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Infrastruggle2013 toigo storage_expo


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Toigo - great analysis of the "infrastruggle" in the modern datacenter

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Infrastruggle2013 toigo storage_expo

  1. 1. Presented By Jon Toigo CEO, Toigo Partners International Chairman, Data Management Institute Capacity Demand POWER UTILIZATI ON SERVICE EFFICIENC Y I/O THROUGH PUT COST
  2. 2. Let’s Talk About the Infrastruggle Infrastruggle? A term describing the broad array of challenges confronting IT planners who seek a strategy that will contain cost while delivering improved service levels to the organization… Copyright©2013byJonToigo.AllRightsReserved.
  3. 3. Key Trends and Drivers Tactical Thinking Architectural and purchasing decisions neither fact-based nor strategic/systemic Accelerating storage capacity requirements by 300-650% through 2014… Server Virtualization Wasting up to 70% of every disk drive deployed… Unmanaged Data Growth “Disk Everywhere” Dogma Using roughly half of our disk infrastructure capacity to replicate data stored on the other half… Storage Clouds (Outsourcing) Hype “Great disk drive in the sky” appeals until you look at the facts… Hardware Vendor Practices Value-add software accelerates cost of commodity wares… Copyright©2013byJonToigo.AllRightsReserved.
  4. 4. Unmanaged Data is Growing 30% Active 40% Inert 15% Dark Storage 10% Orphan 5% Contraband Maybe it’s time to defrag… (Or do a little data hygiene and archiving) Are we filling disk with the right data? Copyright©2013byJonToigo.AllRightsReserved.
  5. 5. Impact of Server Virtualization Copyright©2013byJonToigo.AllRightsReserved.
  6. 6. “Disk Everywhere” Dogma Replicated File Block SOURCE: IDC Total External Storage Capacity (Exabytes) Omnia in Orbis taking its toll… Copyright©2013byJonToigo.AllRightsReserved.
  7. 7. Oversubscribed, Underutilized, Overbuilt • The deconstruction of the traditional storage hierarchy continues…increasing cost • And increasing management complexity by creating isolated islands of value-add storage functionality… Thin Provisioning Mirroring Performance Acceleration Heterogeneous Storage Different Vendors, Different Value-Add Features On-Array Tiering Mirroring Continuous Data Protection Snapshot Replication Compression On-Array Tiering Snapshot Performance Acceleration Mirroring De-duplication Replication Copyright©2013byJonToigo.AllRightsReserved.
  8. 8. • The goal of on-array compression, de-duplication, thin provisioning, auto- tiering and even storage virtualization is to squeeze bits more efficiently onto storage media… • Focused on “Capacity Allocation Efficiency” What is the Value of “Value-Add”? Copyright©2013byJonToigo.AllRightsReserved.
  9. 9. In-Stat, 451 Group, Tier 1 Meanwhile, Storage Cloud Hype is Deafening “There has been an increase in adoption of over 326% since 2010.” –Info-Tech Research Group Yet, in their own report… – 51% somewhat/strongly agree “no cloud storage meets our business requirements” – 70% somewhat/strongly agree “concerned about availability of cloud storage services” – 84% somewhat/strongly agree “concerned about cost” – 83% somewhat/strongly agree “concerned about security of data stored in the cloud” Copyright©2013byJonToigo.AllRightsReserved.
  10. 10. The Great Disk Drive In the Sky In case of rain, ensure that the provider can return your data via tape No standard on-ramps, APIs, management protocols, etc. Pricing models vary. Common fees include installation fees, “overage” fees, etc. Legalities of data storage and back-end replication (backup) - especially transnational - not tested… Service levels unpredictable, including restoral timeframe following an outage event… Copyright©2013byJonToigo.AllRightsReserved.
  11. 11. Storage Clouds Part of the Bigger Cloud Space – PaaS* • Services tied to specific server virtualization or proprietary hardware stack… • Setting stage for another front in the Infrastruggle in 2012… • Stand by for “Battle Clouds” (maybe a topic for next Storage Expo) 88% of “Cloud Storage” Use is Storage Behind Cloud-based Servers** * Platform as a Service ** Info-Tech Research Group Copyright©2013byJonToigo.AllRightsReserved.
