Seize the Digital Future


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These are slides for a workshop for the New York State Associated Press Association.

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Seize the Digital Future

  1. 1. Seize the Digital Future Steve Buttry New York State AP Association October 3, 2012 #seizefuture
  2. 2. Read more about it••• @stevebuttry••
  3. 3. We need to disrupt …• How we work• How we think• How we’re organized• How we engage the community• How we make money
  4. 4. Digital-first journos think …1. Story is a process, not a product2. Like to be first, but link when we’re not3. Community = collaborators4. When we hear great quote or learn interesting fact, think, “I better tweet that.”5. More excited by RTs, likes, shares, pins & links than by front-page play
  5. 5. Digital-first journos think …6. Obstacles = war stories, not excuses7. New gadget or social platform = tool for better journalism8. When news breaks, thinks of terms to search for on Twitter9. Journalism future is bright & boundless10. Defies prediction (& lists), thinks of new ideas, issues & solutions
  6. 6. Working Digital First• Create content for digital platforms (web, mobile, social, email, SMS)• Produce print & broadcast products from content on digital platforms• Live coverage of events• Breaking news coverage• Engage community
  7. 7. Court reporter• Live-tweet from courtroom (narrative, not a transcript)• Feed tweets into liveblog• Big development: Text news alert to editor• Write summary or analysis story for web & print
  8. 8. Court reporter, no trial• Traditional rounds: lawyers, judges, clerks, filings• Add digital-first rounds: monitor tweets, search Twitter, Facebook groups & pages• Tweet/alert/blog big filings• Video interviews• Scan or download docs if not online
  9. 9. Court reporter, no trial• Live chat (off day in trial)• Data analysis• Data visualization• Database tracking cases (Homicide Watch)• Note charges dismissed• Enterprise stories (map, timeline)
  10. 10. Newsroom training• Online training (News U,• Online resources (; #twutorial; my blog; Zombie Journalist; Life, I Wrote; others?)• Brownbaggers: How I did it• Conferences, seminars• Bring in outside trainer
  11. 11. Make training a priority
  12. 12. Newsroom training Just do it.
  13. 13. Filthy lucre• Collapse of biz model has severely harmed journalism• We can protect our integrity & contribute to developing new models• Brainstorming ≠ selling• Journos are creative people• What’s the value? Who would pay?
  14. 14. Life story opportunities• Commissioned obits (journalist tells life story, paid by family)• Flexible pricing• Obituary, website, booklet, video• Not just obits: weddings, retirements, anniversaries, milestones• Set standards to ensure accuracy
  15. 15. New assumptions, approachJob to be done: Help me honor loved oneTraditional solutions: Formulaic obit bynews staff, sappy obit by funeral homePrevious disruption: Legacy.comSolution: Tell loved one’s life storyOpportunity: Commissioned multimedialife stories
  16. 16. Blow stuff up in …• Visual journalism • Copy editing• Sports • A&E• K-12 schools • Food• Higher ed • Family• Local government • Faith• Breaking news • Business• Statehouse • Obits
  17. 17. Personal content• Births • Parenthood• Youth milestones • Divorce• School • Illness• Graduation • Empty nesters• College life • Retirement• Military service • Reunions• Weddings • Pets
  18. 18. Brainstorm something new• New beat or position• Data• Curation• Community engagement• SeeClickFix
  19. 19. Key questions• What’s the job to be done? For whom (business or community)?• What’s disruptive about your solution?• How do you engage the community?• How do you need to work differently?• How do you need to think differently?
  20. 20. Read more about it••• @stevebuttry••