The Ambassador Advantage


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The Ambassador Energy Advantage

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The Ambassador Advantage

  1. 1. Welcome to the Ambassador Energy Revolution! R l ti ! Ambassador Energy iis a uniquely scalable solar energy solutions A b d E i l l bl l l ti company which bridges user demand with evolving technologies through our nationwide network of independent offices - Ambassador Energy-certified Agencies. These “Earth Ambassadors” have gy g completed AE training and are a part of the AE closed distribution family, receiving continuous branding, marketing, business, sales, purchasing and installation support. We invite you to play a vital role in changing the climates of our world y p y g g
  2. 2. Why is the Ambassador Energy offering so accepted? Benefits Features Ambassador Energ enables its Earth Energy Ambassador Energ ’s proprietar Energy’s proprietary Ambassador agents to thrive. They Energy Roadmap delivers all of the become a part of an industry-leading tools to meet and beat the corporate platform which not only competition: provides the roadmap, but also, the •Ambassador Energy Branding processes and materials necessary for •AE disti product pricing success. •Proprietary tools and training •Access to AE’s network of installers By working with Ambassador Energy, •Professional marketing materials •Strategic alliances smaller agencies appear more robust, •Support and mentoring ultimately winning more business, and large organizations gain a turnkey MISSION STATEMENT process to immediately add to their Providing renewable energy training and solutions, Ambassador Energy personifies passion for continuous education, creative thinking and courageous solutions which are education portfolios. f li changing the world, thus benefiting the shareholders of our company, and ultimately, the shareholders of our planet Earth. 2
  3. 3. The Ambassador Energy offering Marketing Competitive Edge Training Nationally Branded Volume Pricing Sales & Quoting Image Public Relations P bli R l ti Priority Distribution System Design Collateral Materials Rebates & Proprietary Software Incentives Turnkey Website Engineering Hands-on System Solutions Resources Build Marketing Tools & National Installer Continuing Best Practices Network Education Shared Case Studies Strategic Technology beyond & Testimonials Partnerships Solar 3
  4. 4. How does Ambassador Energy support its Agencies? Branding/Marketing Best of Breed processes  Mentoring and Coaching and product Continuous Training Continuous Field Support (after initial training,  (after initial training, ( h i ll h l i h fi (physically help with first  revisit or send new  install) employees) 4
  5. 5. The Pain – The Race Nowhere, including the current distribution model can emerging integrators find in a 1-stop-shop: •business mentoring •leveraged national branding •brand agnostic product distribution •brand-agnostic •on-going training •best of breed education •support beyond product, including sales and business coaching By all accounts, the current distribution model is broken, with no on-going business, non-product based support or specific vesting in the success of the downstream supplier/integrator. li /i t t 5
  6. 6. The Cure Ambassador Energy is a partner to our downstream integrators, providing, providing in a nut-shell support well-beyond product purchase nut shell, well beyond purchase. We are vested in the success of our Ambassador Energy Agency family, deriving g y, g great satisfaction in the fruits of their labor. We are personally and professionally proud of being a part of successes in this emerging industry. The success stories from them are many and a reward in themselves. The on-going, collective success of our agencies feeds the ability to, through recruitment and growth, positively affect more entrepreneurs and families while growing the returns for AE families, corporate and our shareholders. 6
  7. 7. Skin in th Ski i the game Ambassador Energy’s leaders have invested: • Capital • Time - When the need for the Ambassador Energy offering revealed itself in 2007, 2007 principles in the company began their due diligence which lead to this well-developed offering. Real field, sales and installation experience resulted in the ability to jump-start our clients (agencies), so that they may achieve success in record speed As in all revolutions time is critical Speed to market speed. revolutions, critical. is the silver bullet. • Expertise – the leadership of Ambassador Energy has dedicated a collective ten years to understanding the technology and the marketplace of the solar revolution. You do not have to invest or hire employees, as you leverage our expertise into your business. 7
  8. 8. Ambassador Energy Summary There currently exists a tremendous demand for effective renewable energy companies, who recognize, in most situations, revenues generating relatively high-margin income. On average, renewable energy companies which offer installation services, can expect to achieve 20-30% gross margins. This d to Thi lleads t a substantiall amount of operating iincome which may b used to expand marketing b t ti t f ti hi h be dt d k ti efforts, recruiting endeavors and further drive sales. The most significant asset for Ambassador Energy is its brand recognition, which is becoming known nationally and is associated with our core philosophy of acting as “Ambassadors to the Earth”. Our Ambassadors Earth . culture of doing the right thing for all end-users is enhancing individual property valuations, changing lives through our agency program and changing the world one system at a time. Other companies will attempt to offer similar services to that of Ambassador Energy; therefore we are engaged iin a very aggressive marketing campaign, hi hli hti our vision. Marketing and press d i k ti i highlighting i i M k ti d currently in place include: • Keeping America Strong Award – presented by William Shatner and Rear Admiral Kevin Delaney • Heartbeat of America – 30 minute television program hosted by William Shatner and Doug Lewellen p g y g • CNN television spot running in 48,000 airport terminals nationwide • Speaking on Solar at International Roofing Show in New Orleans Feb 2010 • Interview on American Airlines Business and Technology Radio • Featured on upcoming television show Going Green • 100’s of press releases and media mentions 8