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Stop Motion Animation in Your Classroom


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Ever thought about creating stop motion animations with your students? It is fun and easy to do. In this session we will cover some of the important aspects of creating these movies, and then create our own. Bring your computer, phone, or tablet, and some toys you would like to animate.

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Stop Motion Animation in Your Classroom

  1. 1. Stop Motion Animation In Your Classroom GENERAL AUDIENCES All Ages Admitted ☮ GSteve Katz @stevekatz
  2. 2. iTunes U Enroll Code EAB-M5S-684
  3. 3. Defined The technique of photographing objects and putting the photographs together as frames of a movie to give the objects the appearance of movement.
  4. 4. Time Lapse
  5. 5. Why? • Easy • Fast • Inexpensive • Relevant • Fun
  6. 6. Tools • Device (to take photos) • Tripod/stand • App • Objects to animate
  7. 7. Preproduction • Plan • Storyboard • Gather materials
  8. 8. Filming Tips • Use a “studio” • Small movements • Keep camera stationary
  9. 9. Need Inspiration? • Variety of Styles • • Professionally Created •
  10. 10. Stop Motion Animation Steve Katz’s Contact Information @stevekatz stevegatoz EAB-M5S-684