. Our Partners