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NNT Business Solutions - NNTServe Overview


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An IT "Partner" Not "Provider"
Your time is precious; you have more important issues to deal with rather than worry about your computers or your network. It is however a critical enabler to your business that these devices work when you need them most. So what do you do? NNT’s Servicing Solutions is ideal for organizations and individuals which demand the utmost in computer and network reliance and quality service.
Backed by over 30 plus years in combined IT experience, NNT Solutions addresses your IT needs by:
Locally owned and operated
Brick and mortar location located in the heart of Gainesville, GA
Full Service Computer / Server repair and testing lab open 6 days a week.
On-Call technicians available for our contract business customers, providing emergency services 24/7 including holidays.
Guaranteed network availability
Predictable IT spending costs
Higher priority response for network issues
Multiple levels of support and accountability.
Assigned Network Engineer to oversee all IT operations, and becomes your IT Manager when planning for the future of your business in terms of automation
Finally, technicians assigned to you but are accountable to the IT Manager to insure the highest level of quality; security and attention to detail are met at all times. NNT worries about your network and computers so you don’t have to.
All Technicians are fully certified on various technology levels.
Some of the many services we provide to small businesses
Support Plans for small businesses
Network design and implementation
Onsite and Remote repair services
Training and consulting
IT equipment sales
Disaster recovery/backup plans
Data recovery
Hosted solutions such as spam protection, offsite backup, and website filtering.

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NNT Business Solutions - NNTServe Overview

