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Twitter For Journalists


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This is the presentation for my "Twitter for Journalists" workshop. For the accompanying handout, check my blog:

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Twitter For Journalists

  1. Twitter for Journalists<br />@stevebuttry<br />Gazette Communications<br />July 9, 2009<br />
  2. If you’re new to Twitter<br />Handout for this session has links to vocabulary and “Getting Started” advice and advice for your first week<br />See me for individual coaching<br />
  3. How do you use Twitter?<br />
  4. What should I tweet about?<br />Link to a new blog post, story, video, photo<br />Retweet (with a comment) a link from a colleague<br />Reply to someone from your community<br />Tweet an unfolding story<br />Tweet something insightful or funny<br />
  5. Linking with Twitter<br />Use compressed links:,,,, etc.<br />Write a headline or a comment; give tweeps a reason to click<br />Credit<br />
  6. People to follow<br />Look for sources (find people)<br />Ask sources<br />Journalists in other communities<br />When someone follows you, check out to see whether you should follow back<br />When you follow someone, check whom they follow<br />
  7. Journalism academics to follow<br />@jayrosen_nyu<br />@jeffjarvis<br />@macloo (Mindy McAdams)<br />@sreenet (SreeSreenivasan)<br />@wmacphail (Wayne MacPhail)<br />@davidwestphal<br />@suebb (Sue Burzynski Bullard)<br />
  8. Journalism bloggers to follow<br />@ryansholin<br />@paulbradshaw<br />@michelemclellan<br />@robertniles<br />@agahran (Amy Gahran)<br />@mthomps (Matt Thompson)<br />@sdkstl (Staci Kramer)<br />
  9. Reporters to follow<br />@rsylvester (Ron Sylvester, Wichita Eagle)<br />@DM_in_the_PM (Daniel P. Finney, Des Moines Register)<br />@bydanielvictor (Harrisburg Patriot-News)<br />@tonymess (Tony Messenger, St. Louis Post-Dispatch)<br />
  10. Ways to use Twitter<br />Follow people on the beat (put their feeds on beatblog)<br />Crowdsource (“Does anyone know anything about …?”) <br />Story ideas (ask, monitor chat)<br />Connect with eyewitnesses<br />Drive traffic to blog posts, stories<br />Helps you write tight<br />
  11. Examples from one day in Iowa<br />Click trends<br />Search hashtag #iagaymarriage<br />@tdorman from Supreme Court, press conference<br />@DM_in_the_PM from rally<br />@dianeheldt from court<br />
  12. Twitter’s value in breaking newsnot happening in Iran, Mumbai <br />Emergency landing of flight from CID<br />DC Metro crash<br />@jkrums on Hudson emergency landing<br />@2drinksbehind on Denver plane crash<br />Fargo flooding<br />@MissRFTC on California earthquake<br />
  13. Twitter twists<br />Tweetbeep & Tweetscan<br />Facebook app<br />Publish2<br />TweetDeck (& other apps)<br />Twtpoll<br />
  14. Ethical considerations<br />How do you identify yourself?<br />Separate personal and professional Twitter feeds?<br />How do you verify?<br />What language is acceptable (WTF)?<br />What, if any, opinions are OK?<br />
  15. Now some advice from your peers<br />My Twitter stream<br />Search for hashtag #journtips<br />Search for terms<br />CoverItLive<br />
  16. Wrapping up<br />These slides at<br />Follow me on Twitter: @stevebuttry<br />A handout for this webinar, links to Twitter help, links to journalists on Twitter, advice from Andria Krewson of Charlotte Observer on my blog:<br />
  17. Some final advice<br />From @mathewi (Globe and Mail):<br /> Don’t answer, “What are you doing?” Answer, “What am I thinking?”<br />And from @stevebuttry:<br /> “What do I want to know?”<br />