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Cloud services brokerages evaluating the business case


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Jamcracker presentation discusses the Cloud Services Brokerage model, and key factors to consider in evaluating the opportunity. Use-cases include communications and IT providers / distributors as well as enterprise IT organizations.

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Cloud services brokerages evaluating the business case

  1. 1. Cloud Services BrokeragesEvaluating the Business Case<br />Stephen Crawford<br />Vice President Marketing<br />& Business Development<br />
  2. 2. Cloud Services Brokerages (CSB)Evaluating the Business Case<br />Introducing Jamcracker<br />Understanding & Evaluating your CSB Business Case:<br />What is a CSB, and what are the business drivers?<br />Why should you consider the CSB model?<br />How can you become a CSB?<br />How should you go-to-market?<br />Why Jamcracker as your CSB enablement partner?<br />
  3. 3. Introducing Jamcracker<br />Founded in 1999(by Founder/CEO of Exodus Communications - IPO 1998 )<br />CSB Enablement Solution:<br />Proven Cloud Aggregation/Delivery Platform<br />Pre-integrated Ecosystem of 3rd party Cloud Providers<br />Established technologies & processes for new services on-boarding<br />Business Enablement Services – GTM consulting, support, managed services for hosting (option), operations, BD, vendor management<br />Privately held with ~250 employees<br />Headquartered in Silicon Valley<br />Development & Operations in India<br />Global Sales & Distribution Offices<br />‘Cool Vendor in Cloud Services Brokerages’(Gartner, 2011)<br />
  4. 4. Jamcracker is a CSB Enabler<br />Service Providers, Distributors, ISVs & Enterprise IT<br />Cloud Consumers<br />Cloud Providers<br />Enterprise<br />End-Users<br />SaaS<br />Operators<br />Cloud Services Brokerages<br />PaaS<br />Enabler<br />IaaS<br />SMBs<br />
  5. 5. Cloud Services Ecosystem<br />SaaS<br />IaaS<br />PaaS<br />Services Catalogue - SaaS Offerings<br />Cloud Services<br />IT Services Security Communications Collaboration Mobility Applications<br />Public & Private<br />Services Catalogue - IaaS and PaaS Offerings<br />
  6. 6. What is a Cloud Services Brokerage?<br />
  7. 7. First of all, let’s define ‘Cloud’<br />IT delivery model<br />IT as an elastic utility<br />Infrastructure & development<br />Applications & BPO services<br />Business model<br />Recurring vs. license fees<br />Customer stickiness<br />Predictable revenue streams<br />Usage model<br />Pay as you go<br />Scale up/down as needed<br />Focus on core competencies<br />Exponentially growing universe of services to choose from<br />IT Services Stack<br />BPO as a Service<br />Source: Forrester<br />
  8. 8. Cloud Adoption Growth<br />Cloud Spending by Category<br /> Cloud Market Opportunity 2012<br />CAGR<br />$69.1<br />2012<br />$55.3<br />27%<br />BPaaS<br />50%<br />$43.7<br />$34.2<br />SaaS<br />40%<br />PaaS<br />IaaS<br />SMB<br />LE<br />SMBs are ~50% of the total cloud opportunity, and 80% of the public cloud market.<br />Worldwide view across Large Enterprise and SMB<br />Source: IBM, IDC, CIO magazine, BCG analysis<br />
  9. 9. Let’s take a Customer ViewSMB Cloud Confusion<br />“I know that the big software companies are coming out with SaaS, but my business is too small to get even an email response from their sales websites.” <br />“It feels likeI have to educate myself a lot more about Cloud IT than I ever had to for the rest of my IT stuff.” <br />“I can find software for my business without turning round. There’s always a consultant or salesperson calling or in my office to sell me software and so-called ‘solutions.’ But I have to go looking for Cloud solutions and figure it all out myself. That’s a huge pain.”<br />“Our main IT provider is a reseller that builds their own software and makes it work for our business. He’s not going to tell me anything about Cloud or SaaS, because he’s not going to make any money off it.” <br />Source: Saugatech Survey of SMB CEOs<br />