  12. 12. Tactical Decision-Making Doesn’t Help • A Strategic and Systemic View is Needed… – Balancing technology vision and business requirements – Arguably, the outcome of the infrastruggle will be decided here… Copyright©2013byJonToigo.AllRightsReserved.
  13. 13. What’s Holding Back Good Decisions? • “Low information” voters going for the shiny new thing… • Reporting and research/analysis work is often shoddy… • Failure to consult internal advisors (IT) on technology acquisition decisions… • Lack of resources for pre-purchase pilots and tests… • Peer “bullying” (Why are you so stupid for not following my guidance? – by analysts, vendors, speakers at conferences, etc.)… • Laziness and overwork… “So, when are you guys down in IT going to unplug all of the servers and storage?” Based on survey sample of 99 respondents…326% year over year growth! Copyright©2013byJonToigo.AllRightsReserved.
  14. 14. More Research Examples • Sample Size = 17 4.08 persons 9.01 persons 1.06 persons Last year, analysts were emphasizing leadership of VMware in server hypervisor market (~58%), but failed to note that only 17-20% of servers were running hypervisor technology… Copyright©2013byJonToigo.AllRightsReserved.
  15. 15. Low Information + Old/New Marketing + Bullying = Poor Choices Copyright©2013byJonToigo.AllRightsReserved.
  16. 16. Friction Also Plays a Role • As in the impact of transaction costs in a financial market (per 2009 Nobel Prize-winning Economist Oliver Williamson’s usage)… – Internal transaction costs: expensive warranty & maintenance agreements, expensive replacement parts, requirement to take supplier-defined upgrade path, monopolistic relationship… – External transaction costs: cost of money, utility power costs and availability, regulatory mandates, natural forces, breakage, press and analyst views, taxes, etc. Copyright©2013byJonToigo.AllRightsReserved.
  17. 17. Sources of Friction in Disk Infrastructure Internal Transaction Costs • Proprietary controllers and value add software • Signed drives and trays • Razor/razorblade pricing of maintenance agreements • Lack of backward compatibility • Value Add obfuscates unified management External Transaction Costs • Marketing around brand name gear • Supposed supply shortages of drives and components • Consolidation in disk array industry • Server virtualization • Data burgeon • Slow economic growth and budget austerity Copyright©2013byJonToigo.AllRightsReserved.
  18. 18. A Couple of Truisms Copyright©2013byJonToigo.AllRightsReserved.
  19. 19. Bottom Line: These Drivers Must Be Addressed …Or the Infrastruggle might wreak havoc and lead to the kinds of career-ending disasters we all want to avoid Copyright©2013byJonToigo.AllRightsReserved.
  20. 20. Outline of an Infrastruggle Strategy in Six Parts 1. Capacity growth and space reclamation strategies 2. Cross-platform storage monitoring and management: the real “unified storage” 3. Storage virtualization to extend the service life of installed gear 4. Smarter storage pooling by service requirement: capture storage versus retention storage 5. Energy-centric metrics in storage design 6. Common-sense and business-savvy selection, procurement and implementation approaches Copyright©2013byJonToigo.AllRightsReserved.
  21. 21. Bend The Capacity Growth Rate • Reduce the amount of input data – Judicious use of compression, de-dupe – Get users to self-limit use of primary storage • Reduce disk replication – Don’t use disk-to-disk replication for data that doesn’t require it – Set continuous data replication processes to shorter retention intervals • Cull out the dreck (see next slide) • Start archiving (see next slide) Copyright©2013byJonToigo.AllRightsReserved.
  22. 22. Practice Data Hygiene and Archive Best. Get granular with data management. Work with senior management and business stakeholders to create a scheme for data classification and archive that everyone will observe. Necessary for effective continuity, compliance and security. Good. Run reports to identify files that haven’t been accessed or modified in 90 days. Provide lists to business unit managers for action. Better. Implement file segregation schemes based on user roles and develop policies for handling files on a departmental level. Implement migration for older files, preferably to “NAS on Steroids” (TapeNAS – more on this later). Copyright©2013byJonToigo.AllRightsReserved.
  23. 23. Current Trends in Archive Similar to data protection trends: use of disk on the rise… Enterprise Strategy Group Copyright©2013byJonToigo.AllRightsReserved.
