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1 to 1 Classroom Management

Some ideas and practical tips for teaching in a 1:1/laptop school. This is the 2010 version of this presentation:

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1 to 1 Classroom Management

  1. 1. CLASSROOM MANAGEMENT in a 1:1 environment
  2. 2. WHAT WORKS NOW? What classroom management techniques do you use that help you to create the type of learning environment you want in your class (to keep students on task)?
  3. 3. LESSON DESIGN Remember: Technology is a tool. Teaching isn’t about the tool. Curriculum drives the technology. “O2” - ubiquitous, necessary, invisible
  4. 4. LESSON DESIGN Use backward design. Project-based learning. Authentic assessments. Students as producers of content. Collaboration (in class & global).
  5. 5. INCORPORATE ISTE’S 4 C’S Communication - Prepare students to be effective communicators. Collaboration - Use online tools to discuss ideas, share research, collaborate. Creativity - Promote writing, artwork, videos, and combinations of them. Community - Create a community of learners to deepen knowledge through interaction.
  6. 6. EXPECTED LEARNING RESULTS Exhibit Citizenship Communicate Effectively Think Creatively and Reason Critically Utilize Information and Technology Effectively
  7. 7. UNDERSTAND If you have poor management now, laptops won’t change that. Adding laptops doesn’t mean more learning. Adding technology to a boring lesson does not necessarily make the lesson more interesting.
  8. 8. BEFORE THE STUDENTS ARRIVE Have clear expectations. Plan well. Use technology with a purpose. Test your lesson on a student computer. Use your wiki for links, handouts, and other resources.
  9. 9. BEFORE THE STUDENTS ARRIVE Think about what works for you: Headphones? Music? Chat? Email? “Multitasking?” Rearrange your furniture? Consequences?
  10. 10. PRACTICAL TIPS Laptops fully charged at 8:00 am. RATS - Read All The Screen. Students should be willing to help each other. “45 your screen.” If the teacher closes the laptop, only the teacher opens it. MBWA - Management By Walking Around Apple Remote Desktop (ARD)
  11. 11. RESOURCES
  12. 12. “Technology is a mind set, not a skill set.” Kim Cofino, Yokohama International School
  13. 13. WORKS CITED Slide Source 2 Chris Lehmann, SLA Philadelphia 3 photostream/ 7 10 photostream/ 11 2009/3/20_Episode_3%3A_Laptop_Management.html 13 src=related_normal&rel=1301364