Efficient Search Campaigns SAScon May 2012


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Efficient search campaigns SAScon May 2012

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  • Toutapp is a good option. Have you used ReplyUp.com also along with it? Great tool for friendly follow-up emails straight from your inbox.
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Efficient Search Campaigns SAScon May 2012

  1. 1. Creating Efficient Search Campaigns May 2012 @stevejlock
  2. 2. Recommended Automation Use http://www.wheresjobs.com/ @stevejlock
  3. 3. When Automation Goes Wrong io9.com @stevejlock
  4. 4. Outsourcing Is Awesome (In Theory?!) fosters.co.uk @stevejlock
  5. 5. Outsourcing (In Practice?!) blogtrolls.blogspot.com @stevejlock
  6. 6. Tips From The Trenches http://1.bp.blogspot.com/ @stevejlock
  7. 7. Getting SEO Changes Implemented http://gooddaysmedia.com/ @stevejlock
  8. 8. Educating Clients failblog.org @stevejlock
  9. 9. Project Management justwilliam1959.wordpress.com @stevejlock
  10. 10. Systemisation @stevejlock
  11. 11. Checklists io9.com @stevejlock
  12. 12. Peer Review weird-websites.info @stevejlock
  13. 13. Business Goals http://www.tecsauce.com/ @stevejlock
  14. 14. CRO = #winning http://www.tecsauce.com/ @stevejlock
  15. 15. Stuff Thats Saved Me Lots Of Time=> Text expanders inc. Auto Hotkey & Texter=> Grab YAll Links & Quick Markup Chrome extensions=> SearchCap Newsletter=> Shortcuts especially in Ubuntu, Thunderbird &Chrome=> Trello for project management=> Getting Things Done (GTD) & RTM=> Testing new addons and extensions regularly @stevejlock
  16. 16. Stuff Thats Saved Me Lots Of Time=> Keepass or LastPass for managing passwords=> Dropbox to sync all your working folders=> wd4roi.com book and bonus materials=> Pomodoro Technique & Pomodairo software=> YEd Graph Editor & Freemind=> Automated Google Analytics reports=> Learning advanced search operators @stevejlock
  17. 17. Stuff Thats Saved Me Lots Of Time=> Microsoft IIS SEO Toolkit=> Keyword Pad to manage keyword lists=> SEOmoz Mozbar for checking on-site changes=> Seesmic Ping – social media syndication=> Testing alternative search engines such as Blekko &Duck Duck Go=> Ubersuggest.com – amazing for long tail keywordresearch @stevejlock
  18. 18. Recommended Stuff To Check Out=> ToutApp to split test outreach emails=> Building agile tools in Google Docs – SEERInteractive, Distilled & SEOGadget for tutorials=> SEO Tools for Excel -nielsbosma.se/projects/seotools=> Author Crawler – tomanthony.co.uk/tools/author-crawler=> RSS Owl with various feeds and APIs=> Emailga.me for making email fun @stevejlock
  19. 19. Recommended Stuff To Check Out=> Parse.ly to analyse content publishers and trends=> Crowdbooster for powerful Twitter insights=> Summify intelligent content discovery=> Bufferapp.com to automate tweet scheduling=> Boomerang to manage outreach emails=> Google hacks & Google Alerts for automated linkprospecting=> Rapportive for managing your social network=> Majestic SEO new trust and authority metrics @stevejlock
  20. 20. Thanks for listening :-)=> Slides: analyticsseo.com/sascon=> Email: steve.lock@analyticsseo.com=> Twitter: @stevejlock / @analyticsseo=> LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/stevejlock=> Jobs: http://www.analyticsseo.com/seo-jobs-web-application-developers-needed @stevejlock