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WeGotGreen Piggy in China


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Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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WeGotGreen Piggy in China

  1. 1. Coke in China
  2. 2. Figuring out where to go and what to see in Beijing-post Olympics
  3. 3. Elevators in China typically skip some floors-here the 13 th and 14 th are missing, plus what’s a negative 2 floor?
  4. 4. Getting a close look at the pet seal located in the hotel lobby, said to bite.
  5. 5. Posing with a beautiful display of fish.
  6. 6. Taking a rest in Beijing.
  7. 7. A wonderful restaurant in Beijing served great pork!
  8. 8. Little piggy made a pig of himself at Jin Ya Du
  9. 9. Outside the Cloisonné Factory in Beijing where we had a tour of the exquisite pottery being made.
  10. 10. Studying some beautiful jade carvings at the Cloisonné Factory shop and museum.
  11. 11. Riding the cable car up the mountain outside of Beijing.
  12. 12. The breathtaking view of the Great Wall of China.
  13. 13. So many tourists come to climb the Great Wall.
  14. 14. The Great Wall of China
  15. 15. A magnificent tiger carving. Piggy was allowed to cross the red barrier ropes for a quick photo.
  16. 16. A Terra-Cotta warrior replica carving too cool to pass up.
  17. 17. The monument outside of Mao’s shrine at Tiananmen Square.
  18. 18. Posing with a new friend at Tiananmen Square with Mao Zedong’s picture, the leader of the Cultural Revolution.
  19. 19. 2008 Beijing Olympic souvenirs too hard to pass up.
  20. 20. The Forbidden City was massive with intricate roof designs signifying the level of royalty inside. Here you see piggy posing with the other creatures on the roof.
  21. 21. Reading a map to navigate through the Forbidden City.
  22. 22. Peering inside a large pot used to heat water in ancient times. It was previously covered in cold, but Japanese military occupants scraped all the gold off with their beyonets.
  23. 23. Piggy was a hit in China, and here he poses with a fan.