  10. 10. ‘Cloud Sprawl’ in the Enterprise<br />Public Clouds<br />Enterprise<br />End-Users<br />Private Clouds<br />Line-of-Business<br />IT Org’s<br />Departments / Functional Roles<br />SaaS<br />IaaS<br />SaaS<br />SaaS<br />IaaS<br />SaaS<br />PaaS<br />Individual Employees<br />On-Prem Assets<br />Firewall<br />
  11. 11. Cloud Services Brokerage (CSB)<br />“The future of cloud computing will be permeated with the notion of brokers negotiating relationships between providers of cloud services and the service customers.” <br />
  12. 12. “By 2015, CSBs will represent the single-largest category of growth in cloud computing, moving from a sub - $1 billion market in 2010 to a composite market counted in thehundreds of billions of dollars”<br />“By 2015, the CSB vendor landscape will have grown from dozens to hundreds of providers”<br />- Darryl Plummer, Chief Analyst, Gartner<br />Hundred Billion $ Opportunity<br />
  13. 13. Why should you consider the CSB model?<br />
  14. 14. A Familiar Story in Mature Markets<br />Business Impact:<br /><ul><li>Commoditization
  15. 15. Declining Profits
  16. 16. Customer Churn
  17. 17. Market-share Loss</li></ul>Traditional<br />Competition<br />$<br />Core<br />Services<br />New<br />Services<br />Emerging<br />Competition<br />Customers<br />14<br />
  18. 18. CSB = Customer Retention & Growth<br /><ul><li> "T-Suite customers are 65 percent less likely to churn broadband services than broadband only customers."
  19. 19. "22 percent of T-Suite customers without a Telstra broadband service take up a Telstra broadband service within 12 months."
  20. 20. "Over half of T-Suite customers also bought multiple applications.”</li></ul>- Kate McKenzie, Chief Marketing Officer, Telstra<br />
  21. 21. CSB = Distribution for Cloud Providers<br />Cloud Providers<br />Service Providers<br />Services Creation<br /><ul><li>Content Expertise
  22. 22. Continuous Innovation
  23. 23. Key Issue: Customer Acquisition</li></ul>Services Delivery<br /><ul><li>Existing Customers
  24. 24. Established Offerings
  25. 25. Key Issue: Retention & Profitability</li></li></ul><li>CSB = Enterprise IT Control<br />Ad-hoc Cloud Adoption<br /><ul><li>Departmental / single purchases
  26. 26. Fragmented security / no policy control</li></ul>Coordinated Strategy<br /><ul><li>Cross-enterprise volume licensing
  27. 27. Centralized security / policy enforcement</li></ul>Unified Management<br /><ul><li>Audit employee usage, allocate costs
  28. 28. User and services administration</li></ul>Loss of Control<br /><ul><li>Limited visibility into true usage
  29. 29. Different tools for the same job</li></ul>IT Avoidance<br /><ul><li>Business users work around IT
  30. 30. Perception that IT slows the business</li></ul>IT as Enabler<br /><ul><li>Rapid enablement of new services
  31. 31. Strategic role – business optimization</li></ul>Tomorrow - Enterprise CSB<br />Today – Cloud Sprawl<br />
  32. 32. CSB Benefits – Summary<br />Service<br />Providers<br />CSB<br />CSB<br />ISVs<br />CSB<br />Distributors<br />CSB<br />SIs & Enterprises<br />
  33. 33. How can you become a CSB?<br />
  34. 34. CSB Reference Model<br />
  35. 35. CSB Enablement Architecture <br />
  36. 36. Enabling Segmentation & Distribution<br />End-User Roles<br />Admin Roles<br />Jamcracker Platform Instance<br />Service Provider<br />White-Labeled Master Marketplace(Service Provider / Master Catalog)<br />Platform / Super Admin<br />Master Reseller / Agent<br />…<br />Marketplace 1(Master Reseller Catalog)<br />Marketplace n(Master Reseller Catalog)<br />Marketplace Owner/Admin<br />Resellers <br />WebStore 1<br />WebStore 2<br />WebStore n<br />WebStore 1<br />WebStore 2<br />WebStore n<br />….<br />….<br />Webstore Admin <br />AdminPortal 1<br />AdminPortal 2<br />AdminPortal n<br />Users’Portal 1<br />Users’Portal 2<br />Users’Portal n<br />….<br />….<br />Customers<br />Customer Admin <br />Customer End-Users<br />
  37. 37. Protecting & Extending your Brand<br />IaaS<br />PaaS<br />Voice<br />Data<br />Cloud <br />Services<br />Core<br />Services<br />SaaS<br />Mobile<br />Services Onboarding<br />Service Provider<br />Branded<br />Marketplace<br />Services Aggregation<br />Billing and Settlement<br />The Jamcracker Platform<br />Reporting and Monitoring<br />Catalogue Management<br />Store Management<br />Reseller Branded<br />Portals (Optional)<br />ChannelEnablement<br />Services Delivery<br />SSO, User Management<br />SMBs / Enterprises<br />
