Filemobile looks at Employee Generated Content


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EGC = Employee generated content. Find out how to engage your employees with rich media. EGC lets you share knowledge, train, and engage your employees. Find out how and why you should be doing this in your organization.

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  • I am going to talk to you about how you can grow your audience by connecting through content.Using user generated content to power your programs & campaigns.
  • But… It’s expensive to produce.Despite advances in tecnology, content is expensive to produce.
  • Ok you may not have a brand like the Pope and his Church, but they want to give you their photos and video all the same.
  • Find the best content, and promote it. Curation ads value. Weed out the wheat from the chaff, get rid of bad comments, etc..Curation ads value… Lets the cream rise to the top.
  • This is Life is Good who curated a number of InstagramHashtags that they promoted weekly, showing the best content.The content was shared 1,000’s of times proving them valuable earned media.
  • Although Jalen isn’t happy it’s her birthday.
  • Let your audience share your content, post it, comment on it, like it, vote for it.
  • Filemobile looks at Employee Generated Content

    1. 1. EMPLOYEE GENERATED CONTENT @filemobile
    2. 2. About Filemobile •  SaaS based Social Marketing Suite •  Founded in Sept 2006 •  Launched in excess of 3,000 apps •  Partners: Brightcove & ICUC •  Based in Toronto Digital Media Gannett Wall Street Journal Disney ABC Hearst TV Fox News Shaw Media CBC The Weather Network Transcontinental Seattle Post Gazette Active Network Digital Marketing Molson / Coors Honda Ben and Jerrys Life is Good Sun Life Royal Le Page Campbell’s Garage Tim Hortons Colgate Maple Leaf Foods Fisher Price Agencies BBDO Taxi Fluid Rain 43! Full House Interactive! Brandfire Marketing! Jet Cooper! 70 Mainstreet! Draft FCB! Publicis Canada! Pixel Pusher! Y&R Inc! “Filemobile is best in class at user generated content ” - Gannett EMPLOYEE GENERATED CONTENT @filemobile
    3. 3. Some of the company we keep… EMPLOYEE GENERATED CONTENT @filemobile
    4. 4. Companies are turning to rich media to educate, inform, and engage their employees. EMPLOYEE GENERATED CONTENT @filemobile
    5. 5. The creation of storytelling material that engages people to consume the content. EMPLOYEE GENERATED CONTENT @filemobile
    6. 6. to get something valuable in return. A company must give something valuable EMPLOYEE GENERATED CONTENT @filemobile
    7. 7. Instead of the powerpoint deck or word document provide a video or photo to tell your story. EMPLOYEE GENERATED CONTENT @filemobile
    8. 8. Consider Employee- Generated content: Your corporate audience is 78% more likely to watch and retain information in a video, than a document or email. EMPLOYEE GENERATED CONTENT @filemobile
    9. 9. Humans are visual beings who are aracted to images EMPLOYEE GENERATED CONTENT @filemobile
    10. 10. Why? A picture is worth a 1,000 words EMPLOYEE GENERATED CONTENT @filemobile
    11. 11. Rich Media is expensive to produce … and people give them a LOT more aention EMPLOYEE GENERATED CONTENT @filemobile
    12. 12. Your audience wants to give you their photos & videos EMPLOYEE GENERATED CONTENT @filemobile
    13. 13. The cost is your time in the important role of curation EMPLOYEE GENERATED CONTENT @filemobile
    14. 14. Publish it to your audience and let them consume it EMPLOYEE GENERATED CONTENT @filemobile
    15. 15. Celebrate your employees! EMPLOYEE GENERATED CONTENT @filemobile
    16. 16. Let your employees help you tell your story EMPLOYEE GENERATED CONTENT @filemobile
    17. 17. Turn Words Into Images EMPLOYEE GENERATED CONTENT @filemobile
    18. 18. Social Activities drive engagement YOUR INTRANET + GOOD CONTENT = Engaged Employees EMPLOYEE GENERATED CONTENT @filemobile
