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Reston Storm Meeting


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Reston Storm Meeting

  1. 1. Goals• Help Restonians be more prepared in storms by explaining available resources• Identify vulnerable Restonians and neighbors willing and able to help them• Increase the dialogue among neighbors about how they can help each other in these situations• Leverage neighborhood connections to help make Reston a better place to live a lifetime
  2. 2. • Recent Storm Review• Available Resources – Marcelo Ferreira, Fairfax County Office of Emergency Management• Open Dialogue – What Can We Do To Make Reston Better Prepared
  3. 3. Derecho• Declared a State of Emergency by the Governor and Board of Supervisors• From June 29-July 6 power outages were over 230,000 across the county or approximately 55 percent of the county’s meters • 4 Deaths • 120 traffic intersections without power • Safety facilities without power • 40 Wastewater stations without power
  4. 4. Kona IceRefrigerator TruckStrike Force
  5. 5. Marcella Slides
  6. 6. What Next?• Technology• Neighbor to Neighbor Networks• Other Ideas
  7. 7.