  38. 38. How should you go to market as a CSB?<br />
  39. 39. CSB Sell-Through Statistics<br />Email & Collaboration Services lead year over year share-growth, followed by Security<br />Viewed by customers as natural extensions to CSPs’core offerings<br />Followed by Data Backup & Infrastructure<br />Sales rate reached ‘inflection point’ in 2010<br />Averaging ~%12.5 growth month-over-month<br />Aggregated across existing and net new CSBs<br />Established partners M2M sales growth >18%<br />Telcos gaining momentum with CSB model<br />Source: JSDN Aggregated Sell-Through Report, 2010<br />
  40. 40. Start with the Basics<br />Phased go-to-market, starting with basic services<br />Low-touch selling<br />Security, data backup, email<br />Product-line extensions = perceived credibility<br />Communications, collaboration, infrastructure<br />Set the stage for downstream go-to-market phases<br />Walk up the value-chain to higher margin application services<br />Offer multiple services across multiple categories<br />Shelf-space strategy = customer choice<br />Differentiate from ISV-centric marketplaces<br />Keep it fresh<br />Constant testing of bundles and new service offerings<br />
  41. 41. Preparing your GTM Plan<br />Segment your customer base to define service offerings as well as sales & marketing plan<br />Determine services that you can bundle with your existing offers<br />Net new customer acquisition & competitive displacement<br />Existing customer retention<br />Phase your launch – don’t try to boil the ocean<br />Make sure your organization is prepared<br />Sales incentive plan & training<br />Marketing programs<br />Customer support<br />Top-line executive buy-in<br />Market-test your offers and bundles<br />Pre-launch and post-launch<br />Dynamic market necessitates tight feedback loop<br />Never stop experimenting, modifying and adapting your offers<br />
  42. 42. Why should you consider Jamcrackeras your CSB enablement partner?<br />
  43. 43. Jamcracker’s Value to You<br />Proven cloud aggregation & delivery platform, deployed globally with tier 1 carriers, distributors and ISVs.<br />Rich ecosystem of pre-integrated cloud providers that you can distribute / resell.<br />Proven technologies and methodologies for services on-boarding, so you can create your own cloud partner cloud ecosystem.<br />Managed services that can enable you to get to market quickly and cost-effectively.<br />Flexible platform enables you to evolve to meet changing market conditions.<br />Over ten years of experience in enabling aggregated services delivery.<br />
  44. 44. Why Jamcracker?<br />“Jamcracker is emerging as the go-to choice for service providers that want to get to market quickly with value-added services delivery, without having to incur the expense of building their own delivery platform and negotiating dozens of new distribution agreements.”<br />- Caroline Chappell, Heavy Reading<br />“Providers who are on the verge of tapping the value of Internet (cloud computing) will see Jamcracker as a key enabler to connect the dots of cloud providers across all layers of the cloud stack.“<br />- Agatha Poon, Tier 1 Research<br />
  45. 45. “Jamcrackerhas long been a player as an application service provider and SaaS enabler, but now provides a deeper, richer opportunity for cloud brokerage. It delivers a service network that enables providers, partners and enterprises to interact and deliver robust cloud services.” <br />“Enterprises, service providers and cloud providers can all find something of value in Jamcracker's offerings. Customers can simplify a complex situation with a single-service network approach from Jamcracker.”<br />- Darryl Plummer, Chief Analyst, Gartner*<br />Why Jamcracker?<br />*”Cool Vendors in Cloud Services Brokerage,” Gartner, May 2011.<br />
  46. 46. Cloud Services BrokeragesEvaluating the Business CaseThank You!Contact:<br />Stephen Crawford<br />Vice President Marketing<br />& Business Development<br />