Using social media for journalism


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These are slides for a workshop for the Farmington Daily Times.

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Using social media for journalism

  1. 1. Using social media for journalism Steve Buttry Bennington Banner March 18, 2013
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  3. 3. Ways to use social media• Daily routine• Find sources• Breaking news• Crowdsourcing• Investigative reporting• Distribute content
  4. 4. Great for promotion, but also …• Great for reporting• Find story ideas• Crowdsource• Join the conversation (reply, retweet, ask questions)
  5. 5. • Many more users • Great for breaking• Much info private news• Tougher to search • Great real-time (but search just search changed) • Engagement not as• Not as immediate intrusive• Engage, don’t • Hashtags help w/ intrude search, conversation
  6. 6. Personal vs. professional use• Separate accounts OK but not necessary• Always behave professionally, even on private accounts• Be personable on pro accounts• Presume boss will see all posts• Don’t bore pro audience
  7. 7. • Connect w/ sources (balance, disclosure?)• Check pages of agencies, people on beat• Crowdsourcing (ask on their pages as well as yours)• Look for people in the news• Ask for permission to use photos
  8. 8. Options for journalists:• Use personal FB account, all or most public• Journalist page• Personal account, enable subscriptions (decide which updates are public)
  9. 9. Engagement issues for newsroom pages:• Images engage better than updates (put link in text)• Not allowed to post AP photos (thumbnails OK)• Questions engage• Frame the debate
  10. 10. 2 things that help most• Post photos, not updates• Start conversations (not headlines)
  11. 11. • Important for search• Find sources• Connect w/ sources in Circles• Interview by video Hangouts• Livestream Hangouts on YouTube
  12. 12. • Do agencies, people on beat use?• Watch for public videos getting attention (will often see links, mentions on Twitter)• Search for videos to use in stories• Embed in stories, blogs
  13. 13. • Growing swiftly• Users share (pin, re-pin) visual content• 80% of users are women• Heavy use for food, fashion, travel• Embeddable• How might you use?
  14. 14. Pottstown Mercury wanted posters• 58% increase in arrests on outstanding warrants• 1,218 followers• Post to Facebook, too (bigger audience than Pinterest)
  15. 15. • Do agencies on beat post photos?• Search for keywords, photos, hashtags• Invite people to contribute photos• Connect w/ people posting photos• Seek permission (check conditions)• Give credit
  16. 16. • “Mayor” may be good source about an org or venue (employee or customer)• See who has checked in for event or breaking news story• Tips might provide questions for stories• Break story w/ Foursquare “shout”
  17. 17. • Connect with sources• Find new sources through connections, groups• Discussions help find experts• Check updates, slides, travel• Search by location & keyword
  18. 18. What is curation?Museum curator: Journalism curator:• Studies topic • Studies topic• Chooses relevant • Chooses relevant content (other content (social sources & museum media, blogs, staff) collection) • Authenticates• Authenticates • Groups related items• Groups related items • Provides context• Provides context • Presents collected• Presents exhibit content
  19. 19. • Curate tweets, FB updates, videos, photos• Can be main story or social media sidebar• Easy to group related items, write text for lead, transitions• Can embed in article template
  20. 20. Geofeedia• Gathers social media reports around a particular location automatically• DFM training just started• Available to help Bennington: Ivan Lajara
  21. 21. Social fame is fleeting
  22. 22. Ethical issues• Identify yourself as a journalist w/ Bennington Banner• Behave professionally on personal accounts• Be personable on pro accounts• Verify facts• Discuss whether opinion is appropriate
  23. 23. Read more about it••• @stevebuttry••