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internet marketing how to's, affiliate marketing, mobile marketing, blog marketing


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Discover how to make money online with internet marketing, mobile marketing, affiliate marketing, and blog marketing!

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internet marketing how to's, affiliate marketing, mobile marketing, blog marketing

  1. 1. ==== ====For more on internet, mobile, and affiliate marketing, check this out! ====Affiliate Marketing is a fairly new form of marketing which has emerged over the past few years asretailers have started to invest and develop their online marketing strategy. Almost four out of five(78%) of people surveyed said that their organisations were spending more on affiliate marketingthis year than they were two years ago and the same proportion (78%) said they expected to bespending more on affiliate marketing in the next two years. (source: Affiliate Marketing MerchantsSurvey Report 2007, E-Consultancy).The sudden realisation for retailers that focus on their online marketing spend is as important astheir offline spend came from figures such as the £46.6bn generated online sales for UKonline retailers in 2007, up 54% on 2006 (source: IMRG, Jan 2008) and resulted in affiliatemarketing becoming a massive marketing initiative.As affiliate marketing has rapidly grown, so have internet cashback websites. Cashback websitestake advantage of affiliate marketing and return the benefits back to the customer, which in thiseconomic climate is a welcomed concept.There are numerous affiliate networks such as, Trade Doubler and Affiliate Window whowork in partnerships with retailers and advertisers offering affiliate programmes. The retailers signup with the affiliate networks, offering commission based programmes. The affiliate network thenprovides this information to the advertiser who can upload advertising links onto their websiteresulting in them earning a commission for the sales they have generated through advertising thecompany.Most advertisers use affiliate marketing to earn an income from their website, for example blogsand review sites, however cashback sites return the commission to the customers actually makingthe purchase. Customers register with an internet cashback site and are then given a list ofretailers who have an affiliate programme- most cashback sites have in excess of 600 retailerscovering insurance companies to fancy dress shops so there is plenty to choose from. Whenmaking a purchase, customers must remember to log into the cashback site and to click on one oftheir unique links which gets tracked by the affiliate network using cookies stored in yourcomputer. Once the purchase has been approved by the retailer (making sure the customer hasntcancelled it or returned it), the retailer pays the affiliate network who then pays the cashback site.Cashback deals can be in excess of £50 for insurance deals or £30 for mobilephone contracts resulting in customers earning £100s every year as there is no limit onhow much cashback you can earn.Cashback sites offer a win-win situation for the retailer, customer and themselves. The retailershave increased their sales because they are having customers referred to them by the cashbacksite so are happy to pay the commission, the customers are happy because they are earning
  2. 2. money back from the purchases that they would have made anyway and the cashback sites arehappy because they keep a small proportion of the commission earned by the customer.The author of this article is a keen blogger regarding Cashback deals and affiliate marketing.Article Source: ====For more on internet, mobile, and affiliate marketing, check this out! ====