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Activity streams lightning talk, DjangoCon 2011 Day 3


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Published in: Technology
  • Nice presentation on django activity stream. If you're looking for an open source solution covering Redis and Cassandra have a look at Feedly,

    The same team also offers a hosted solution at There are client libraries for Python, Ruby, PHP and Node. Its based on a highly optimized Cassandra cluster and more cost effective than many home grown solutions.

    Have a look at the bottom of this article for an overview of my favourite articles on the topic:
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Activity streams lightning talk, DjangoCon 2011 Day 3

  1. 1. Activity Streams And django-activity-stream
  2. 2. This is an activity stream
  3. 3. So is this...
  4. 4. And this...
  5. 5. But...What can I do with it?
  6. 6. Look at it!
  7. 7. Write to their APIs...
  8. 8. Subscribe to it! (Could be useful...)
  9. 9. What about Django?
  10. 10.
  11. 11. Makes this work
  12. 12. One (longish) call:# create actionaction.send ( user.person, # actor verb=pushed, # verbed action_object=app, # an object target=environment, # to a target (optional) description=message,)
  13. 13. One URL Pattern:import actstreamurlpatterns += patterns(, (^feed/activity/, include(actstream.urls)),)
  14. 14. Feeds
  15. 15. Atom
  16. 16. Activity Streams!
  17. 17. Thanks! (my fork) Steve Ivy @steveivy