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Transit Bus Camera Surveillance


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Transit Bus Camera Surveillance systems by March Networks providing overview of visual intelligence for mobile and fixed transportation networks.

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Transit Bus Camera Surveillance

  1. 1. Visual Intelligence for Mobile and Fixed Transportation Networks March Networks® advanced video surveillance solutions for the trans­ portation sector excel in providing reliable, cost­efficient performance in fixed and mobile applications. The preferred choice of public transportation agencies, municipal governments, air and seaport authorities, and road and rail network operators around the world, March Networks systems boast wireless­ enabled remote diagnostics, automated video downloading, and an IP networked VideoSphere™ solution with integrated analytics for fixed applications. Video management software provides security managers and network administrators with powerful tools to efficiently deploy and manage unlimited numbers of cameras across any number of locations.
  2. 2. Mobile Applications Fixed ApplicationsMarch Networks mobile video recording solutions offer VideoSphere, March Networks’ intelligent video manage­exceptional reliability, video quality and storage capacity. ment solution, is ideal for airports, seaports, bus andBuilt to withstand the harsh operating conditions of an train stations, and municipal video surveillance and trafficonboard environment, our Mobile Digital Video Recorders monitoring systems consisting of hundreds or thousands(MDVRs) feature removable hard­drives for conventional of cameras. Supporting both all­IP and hybrid analog/IPvideo extraction, and support automated wireless down­ video installations, the portfolio includes video managementloading of video and vehicle data through 802.11 ‘hot spots’ software running on industry­standard host and storagewhen vehicles enter transportation depots, for example. servers, best­in­class IP cameras, encoders and networkedThe systems also support remote access to video over video recorders.GSM/CDMA/EVDO and WiMax mesh networks. VideoSphere allows transportation organizations to lever­High­speed wireless capability allows transportation agencies age their investments in existing video infrastructure whileto remotely configure mobile systems, upload software and deploying high­resolution or megapixel IP cameras inmonitor the performance of hard­drives and cameras, or strategic locations, and transition to an all­IP configurationoutsource health monitoring and management to the March at their own pace. IP and hybrid video systems offer costNetworks 24/7 Network Operations Center. System options efficiencies related to cabling, installation and investmentinclude audio recording, in­vehicle advertising and integrated protection. VideoSphere also supports video wall systemsGPS and vehicle data capture. March Networks 5000 Series for operations monitoring centers and video contentMDVRs can accommodate up to 12 cameras and offer up analysis, including object tracking, perimeter alarms andto 1.5 TB of onboard storage. A comprehensive suite of unattended object detection to proactively alert securityperipherals includes our Ultra­Wide Dynamic Range Dome staff to potential security risks.Cameras, designed for exceptional image clarity in a rangeof lighting conditions. Regional Transportation Changi Airport (Singapore) Miami-Dade Transit Commission of Southern “The customer is very pleased with “The March Networks 5412 was the Nevada (RTCSN) the performance and reliability of first DVR we were aware of that the system. It allows monitoring offered anything remotely close to “I didn’t think we’d ever reach this staff to view live video from what we were looking for.” level of technology for a transit every corner of the terminal and Colin Armorer fleet. I’m just happy to see it in my quickly dispatch security staff to Field Engineering and Systems lifetime. It’s quite astounding.” investigate any suspicious activity.” Maintenance, John Neville Miami­Dade Transit Jimmy Leow Technical Systems Supervisor, Business Development and RTCSN Operations Director, TJ Systems The RTCSN serves the 1.9 million people Changi Airport’s Terminal 2 is a Miami-Dade Transit, the 14th largest public living in Las Vegas and surrounding 358,000-square meter facility. Its video transportation agency in the United States, communities. The Commission’s wireless- surveillance network consists of more selected March Networks 5412 Mobile enabled March Networks mobile than 400 analog cameras linked to DVRs for a staged, fleet-wide deployment recorders automatically download tag- a terminal-wide fiber network by of advanced video surveillance technology. ged video clips and transmit health VideoSphere single-channel encoders. Video is recorded by NVRs in a central The system was the only mobile recorder reports to an operations center, location, stored on RAID units and that met senior management’s require- ensuring that any performance issues displayed on a 50-monitor video wall ments for 30 days of onboard storage are promptly addressed. in a security operations center. and high video quality.
  3. 3. Business Benefits • Increase the safety and security of passengers and employees on public transportation vehicles and in terminals • Maximize security system performance and operating efficiency in mobile deployments through wireless­enabled remote diagnostics and video extraction • Reduce losses due to liability claims and legal expenses • Manage and monitor the performance of hundreds or thousands of recorders and cameras from a central location • Receive proactive alerts to potential security risksPublic TransportationMobile video surveillance systems reduce losses due to wide range of threats. High­resolution video from IPfraudulent liability claims, deter vandalism and ensure the cameras provides the image clarity required for incidentsafety and security of passengers and employees on public investigations, while VideoSphere all­IP and hybrid con­transportation vehicles. Built to withstand the inherent figurations employing video management software onchallenges of managing hundreds or thousands of cameras industry­standard IT servers produce efficiencies relatedand recorders on vehicles criss­crossing a large metropolis, to cabling, installation and equipment procurement.March Networks wireless­enabled video recording systemsdeliver the performance, reliability and cost efficiencies City and Municipal Traffic Monitoringdemanded by transportation authorities. A growing number of municipal law enforcement agencies worldwide rely on street and roadside video surveillanceAirports and Seaports systems to monitor traffic conditions, respond to accidentsOur IP video surveillance systems with integrated video and investigate criminal activities. Cameras linked to fiberanalytics alert staff in operations monitoring centers networks stream video to central monitoring stations toto potential risks in airports and seaports, and protect help keep the traffic flowing, safeguard citizens, deterpassengers, employees and the general public from a vandalism and identify suspects.
  4. 4. Offices GPS Tracking Park and Ride VideoSphere Mobile Suite Station Live Video Depot High-Speed Wi-Fi Access Live Pursuit Solution Components Our portfolio of video surveillance solutions for fixed and mobile applications provides transportation authorities with real­time and archived video and data used to mitigate risks and enhance the security of passengers, employees and the general public. Transportation solution components include: • A complete range of rugged and wireless-enabled • In-vehicle advertising wirelessly managed and Mobile DVRs, as well as encoders and networked uploaded to onboard Mobile DVRs recorders for fixed applications • Advanced video analytics, including camera • A family of fixed and PTZ IP cameras, including obstruction detection, object tracking, perimeter March Networks’ Ultra­Wide Dynamic Range Dome alarms and unattended object alerts Cameras, designed for exceptional image clarity in a • Enterprise-class video management software wide range of lighting conditions with investigation and case management tools • GPS and vehicle data integration for precise situation • Outsourced Managed Video Network Services awareness Contact us today at 1 .800 .563 .5564 or to learn more or to schedule a demonstration . © 2008. March Networks Corporation. All rights reserved. Information in this document is subject to change without notice. MARCH NETWORKS, VideoSphere, R5, TRANSFORMING THE WAY YOU VIEW YOUR BUSINESS and the MARCH NETWORKS and VideoSphere logos are trademarks of March Networks Corporation. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Printed in Canada. PN 060­3035­00­ANorth America: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1 800 563 5564 March NetworksLatin America: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 613 591 8181 Corporate HeadquartersEurope, Middle East and Africa: . . +39 0362 17935 303 Terry Fox DriveAsia Pacific: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . +852 2508 9780 Ottawa, Ontario, Canadaw w w . m a r c h n e t w o r k s . c o m K2K 3J1 613 591 8181