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Presentation to a delegation from Sweden connecting city renaissance, place branding, Manchester and our work at Creative Concern.

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120119 brunnsvik

  1. 1. people or pollution? stations or stationary?Great business needs great transport. Great business needs great transport.One chance, one choice for a £3billion One chance, one choice for a £3billioninvestment in our city’s future. investment in our city’s future.www.unitedcity.co.uk www.unitedcity.co.uk
  2. 2. Adapting the Landscape
  3. 3. Adapting the Landscape Connectio n Business Lifestyle Play Creativity Food Environment Energy Waterways Industrial sites to Other open land use – golf Registered and country parks Innovation zone Existing productive Waste management Underutilised and low be celebrated course, quarry, cemetery etc agricultural land intensity farmed open land Railways Delamere Forest Landscape icons Urban greening with biomass potential New employment location Settlements (public art) New forest farms Motorways National cycleways Mersey tidal power Post-panamax container Lower Mersey Basin Innovation cluster shipping terminal and major urban areas Regional cycleways Wind farm Manchester Shipping Housing site of more Mersey waterfront University expansion Areas with wind Canal port investment than 200 dwellings farm potential New leisure destinations Mersey Gateway Major mixed-use scheme from industrial sites suspension bridge Country houses and estates Country parks on former industrial sites Current and future landscape potential Newlands Mapping by Urban Practitioners and URS Corporation Additional design by Creative Concern
  4. 4. Tourism campaignsActs as a driver for image; share Shared themes, storylines and Gets you on the radar; sets the campaign tactics and themes campaign tactics context for visits and promotion Place brand & image Supporting an urban Confidence & community Housing market renewal renaissance cohesion
  5. 5. Essence Solution Topography ContourHomeConnectionCommunityBeautyTransition
  6. 6. The ‘Contour’ graphic is intended as a fluidstructure open to change and should not bethought of as a single static artwork. It may bemodified to suit the environment in which it isused. Any development of the graphic musthowever remain true to the original characterand style of the illustration.
  7. 7. Brand applicationThree uses:A flag under which we march;a destination or gateway marker; anda sign of quality. This is a draft document for consultation only, not for distribution. This is a draft document for consultation only, not for distribution.
  8. 8. What next, for the city that would make all others old fashioned?
  9. 9. If a city designs a new logo, crafts a newstrapline, or launches a new advertising campaignthen four times out of five you could see it as acry for help; a civic flare gun being fired intomurky international skies.Manchester is following a different course, onethat is about new ways of thinking and about ashared vision and shared values.
  10. 10. Pre-requisites Presence Anholt CityPeople Place Brands Index Pulse Potential
  11. 11. “What next for the city that wouldmake all others old fashioned, ifnot obsolete?”
  12. 12. A journey, fromCottonopolis toIdeopolis.
  13. 13. The foundations of acity renaissance.
  14. 14. The next big leap forthe UK’s productivity.
  15. 15. BuildingManchester’sknowledge capital.
  16. 16. Connectivity, contextand the infrastructurefor growth.
  17. 17. BOHO, and whydiversity equalsprosperity.
  18. 18. From Michelangelo to theHappy Mondays:Manchester’s culturalcapital.
  19. 19. Creating asustainable future forthe city.
  20. 20. ThinkWhat makes a place a good place to live?
  21. 21. space community homeseducation W jobs & economy connections health leisure
  22. 22. The real storyWythenshawe is a good place to live