Jamcracker intro and enterprise overview


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The Jamcracker Platform is a comprehensive services delivery and lifecycle management solution that aggregates all cloud services – public and/or private – within an enterprise and provides a central point of control, enabling enterprise IT departments to become their own cloud service brokers.

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Jamcracker intro and enterprise overview

  1. 1. Consolidating Cloud Service Sprawl across the Enterprise<br />Unifying Cloud Services<br />Delivery & Management with the Jamcracker Platform, Enterprise Edition<br />Steve Crawford<br />VP Marketing and<br />Business Development<br />
  2. 2. Agenda<br />About: Jamcracker at a Glance<br />Issue: Enterprise Cloud Service Sprawl<br />Solution: Jamcracker Platform for Enterprises<br />Overview<br />Use-Case Scenarios<br />Key Features & Benefits<br />Background: Existing customer examples<br />
  3. 3. Jamcracker Unifies Cloud Services<br />Founded in 2000 by K.B. Chandrasekhar (Previously founded Exodus Communications)<br />Privately held with 200+ employees<br />Offices in US, Europe and India<br />Proven Platform, deployed globally<br />Jamcracker unifies the aggregation, delivery and management of hybrid cloud services.<br />
  4. 4. What We’re Announcing<br />What: <br />Jamcracker Platform, Enterprise Edition<br />Why: <br />Decentralized adoption of cloud service within Enterprises is causing Cloud Services Sprawl<br />Casting a shadow on IT’s ability to manage compliance and control<br />How: <br />Jamcracker Platform, Enterprise Edition, unifies delivery & management of private/public cloud services<br />Proven platform leverages 10 years of development and market experience<br />
  5. 5. Cloud Services Sprawl in Enterprises<br />As Clouds are adopted in an ad-hoc fashion… <br />Public Clouds<br />In the Enterprise<br />…Enterprise IT risks losing control.<br />Line-of-Business<br />IT Admin<br />Departments / Functional Roles<br />SaaS<br />IaaS<br />PaaS<br />Individual Employees<br />Firewall<br />
  6. 6. Causes Loss of Control for IT<br />Fragmented IT poses a challenge for achieving end-to-end Visibility and Control <br />IT Admin<br />Department<br />Individual<br />Function<br />End-Users<br />Applications<br />Public<br />Clouds<br />ERP<br />PLM<br />SCM<br />Email<br />CRM<br />Conferencing<br />Apps<br />SaaS<br />Business Apps<br />Productivity Apps<br />Web Services<br />Dev & Test Cloud<br />Platforms<br />Development Environments<br />Middleware<br />PaaS<br />Internal<br />External<br />External Infrastructure<br />VM<br />VM<br />Infrastructure<br />IaaS<br />Hybrid<br />Infrastructure<br />Hypervisor<br />Mainframe <br />Client/ Server<br />Virtualized Infrastructure<br />
  7. 7. Consolidating Control & Compliance<br />Admin & Reporting<br />Compliance & Audit<br />CIO<br />IT Admin<br />SSO & Role-based authorization<br />Metering & Chargeback<br />Helpdesk & Support<br />Department<br />Individual<br />Function<br />End - Users<br />Self-service & provisioning<br />Catalogue Management<br />Applications<br />Public<br />Clouds<br />ERP<br />PLM<br />SCM<br />Email<br />CRM<br />Conferencing<br />SaaS<br />Business Apps<br />Productivity Apps<br />Aggregation & Federation<br />Web Services<br />Dev & Test Cloud<br />Platforms<br />Development Environments<br />Middleware<br />PaaS<br />Internal<br />External<br />External Infrastructure<br />VM<br />VM<br />Infrastructure<br />IaaS<br />Hybrid<br />Infrastructure<br />Hypervisor<br />Mainframe <br />Client/ Server<br />Virtualized Infrastructure<br />
