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Social Media Breakfast - Planning


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Social Media Breakfast - Planning

  1. 1. Sponsors
  2. 2. Vision for SMBCMNThe place local marketers and business ownerscome to be inspired and learn what is working and not working to build their business.
  3. 3. Ready to Get Started? Hashtag: #smbcmn Wireless Access
  4. 4. What will help me in 2013? Develop a Plan!
  5. 5. 1. How do you develop your plan2. What does a plan look like3. How do you organize your plan4. How do you execute your plan Agenda
  6. 6. Start with an existing plan:Do you have a marketing plan? Manysmall businesses and organizationsdon’t.Others don’t communicate well or havenot thought to include social media. How do you do that?
  7. 7. If starting from scratch, take a lookat what you did in 2012. How do you do that?
  8. 8. Define Your Target Market
  9. 9. Keep Start StopGain Feedback from Staff
  10. 10. Core Questions We Asked1. Why did you hire Vivid Image in the first place?2. Do you feel you received what Vivid Image promised to deliver? Why/why not?3. What is one thing we could improve upon or could have done differently for you?4. What is one thing you appreciated most about working with us through the process?5. Would you recommend Vivid Image to others? Is there anything else you would have to say about doing business with us? Obtain Feedback from Clients
  11. 11. Bonus Questions: Depending upon your relationship with your clientand how the questioning process is going, these are two more greatquestions to include:1. Can you tell me about three other companies that you love (doing business with)?2. If Vivid Image was no longer in business to serve you, what phrase would you type in your search engine to find a replacement for us? Obtain Feedback from Clients
  12. 12.
  13. 13. What does the plan look like
  14. 14. A simple personal plan can behelpful with or without a business marketing plan. Personal Plan
  15. 15. Instead of Resolutions 1. Pick three words that will help you define your goals and experiences for the coming year: Clarity, Experience, Growth • Matt – Create, Motivate, Dominate. • Lara – Simplify, Inspire, Connect. • Alex- Focus, Create, Smile. • Nick – Momentum, Ship, Scalability. 2. Write your definition of those three words. Make them clear. 3. Create One Monthly Challenge with a Daily RecipePersonal Planning
  16. 16. Running Challenge
  17. 17. 15 Minutes a Day to Harness the Power of LinkedIn Monday: Make Connections Tuesday: Ask Questions Wednesday: Answer Questions Thursday: Gratitude Friday: Grow LinkedIn 30 Day Challenge
  18. 18. Your plan does not need to be complex Beth’s Story
  19. 19. Intoxicating Blog Posts
  20. 20. SMART GoalsSocial Media and Goals
  21. 21. How do you organize your plan?
  22. 22. Calendar
  23. 23. Social Media Package: Advanced/Premium Social
  24. 24. • Communicate with everyone at your organization. The biggest failure indicator is having someone who isn’t aware of the plan and what you are trying to accomplish.• Set very clear expectations when you need others to contribute and help execute the plan. Communication and Expectations
  25. 25. • Clearly define what things you need to learn ‘better’• Define what you can learn that you don’t know• Locate resources to draw upon• Use your support and help; social media facilitates this. Get Support
  26. 26. How do you execute you plan?
  27. 27. • Bring everything together that you’ve collected, sorted, and organized into a cohesive plan of attack to reach your goal. Execute Your Plan
  28. 28. TOOL: Quick Start GuideExecute Your Plan
  29. 29. • Somebody (at least one person) has to be accountable to work the plan and make it happen. While help is wonderful, it still comes down to one person. Get too busy to blog or don’t make your fan page a priority and there isn’t any value to your target market. Social Media and Goals
  30. 30. 1. Go to and post your comments about this session.2. Download notes, videos, and more on this event early next week.3. Invite a friend or business colleague to next months session.4. Get involved in organizing these breakfasts – sent an email to or call 320-587-8974. Next Steps