  1. 1. Solutions Presented By: “Not your Average Geeks” Steven Moore - Lead Network Engineer - email: Steven Moore - MCP, MCSA, MCSE - Lead Network Engineer - email: NNT Solutions – A Microsoft Certified Partner 104 Carrington Park Dr Suite B Gainesville, GA 30504 Tel: (770) 535-0890 Url: June 3rd, 2010
  2. 2. Today’s Agenda • Who We Are – “Not Your Average Geeks” • The Perception • Defining The Pain, and How Much Does It Truly Cost you? • The Solution • Benefits • The Technology • Closing Thoughts • Q&A
  3. 3. Why us? And why the vision? •NNT’s founding vision and mission… accountability, attention to detail, and be Partner not a provider to our clients Our Proof… •We are the leading IT Solutions provider servicing the North Georgia area for over 9 years. •All major vendor certifications, including Military experience, specific to management and security. (Secret Clearance and high level management training) •Specialists in IT infrastructure management, planning and security •Have served over 2000 of customers •Continue to serve customers such as Albert International, Critical Components, Buford City Schools, Atlanta Inboard and much more.
  4. 4. The Perception... “Have you heard or said this before?” • “If it isn't broke, don’t fix it” – why worry or spend the money… its been running fine for years • I can operate fine without my computer system. • All we use our computers for is to check the internet • I’ve got a backup. – Yes I verify my back and take it offsite each day, because my employee says so. • If I lost my server tomorrow, it would be a little inconvenient… but I can survive
  5. 5. Defining The Pain… • Ongoing costs and lack of predictability – Costs too much to maintain IT systems now – Poor predictability for costs • Excess downtime – Lost productivity – Costs to fix – Management time and effort to resolve • Accountability – Who owns the problem?
  6. 6. Defining The Pain Continued… • Absolute dependence on technology • Unclear, defined cost of downtime (but known to you when it does happen) • Defined availability requirements (you know what needs to work but how do you tell if it’s actually working. i.e. Backups) • Lack of visibility into future resource requirements (most small businesses buy as they go) • Non-IT people reporting problems • No knowledge of Network as well as no documentation
  7. 7. Do You Truly Know What “DOWN” Means To Your Company? • The Obvious • Behind the Scenes – No internet – Client services & support – No email – Sales – No Web site – Productivity issues – No access Documents – No payroll – No access to Customer – No accounting or finance Management System at – No access to client data Corporate – No order entry – Phones not working… – No printing – No telephone (VoIP) – No access to files – No electronic communication
  8. 8. You Are Only As Strong As Your Weakest Link System Cost System Business Reliability Complexity Demands External Threats
  9. 9. “Because We Don’t Just Fix”
  10. 10. Example: Buford City Schools • The Server’s Hard Drive fails at 5pm Saturday afternoon – Staff is unaware all weekend of the problem. • Systems Admin finds out about the failure @ 8:30 Monday morning • System Admin can’t fix and panics, looks in the phone book and finds first available technician that can RESPOND!!! • A technician arrives that afternoon (hopefully) • The Technician’s first trip is to diagnose the problem, he then determines that the hard drive is 100% full, Data on server could be corrupted!!! • The technician didn’t bring a portable storage drive to move data off. • Technician has to leave to obtain proper tools. • Technician arrives and starts pulling data off, but Email Server is corrupt. • The technician restores service by Wednesday using tape backup. • Total Impact: at least 4 days.
  11. 11. How much would that have cost you? • Would you agree time is money? • 90% of small businesses think cost = Cost of tech / Repair parts • True: Repair parts and technician time does cost money… But more importantly: • Highest cost = downtime!!! • Simple formula: number of staff, times number effected, times their pay-rate, times the number of hours your system went down. • Plus: Catch-up time • Finally reputation to the customer… if you lost 1 customer, how much would that cost Bottom-line if you take into account the cost of downtime you see it cost you much more then the entire computer system itself…
  12. 12. Reality Check • Downtime effects your productivity – One hour of downtime for a $1 million revenue company costs $500 /hour – The average company in the U.S. experiences 2 hours of downtime per week $500/hour x 2 hours x 4 weeks = $4,000/month • IT is the #1 expense after HR • Downtime has become the #1 expense in IT
  13. 13. BOOM!!!! Your Server has crashed!!! what do you do…
  14. 14. The FIX or as we call it the SOLUTION… Introducing… These Services Programs Include…
  15. 15. These Programs will solve your problem because… • Minimize the likelihood of failure / negative business impact – 24/7 Predictive Failure Monitoring – Allows us to see problems before they occur – Preventive Maintenance Schedule (Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, Yearly) • Reduced business impact of failure (if we cant prevent the problem) – Downtime fixed faster, cause we are monitoring your network 24/7 – 2 Hour Response, and top priority over all other service agreements – If you experience a complete disaster our NNT StoreIT will have you up and running in as little as 30 Minutes • Virtual CIO (Chief Information Officer) program – Access to a highly skilled technology executive – Quarterly IT Briefing… • Review usage & review reports – Demonstrate results – Proactively identify future problem areas • All of the above at a fixed fee…
  16. 16. Also… • What does that mean to You ? – Predictable and scalable monthly cost • Probably lower cost! • Scales as you do – Improve network reliability • Proactively stop issues before they happen and reduce their impact – Increased staff productivity • Less downtime – Reduce external threats • If they do get in, we can see them and take action – Access to highly specialized resources – Sarbanes-Oxley /HIPPA Compliance • 24/7 Reactive and Predictive Failure is a requirement of HIPPA / Sarbanes-Oxley
  17. 17. - NNT’s Network Operations Center • Dashboard – central view of the availability of your network • Device Connectivity – understand when key devices are not alive on the network • Network Service Availability – monitor key network services, such as email and web are available to your users • Notifications – automatically notified when mission critical services fail • Reporting – monthly reporting of key success factors
  18. 18. - How It Works
  19. 19. - Total Multi Layered Security NNTGuard Managed Security NNTGuard Service NNTGuard correlates events across disparate systems collects, analyzes and escalates critical security events to ensure a comprehensive and proactive security solution across distributed infrastructures.
  20. 20. - Total Web Security • Fully managed Web Security and Access Solution • No need to purchase, Install, manage or update filtering software • Much more reliable then standard AV, because it is fully managed, updated and monitored • Exceeds Government Regulations
  21. 21. - True Disaster Prevention • Complete Disaster Recovery Solution – Including Offsite • The BDR is the heart of our StoreIT Solution which is a device we will install in your network that can support up to 400GB and up to 2 Servers. • The BDR100t will take snap shots or all your server every 15 minutes and archive your data, if need the BDR can recover a fully crashed server as quickly as 30 minutes • The BDR also sends a full backup off site ever day to 2 data centers incase of a complete disaster to the BDR such as a fire in your building • The NNT StoreIT solution also satisfies your backup and data archiving requirements for HIPPA • Backups to both the BDR of Offsite Data Centers are monitored 24 hours a day. • 500 Gigs of Offsite Storage is included already within the NNT Serve Contract • Additional storage can be purchased at a reduced cost of only $2.00 a gig per month
  22. 22. - Perimeter Email Spam Control • In the cloud service (prevents viruses / spam before it hits your server) • Level 3 Advanced Virus and Spam filter – exceeds government guidelines (Info/privacy security Act) - Reflexion, Archiving, Discovery, and Recovery • Disaster recover • Company archiving solutions, allows company wide email searching – meets legal concerns • Keeps your exchange server under limit, yes there is a limit
  23. 23. – Customer Web Portal
  24. 24. NNT Managed Services Summary • Your IT Staff, Help Desk Support, Network Administrator, Network / PC Technician, and Engineer oversight and planning. • Unlimited Preventive Maintenance for both onsite / offsite • Unlimited User Support (onsite / offsite) • Unlimited Emergency / after hour support • 24 Hours, 7 Days a week your network is being watched • Monthly Executive Summary Report • Quarterly CIO / Engineer Meeting • NNT Swap Program • Yearly Full Network / Security Assessment and Documentation • Customer Portal – View, add and track problems / Projects • Disaster Recovery Development / Execution • Access to 24 Hour Emergency Support Line • *NEW - NNT StoreIT (Full Backup solution – Onsite / Offsite, able to restore your servers and data as fast as 30 minutes. • Full Network Security, Perimeter Defense
  25. 25. Conclusion • If you would like to: – Reduce frequency and severity of preventable IT failures – Predict and justify IT costs – Improve staff productivity – Feel confident about your Data and Security risks and policies – Reduce emergency service calls – Getting real business value out of IT
  26. 26. Solutions Moving Business Forward Thank you… …for your time …and your business Copyright © 2004/2005 Primetime, Inc. All rights reserved.
  27. 27. NNT Serve Success Stories • Tri-County Internal Medicine – Saturday EMR Server memory failure – MSP alerted and fixed – Result: No impact on Monday patients and doctors had no interruption. • Atlanta Inboard – Servers needed for closing documents – Alert received on Monday evening that hard disk capacity reached – Tech applies temporary fix to reduce capacity problem – Result: Servers functional for Tuesday avoiding hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost productivity and potential lost sales • Country Way Family Practice – System memory stays at constant overload during work hours – Tech is able to see this trend – Result: able to prevent major problem and data loss
  28. 28. Note about Security and Regulatory Issues • Blaster virus cost businesses like yours two billion dollars – and a patch had been available for weeks! Failure to comply with regulations and legislation shuts companies down. – Security Event Monitor • Security affects availability/productivity • Viruses • DOS Attacks • Spyware – Compliance is mandatory • HIPAA • Sarbanes-Oxley • Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act – Legal Concerns as mentioned earlier