  8. 8. With Unified Delivery & Management<br />CIO<br />IT Admin<br />Unified Cloud Services Delivery and Management<br />Department<br />Individual<br />Function<br />End - Users<br />Applications<br />Public<br />Clouds<br />ERP<br />PLM<br />SCM<br />Email<br />CRM<br />Conferencing<br />SaaS<br />Business Apps<br />Productivity Apps<br />Web Services<br />Dev & Test Cloud<br />Platforms<br />Development Environments<br />Middleware<br />PaaS<br />Internal<br />External<br />External Infrastructure<br />VM<br />VM<br />Infrastructure<br />IaaS<br />Hybrid<br />Infrastructure<br />Hypervisor<br />Mainframe <br />Client/ Server<br />Virtualized Infrastructure<br />
  9. 9. Catalogue Management<br />Self-Service fulfillment<br />Service and User Provisioning<br />Authentication, Authorization & Access Control<br />IT Admin<br />User and Service Administration<br />Reporting and Auditing<br />Helpdesk Ticketing & Support<br />Billing Settlement Metering & Chargeback<br />Jamcracker Platform<br />Complete Cloud-Services Lifecycle Management<br />Enterprise Integration Toolkit<br />Cloud Services Integration Toolkit<br />Standards-based, Extensible Platform<br />Jamcracker Platform Architecture<br />
  10. 10. Services Integration<br />Public & Private Clouds<br />Enterprise Systems<br />Directory Servers<br />(LDAP or AD)<br />Billing & Accounting<br />Helpdesk & Support Ticketing Systems<br />Saas<br />Iaas<br />Paas<br />
  11. 11. Enterprise Services Catalogue<br />Jamcracker Services Catalogue - SaaS Offerings<br />Cloud Services<br />IT Services Security Communications Collaboration Mobility Applications<br />Public & Private<br />SaaS<br />PaaS<br />IaaS<br />Jamcracker Services Catalogue - IaaS and PaaS Offerings<br />The Jamcracker Platform<br />Corporate IT Admin<br />Enterprise <br />Regional IT Admin<br />Dept. IT Admin<br />Department<br />Line of Business<br />Function<br />GEO / Region<br />Sub-regions<br />Sub-departments<br />Sub-Organizations<br />Sub-Projects<br />
  12. 12. IT Admin Use Case<br />Service On-boarding &Catalogue Management<br />2<br />Automated Workflows<br />1<br />All Employees<br />Public &Private<br />Mktg. Dept<br />Acct. Dept <br />BillingWorkflow<br />Helpdesk / Support Workflow<br />ProvisioningWorkflow<br />IT Admin<br /> Billing & Chargebacks<br />Policy Enforcement & Auditing<br />3<br />5<br />Departments<br />Line-of-Business<br />Admin & Reporting<br />4<br />Metering & Billing<br />Centralized Access Control<br />Monitor<br />Reporting<br />
  13. 13. End-User Use Case<br />Catalogue Browsing<br />1<br />Self-Service fulfillment<br />2<br />View , Browse Catalogues of approved Internal/ Public Services<br />AutomatedWorkflow<br />Manual Approvals<br />Selected Services<br />Access & Authorization<br />Helpdesk, Ticketing & Support<br />3<br />4<br />Employee ID: 27056<br />Department: Marketing<br />Ticket Routing<br />Helpdesk console & Knowledgebase aggregation portal<br />
  14. 14. Jamcracker Solution Summary<br />Private/ Public Clouds<br />Enterprise Service<br />Catalogue<br />ITConsumers<br />Security/AAA<br />Employee<br />Department / LOB<br />Dept. XYZ Catalogue<br />Function<br />Sales & Marketing Service Catalogue<br />Unified Service Delivery and Management(inside or outside the firewall)<br />IT<br />Administrators<br />Iaas<br />Saas<br />Paas<br />Support<br />Development & Testing Catalogue<br />Reporting<br />Chargeback<br />
  15. 15. Platform Benefits<br />
  16. 16. Jamcracker Services Delivery Network<br />
  17. 17. Service Provider Marketplace<br />Jamcracker Partners<br />Telstra Partners<br />Core Services<br />Broadband<br />Hosting<br />Mobile<br />Networking<br />Voice<br />               Cloud Services Marketplace(s)<br />Enterprises<br />SMBs<br />Channels<br />Jamcracker Confidential & Proprietary<br />
  18. 18. IT Provider Partner Ecosystem<br />Next-Gen Devices<br />Mobile Phones<br />Applications<br />Fixed IP Phones<br />Marketplace 2.0<br />Desktops / Laptops<br />Search, Preview, and Transaction Hub<br />IP-enabled Systems<br />Partners<br />Xtended Enabled Networks<br />End-Users<br />
  19. 19. Thank You!<br />Steve Crawford<br />VP Marketing and<br />Business Development<br />