  24. 24. Disk-Based Archive Makes No Economic Sense… “The 12 year cost of energy for disk is greater than the entire TCO for tape over the same period: Disk is 500X more costly than tape, based on energy cost alone.” Copyright©2013byJonToigo.AllRightsReserved.
  25. 25. Think Tape Copyright©2013byJonToigo.AllRightsReserved.
  26. 26. Get to Real “Software-Defined” or “Private Cloud” Storage Managed storage, that is… Copyright©2013byJonToigo.AllRightsReserved.
  27. 27. SMS & HSM: Integrated Management STORAGE GROUP END USERS APPLICATIONS Copyright©2013byJonToigo.AllRightsReserved.
  28. 28. Then Came Distributed Systems Storage… Thin Provisioning Mirroring Performance Acceleration On-Array Tiering Mirroring Continuous Data Protection Snapshot Replication Compression On-Array Tiering Snapshot Performance Acceleration Mirroring De-duplication Replication Copyright©2013byJonToigo.AllRightsReserved.
  29. 29. So-Called SANs Didn’t Help Copyright©2013byJonToigo.AllRightsReserved.
  30. 30. How do you improve on a world class server hypervisor? Add a Storage Hypervisor! Who needs ANSI? Nine new SCSI commands! Latest Idea: Centralize Management in the Server Hypervisor Copyright©2013byJonToigo.AllRightsReserved.
  31. 31. Proprietary Hypervisors To Manage Storage? Really? What if you have a mix of hypervisors and physical servers? Copyright©2013byJonToigo.AllRightsReserved.
  32. 32. Why Not an HW/SW-Agnostic Storage Hypervisor? Copyright©2013byJonToigo.AllRightsReserved.
  33. 33. Many Ways to Implement • Pool by Proxy is least disruptive • Storage Hypervisor implemented on a generic server… • Use array mount points already established with server OS… • Aggregate storage capacity as desired into one or more virtual resource pools… • Service I/O from server memory for 2X or more performance bump, regardless of back-end hardware… • Manage capacity, performance and data protection in a unified way… Copyright©2013byJonToigo.AllRightsReserved.
  34. 34. Translates SRM into Services Management Storage Resource Management (SRM) (hardware and plumbing configuration, monitoring and management) Storage Services Management (data protection, capacity, performance) Copyright©2013byJonToigo.AllRightsReserved.
  35. 35. And Smarter Storage Architecture Delivering Greater Efficiency… Copyright©2013byJonToigo.AllRightsReserved.
  36. 36. CAPTURE STORAGE IOPS per Watt Strategic Technologies - Virtualized storage - Arrays with SSD-assisted disk and sub-LUN tiering to replace drive short-stroking for high IOPS performance… RETENTION STORAGE Capacity per Watt Strategic Technologies - Virtualized storage - “NAS on Steroids”: a cobble of NFS-mount server running a tape file system connected to a tape library… Keyed to an Increasingly Important Metric: Power Efficiency Copyright©2013byJonToigo.AllRightsReserved.
  37. 37. SSD Optimization for Performance Storage Copyright©2013byJonToigo.AllRightsReserved.
  38. 38. For Retention Storage Copyright©2013byJonToigo.AllRightsReserved.
  39. 39. Both Architectures Require Smart Thinking IOPS per Watt Flash SSD-aided disk replacing massively parallel short-stroking disk arrays… Capacity per Watt TapeNAS delivers less power- consuming mass storage for infrequently accessed files… Copyright©2013byJonToigo.AllRightsReserved.
  40. 40. Storage Dogmas Must End (So must “loyalties” to equipment brands…) Copyright©2013byJonToigo.AllRightsReserved.
  41. 41. Requires Strategic Thinking: Are You Prepared? 1. How do you put a giraffe into a refrigerator? 2. How do you put an elephant into a refrigerator? 3. The Lion King is holding an animal conference. All animals attend…except one. Which animal does not attend? 4. There is a river you must cross, but it is used by crocodiles, and you do not have a boat. How do you manage it? A Test in 4 Questions Copyright©2013byJonToigo.AllRightsReserved.
  42. 42. Let’s Get Going! Questions? Copyright©2013byJonToigo.AllRightsReserved.
  43. 43. Please Keep In Touch @JonToigo Try not to become the tools of your tools. Copyright©2013byJonToigo.AllRightsReserved.