    19. 19. Key Features A full platform for employee generated programs !   Give users specific tasks !   Upload photo / video / audio or text from desktop or mobile !   Multiple display experiences including: Live Blog, Gallery, Slideshow !   Organize content in to multiple programs, campaigns !   Moderate content, create moderation roles !   Publish to your CMS / Intranet !   Login through your SSO / LDAP / or SAML !   Social activities include: Voting, Rating, Commenting, Uploading EMPLOYEE GENERATED CONTENT @filemobile
    20. 20. Tips for geing employee-generated content !   Give users specific tasks !   Experiential Prize !   Commenting / Rating / Voting !   Ask for it at the source: Mobile app !   Seed your content !   Promote good content on intranet !   Give your employees the tools to create. !   Curate & moderated your content EMPLOYEE GENERATED CONTENT @filemobile
    21. 21. The Solution: Filemobile’s Platform & Products Gather.                                            Curate.                                        Publish.                                      Amplify.   EMPLOYEE GENERATED CONTENT @filemobile
    22. 22. Product Suite Media Factory provides a cross-platform suite of products Live Blogging Social Feeds User-Generated News Contests Community Widgets Mobile EMPLOYEE GENERATED CONTENT @filemobile
    23. 23. Flexible: How we deliver the solution: APIs & SDKs: C O M P L E X I T Y Fully documented, allow for custom application for any device or integration in any system Template: Create web apps fast with our component library White Label: Complete turnkey web and mobile apps Widgets: Web iframe drop and go TIME TO DEPLOY EMPLOYEE GENERATED CONTENT @filemobile
    24. 24. Case Studies EMPLOYEE GENERATED CONTENT @filemobile
    25. 25. Case Study: Farmers Insurance !  Type: Video Portal !  Client: Farmers Insurance !  The claims department uses Filemobile tools to post videos on internal communications, training videos and live broadcasts from product managers and the CEO. !  Admin have control over who can upload videos, and who can approve videos. !  The video portal manages 100’s of video assets with one backend and front-end tool. !  Accessible in a secure manner via the corporate intranet. EMPLOYEE GENERATED CONTENT @filemobile
    26. 26. Case Study – Lincoln Financial !  Type: Community Contest !  Client: Lincoln Financial !  Lincoln engaged their employees to nominate organizations in their community that had similar ideals to the Lincoln Financial brand. !  Hundreds of organizations were nominated through the Filemobile contest engine. !  Lincoln Financial management narrowed the awards down to 10 organizations. !  The Lincoln Financial employees were provided an application that allowed them to vote for their favorite. !  The winner gets a $50,000 prize to their not-for-profit. EMPLOYEE GENERATED CONTENT @filemobile
    27. 27. Case Study – Honda !  Type: Video Portal !  Client: Honda !  The ATV department uses an employee-generated video portal to roll out training videos to their dealer network. !  Videos can be organized by product. !  Videos can be provided to dealer network in a controlled environment only accessible to specific people. !  The video portal can manage dozen’s of categories and 1000’s of video assets. EMPLOYEE GENERATED CONTENT @filemobile
    28. 28. Case Study – Life is Good •  API: Moderated Instagram Feeds •  Client is ingesting Instagram feeds into Media Factory. •  Users are able to upload by using #optimism + they can upload video or photo from their computers. •  API allows Life is Good to build a custom interface that resembles Pinterest. Case Study – World Bank •  Facebook Contest •  World Bank is running a photo/video contest in Facebook. •  All social activities are broadcast through the participants feed driving most of the site discovery. EMPLOYEE GENERATED CONTENT @filemobile
    29. 29. Platform Key Stats !   Deployed in : Canada, USA, Australia & Europe (Q1/2014) !   Over 50,000,000 unique visitors per month* !   Over 4 million user sessions per day !   100 + million API calls per month !   150,000 photos / videos uploaded per month !   25,000 comments per month !   Over 5 million registered users !   Over 10,000,000 media items uploaded !   20 million + media views per month EMPLOYEE GENERATED CONTENT @filemobile
    30. 30. Thanks… @filemobile EMPLOYEE GENERATED CONTENT @filemobile