2012 mazda raceway backgrounder


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2012 Raceway and major events backgrounder

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2012 mazda raceway backgrounder

  1. 1. Each year Mazda Raceway Laguna Secais one of the premier tourist destinationsfor visitors to Monterey County. The world-renowned track hosts events rangingfrom MotoGP motorcycles, to Historicautomobiles, to American Le Mans Seriessports cars to the 1st ever West Coastrunning of the Porsche Rennsport ReunionThese major events attract hundreds ofthousands of visitors and are watched bymillions of television viewers across NorthAmerica and around the world.
  2. 2. Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca is offeringSponsors Insurance the opportunity to usethe many brand advertising, marketing,and promotional tactics it activates throughthe year to include Sponsors Insurance,the focal point being a partner of MazdaRaceway Laguna Seca.
  3. 3. Goals of Our Strategic Partnerships Grow the our sponsors business in Monterey County and throughout California through a relationship with Mazda Raceway Build a strong and loyal brand association with Mazda Raceway’s entire fan base Associate our sponsor’s name and brand with California’s largest and most exciting motorsports venues
  4. 4. 2012 MAJOR EVENTS – Ferrari Racing Days Red Bull U.S. Grand Prix May 18-20American Le Mans Monterey July 27-29 ~ Attend. 22,000 May 11-12 ~ Attend. 140,000 ~ Attend. 57,000 Continental Tires Sports Rolex Monterey Car Festival Motorsports Reunion Sept. 7-9 August 16-19 ~ Attend. 25,000 ~ Attend. 49,000
  5. 5. Official Partner ofMazda RacewayLaguna Seca
  6. 6. Official Partnership Rights Sponsors shall have the right to utilize the Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca (MRLS) name and logo in advertising and promotional materials Sponsors shall have an integrated rights package to include on-site and on-line branding, media tie-in’s and event related presence Sponsors logo shall be integrated into selected annual and Event related marketing materials and promotional items
  7. 7. Building Brand Equity Official & Exclusive partnerships of the 2012 Events. Exclusive partnerships ensure that no other competitive business shall be involved in signage, promotions, advertising or business opportunities associated with the raceway during these Events. Official & Exclusive partners receive name and logo recognition on selected in-market Event promotional programs, print, radio and television advertising, Event posters, collaterals and sales materials. Official & Exclusive partners receive recognition on selected written materials, announcements and throughout the official website. Official & Exclusive partners receive a comprehensive Event signage package focus on the national television coverage.
  8. 8. AdvertisingBrand visibility and exposure through selected pre-event measured-media through the following:  Television – National schedule purchased with SPEED Channel; local partnership with MY11 Monterey; other schedules purchased in San Francisco, San Jose and Sacramento for selected events  Radio – Schedules purchased with stations from Santa Barbara to Chico, with heavy concentration in Monterey County, and for selected events San Francisco, San Jose, and Sacramento  Print – Full-page 4-color ads purchased with national publications including Forbes, Cycle World, and Road & Track  Online – Geo-targeted schedules purchased with sites that deliver core motorcycle and automobile enthusiasts, including: SPEEDTV.com, CycleNews.com, etc.
  9. 9. Delivering Brand ImpressionsDominant high-profile facility branding for optimal television and fanexposure and during the Events • Exclusive television branded corners and bridges • High traffic fan areas • Event souvenir program • NEW Video Scoring Trylon
  10. 10. Signage Branding Examples Pedestrian Bridge’s Turn 2 Corner Television Billboard Turn 11 Track Barrier Signs & Pit Row Suite Fascia Signs
  11. 11. On-Site Customer ActivationTake advantage of our unique fan base by activating your partnershipon-site in our Yamaha Marketplace exhibitor area by giving our fansthe opportunity to experience your product/service first-handDirect contact and access to more than 450,000 fans annually • Exhibitor areas at Events for product services demonstrations, customer information gathering or promotional contact use
