Social Media and Thought Leadership for Physicians


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This is an update of a previous presentation from 2011 -

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Social Media and Thought Leadership for Physicians

  1. 1. Social Media & Thought Leadership Steve Levine TMA VP, Communication
  2. 2. Welcome to the Revolution
  3. 3. What is "Social Media"?
  4. 4. What is "Social Media"? (Easy Version)
  5. 5.  Who uses it? Who uses it for professional reasons? “Like TMA” –
  6. 6. Who uses? Join TMA’s LinkedIn Group Follow TMA on Twitter @texmed
  7. 7.  Who watches it? Who posts their own videos? Subscribe to TMA’s feed –
  8. 8.  Who reads blogs regularly? Who writes their own blog?
  9. 9. Does anyone use?
  10. 10. What is a "Thought Leader"?
  11. 11. TMA is a Thought Leader“A Twittersuperstar.You have ahugenumber offollowerswho findwhat you aresayinginteresting.”
  12. 12. Who is a "Thought Leader"? Why?In your:City?Hospital?Specialty?Interests?
  13. 13. What Do You Want to Influence?
  14. 14. Blog: Health Care Policy “Does Insurance Replace Responsibility?” “Creeping Socialized Medicine” “Getting More Healthcare Value” “The Buck Stops Here”
  15. 15. Blog: Health Care Policy “Mammograms: Limited Usefulness, Maximum Fear” “One Reason ACOs are Doomed to Underperform” “A Large Dose of Humility: the Influenza Vaccine” “A Trip to the Gynecologist” “Medicating Normal Life: Mental Health and the Sandy Hook Shooting”
  16. 16. You Can Blog, Too
  17. 17. Facebook: Practice Marketing
  18. 18. Facebook: Practice Marketing
  19. 19. Facebook: Practice Marketing
  20. 20. Facebook: Practice Marketing
  21. 21. Twitter: Oncology“No CellphoneCancer Link in Large Study”
  22. 22. Twitter: Oncology “Small- molecule drug drives cancercells to suicide”
  23. 23. Twitter: Oncology “Job-related stress not arisk factor for cancer”
  24. 24. YouTube: Medical Education
  25. 25. LinkedIn: Protecting Privacy
  26. 26. If …
  27. 27. Imagine … Nueces County Medical Society
  28. 28. Tips Be Passionate Start Slowly: Watch & Listen Before You Speak Pick One Tool at First – Then Integrate Watch Your Privacy Watch Your Patients Privacy Remember, Its a Dialogue, Not a Monologue
  29. 29. Resources TMA Social Media Resource Center: 33 Charts blog, by Brian Vartabedian, MD A Complete Guide to Planning a Social Media Presence for Health Care, by Howard Luks, MD Socialnomics (Producers of “Revolution” video) Here Comes Everybody, by Clay Shirky
  30. 30. TMA Social Media Accounts Blogged Arteries Me and My Doctor Facebook Twitter YouTube LinkedIn
  31. 31. Steve LevineSocial Media & Thought Leadership