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Crafting a persuasive marketing message presentation creative mind consulting


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Crafting a persuasive marketing message presentation creative mind consulting

  1. 1. Jane Neumiller-Bustad President & Chief Marketing Officer Creative Mind Consulting LinkedIn link Facebook link Sit next to a new person, someone you don't know
  2. 2. (the right) Strategy + (the right) Content = Persuasive Marketing Message
  3. 3. Recipe: for a Persuasive Marketing Message  Ingredients: − Marketing strategic planning − Content strategy − Content creation − Creativity − Fresh approach − Feedback − Revisions and re-cycling − Accuracy, grammar, spelling, the details
  4. 4. What's a Content Strategy & Why Do I Need One? “The web, social and mobile revolutions have changed the world connecting all of us...enabling the seamless flow of instant information. We are all now the most popular and trusted source of news and information for each other.” “In short, your content has to be awesome. It has to be truly helpful. It cannot be about you. It has to be about your customers’ wants and needs.” Michael Brenner, Vice President of SAP Global Marketing
  5. 5. Content is....  Website content  Blog posts  Videos  Podcasts  Stories  Jokes  Contests  Drawings/paintings  Social media postings  Newsletters  Photos  Poems  White papers  Fact sheets  Brochures  Tip sheets  Cartoons  Music  Book chapters  Etc.
  6. 6. Define, please.... Content is any created or shared output of the human creative spirit, shared via the Internet or other mediums. Ideally, content tells a story
  7. 7. Who Is Your Audience?
  8. 8. What Do They Want?  What are their problems?  Needs  Concerns?  Joys?  Worries?  Turning points?  Celebrations?  Challenges?
  9. 9. Personas (Personae, if you like)
  10. 10. I'm from Missouri.... (no, not really, but you get the idea)
  11. 11. Messaging Table Target Audience Needs, Wants & Concerns Identifying Characteristics/ Demographics Angle/ Messaging Hockey parents  Help their child develop better hockey, teamwork, and leadership skills  Want their child to have a positive camp experience  Wants more than “just hockey” skills at camp  Wants to develop positive attitudes in their child  Parents with children in hockey  Married, disposable income  Children in hockey, between the ages of 8 and 12  Live in eastern Twin Cities metro  Have transportation  Puts an emphasis on character development in their children  “Hockey skills = life skills”  “Hockey is more than just a sport”  Give your child a safe, fun week at hockey camp this summer  Our camp – hockey and more!  Character, skills, friendships – all in one week
  12. 12. “I define it as the mindset, culture and approach to delivering your customer’s information needs in all the places they are searching for it, across each stage of the buying process. It is a strategic approach to managing content as an asset, with a quantifiable ROI.” Michael Brenner, Vice President of SAP Global Marketing
  13. 13. If I were a white paper, how many different uses could you find for me?
  14. 14. The Wonderful World of Opportunity...
  15. 15. Tips and Reminders  It's not about you  What's your favorite radio station?  HOW many marketing messages a day?  It's not about “promotion,” it's about solving your customer's problems  Double check spelling and grammar  Consistency – website, printed materials, etc.