  12. 12. Taking It To The StreetsActivate your partnership in the market through Event drivenpromotions and media tours  Event in-market promotional programs, inclusive of your name and logo • Sportbike Nights on the Peninsula • Moto Concourso – Downtown Monterey *Event promotions may change in design or location during the planning process. Event will be the primary focus of all in-market activities
  13. 13. Market-Wide Cross-PromotionsAs Example:Mazda, Red Bull and Save Mart/LuckyA month prior to the 2011 Red Bull U.S. GrandPrix, Mazda, Red Bull and Save Mart/Luckyteamed up on an enter-to-win contest for onelucky fan to start up a brand new 2010 Mazda 6 atthe 2009 Red Bull U.S. Grand PrixThis promotion took place in over 202 SaveMart/Lucky locations in California with over 500pieces of POS displays, chain wideOver 20,000 fans entered-to-win, with acombined market growth of 75% for all threecontributing businesses compared to last year
  14. 14. VIP AccessReceive VIP access to get an up-close and personal feel of our events by beingable to go behind the scenes and on-track of all the entertainment for the EventsGeneral Admission 3-Day tickets with Paddock access and Grandstand seating, for the Events for promotional or staff useVIP Pit Tours for guests • A behind the scenes looks at the adrenaline pumping machinery on-trackNumerous Corporate Hospitality OptionsVIP Representatives shall have the opportunity to participate in Pace Car “Hot Laps” during intermissions at the event • Use for subscription sweepstakes or promotional contest winners • Drive fans to your booth on Friday and Saturday for a chance to win a Hot Lap on Sunday • Generate names and e-mail database
  15. 15. Digital Scoring Trylon Grand Prix Package  Three (3) 10’x30’ full digital videoboard displays  Viewable throughout the Raceway
  16. 16. Online Brand ExposureUnique target-specific and measurable online mediaopportunities through MazdaRaceway.com and TheCorkscrew Newsletter The Corkscrew Newsletter • 40,000+ subscribers with 30% average open rate • Special product coupon tie-in with retail partners • Special Event promotional offer with product purchase Mazda Raceway’s official website • 66,000 unique visitors per month, 1,400,000 page views per month, 5,100,000 hits per month • Newly developed fan-friendly interactive design • Targeting geographically and auto, motorcycle and race enthusiasts
  17. 17. Lead Generation Event Space  The Sponsors and Mazda Raceway may partner in an on site promotion to generate new leads and drive secondary traffic to their website  Event Booth Space ranges from 10’x10’ to 20’x30’  As example of an on-site promotion: • Fans will be asked to name the Winner of the 2011 Red Bull U.S. Grand Prix along with name, address and email • The second half of the card shall direct entries to the website to check results as you may hot have to be present to win • Mazda Raceway shall provide the VIP ticket package for the 2012 Red Bull U.S. Grand PrixExhibit Space Pricing based on 10’x20’Grand-Am $875Red Bull U.S. Grand Prix $2,850Rolex Reunion $2,000American Le Mans $1,375
  18. 18. General EventDemographics
  19. 19. Who We Are Centered between San Jose’s high-tech Silicon Valley, one of racings most prestigious Destination Locations—the Monterey Peninsula and one of the nations leading agriculture industries: the Salinas Valley Global media and fan reach through the American Le Mans Series, MotoGP World Championships, Rolex Grand-Am Series and the Rolex Monterey Historic Automobile Races Annual race event attendance in excess of 480,000 fans Over 350 days of track use annually 2.9 million persons in Northern California consider themselves motorsports fans 71% of visitors to the Raceway are from California More than 27% of visitors are from Southern California
  20. 20. Primary Ticket Buying Base San Jose, Monterey Southern California (Greater Los Angeles area) San Francisco Area Sacramento CountyThe Average distance traveled to the race is 218 miles
  21. 21. Gender & Marital Status Male = 64% Female = 36% Single = 37% Married = 54% Widowed/Divorced/Separated = 9%
  22. 22. Age Group 18-24 = 19% 25-34 = 31% 35-49 = 25% 50-64 = 18% 65+ = 7%
  23. 23. Education Level High School or less = 15% Some College = 29% College Graduate/Post Graduate = 46% (Almost 1.5 times the national average)
  24. 24. Family Income Under $20,000 = 8% $20,000 – $29,999 = 11% $30,000 – $39,999 = 15% $40,000 – $49,999 = 11% $50,000 – $74,999 = 26% $75,000 and over = 21%Average Annual Income = $54,470(National average $36,000)
  25. 25. Average Spending Average amount spent at the race per fan = $83.00 per day (Does not include cost of race tickets)
  26. 26. A Strategic Sponsorship Opportunity presented by Steve Fields