Robots Rising


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Robots were one of the coolest elements of late 20th century science fiction movies. But now many of these robots we use to view as futuristic fantasies are becoming real. Learn about the robots already available for your home and your office.

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Robots Rising

  1. 1. Robots Rising
  2. 2. In the late 20th Century robots were featured in various science fiction movies, comics and cartoon shows
  3. 3. The Jetsons
  4. 4. Buck Rogers
  5. 5. The Black Hole
  6. 6. Star Wars
  7. 7. Robocop
  8. 8. iRobot
  9. 9. Tron
  10. 10. Now the robots we used to think of as science fiction are becoming real. Some of the first applications are in military and crime control.
  11. 11. Big Dog from Boston Dynamics Designed to accompany military troops Can carry loads up to 340 lbs and climb slopes up to 35 degrees Can run up to 4 MPH
  12. 12. Cheetah from Boston Dynamics Fastest legged robot in world Speeds of up to 29 MPH
  13. 13. Knightscope – a Robotic Security Guard to Monitor Shopping Malls, Hotels & Universities
  14. 14. Robots are coming to your home. They will perform small jobs as well as companionship and entertainment.
  15. 15. Roomba will clean dirt, dust, hair from your floors
  16. 16. iRobot’s Looj Will Clean Your Gutter
  17. 17. Winbot Will Clean Your Windows
  18. 18. The Grillbot will Clean Your Grill
  19. 19. This Robot Will Mow Your Lawn
  20. 20. A Robot Dog
  21. 21. Sphero, A Robotic Toy
  22. 22. You can Play Augmented Reality Games with Sphero and your iPhone
  23. 23. Sphero Has a Golf Game
  24. 24. Robots are coming to your work place too. In fact, they may take your job!
  25. 25. Double Robotics Your Body Double. An iPad mounted to a robot Can roam around your office giving you telepresence
  26. 26. TUG Robot for Hospitals Retrieves medications from pharmacy, collects cafeteria trays within hospital facilities.
  27. 27. Car Assembly For many years, industrial robots have been used in automobile factories. Tesla uses programmable robots for its plants.
  28. 28. Kiva Systems Automates warehouses. Picks items from the shelves.
  29. 29. Meet Baxter Baxter can pack/unpack; load/unload items in a warehouse.
  30. 30. Industrial Perception Owned by Google, can automate variety of warehouse operations
  31. 31. Robots used to film Movies
  32. 32. Like the Special Effects in Gravity
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