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Digital storytelling and mobile strategy


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These are slides for a May 18 workshop on digital storytelling and mobile strategy for editors of Pioneer Newspapers.

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Digital storytelling and mobile strategy

  1. Digital storytelling& mobile strategy<br />Steve Buttry<br />Pioneer Editors Meeting<br />Salt Lake City <br />May 18, 2011<br />,@stevebuttry<br />
  2. Read more<br />Mobile strategy blog posts at<br />Posts coming soon on digital storytelling and community engagement<br />Will post examples used here (& more)<br />Send me your best examples<br /><br />
  3. Tweet all about it<br />#digitalstory<br />Play-by-play<br />Commentary<br />Links (my examples & yours)<br />Photos (Flickr, Twitpic, Instagram, yfrog)<br />Facebook updates<br />
  4. Ask about each story<br />Can you cover the story live?<br />What are the multimedia elements of your story?<br />How can a map help tell your story?<br />How can you engage the community? <br />What links will provide greater depth?<br />Can data provide depth, personal info?<br />Should you tell this story in an alternate form?<br />What social media content should you curate?<br />
  5. Live coverage<br />Liveblog as the story happens (CoverItLive, ScribbleLive, update story/blog)<br />Live-tweet (feed into liveblog)<br />Livestream with webcasts, webcams, dashboard cam<br />Feed tweets from community into blog/story<br />Live data<br />Text alerts<br />
  6. Multimedia elements<br />Photos (individual photos, galleries, time lapse, audio slide shows, submitted, social, media, panoramic)<br />Videos (raw, edited, in story, webcam, webcast, security cameras, user-submitted, social media, link to video)<br />Animation (Flash, HTML5)<br />Maps<br />Bring it all together<br />
  7. Maps<br />Invite users to tell their stories<br />Story unfolds live on the map<br />Map as database<br />Map in motion<br />Crowdmap<br />
  8. Engage the community<br />Crowdsource (investigations, features, events)<br />Blogs<br />Polls<br />Maps<br />Contests<br />Hashtags<br />Sharing tools, ratings<br />Ask for photos, videos<br />
  9. Links<br />Editorial reason: Context<br />Ethical reason: Attribution<br />Business benefits:<br />Generate traffic<br />Boost SEO<br />Sending users away works for Google; it will work for you, too.<br />
  10. Databases<br />
  11. Alternate story form<br />List<br />Graphic novel<br />Timeline<br />Map<br />Graphic<br />Self-directed, not linear<br />
  12. Why you need to connect with community on Twitter<br />
  13. Curate social conversation<br />Twitter: Hashtags, live twitter feeds, selected tweets (Blackbird Pie, Quoteurl)<br />Facebook: Pose question to group or fans, curate answers for story<br />Flickr: Invite contributions to your channel<br />YouTube: Embed videos in blogs, stories<br />Quora: Questions about your community<br />Storify, Storyful: Choose from multiple tools<br />
  14. @statesman case study<br />
  15. Crowdsource<br />
  16. Crowdsource<br />
  17. Say what you don’t know<br />
  18. Converse w/ public<br />
  19. Link to fresh content<br />
  20. Link to fresh content<br />
  21. Use hashtags<br />
  22. Mobile tools you use?<br />iPhone<br />Android<br />BlackBerry<br />Other smartphone<br />dumbphone<br />Game device<br />iPod Touch<br />iPod<br />Other music<br />Kindle<br />iPad<br />Other tablet<br />
  23. How we use mobile<br />Phone<br />Camera<br />Photo album<br />Email<br />Text messages<br />Calendar<br />Maps<br />Tweet<br />Location (4sq, etc.)<br />Other social media<br />News on web<br />Other web use<br />News apps<br />Other apps<br />
  24. “Local news is going mobile”<br />84% of U.S. adults have cellphones<br />47% of U.S. adults get local news on phone or tablet<br />33% of U.S. adults pay for newspaper subscription<br />Source: 2011 State of the News Media Report<br />
  25. “Local news is going mobile”<br />42% of cellphone & tablet owners get mobile weather updates<br />37% get info on restaurants, local biz<br />30% get general local news<br />24% get sports news<br />22% get traffic/transportation info<br />Source: 2011 State of the News Media Report<br />
  26. Mobile audience is young<br />70% of 18-29 (63% of 30-49) get local news on mobile devices<br />55% of 18-29 (47% of 30-49) use mobile devices to find local restaurants, biz<br />28% of 18-29 (23% of 30-49) use local mobile coupons, discounts<br />Source: 2011 State of the News Media Report<br />
  27. Attractive to advertisers?<br />Audience for mobile local news has:<br />Income (67% of $75K and up)<br />Education (58% of college grads)<br />Families (64% of parents w/ minor children)<br />Source: 2011 State of the News Media Report<br />
  28. Tablet use growing fast<br />Penetration grew from 4% to 7% in just 4 months<br />Higher penetration with upper incomes<br />Projected use by 2012: 41 million Americans (13%)<br />Sources: 2011 State of the News Media Report, eMarketer<br />
  29. Mobile opportunity<br />Source: Borrell Associates, “Mobile Advertising & Promotions Forecast”<br />
  30. Mobile opportunity<br />Local mobile ad opportunity is bigger than:<br />Newspapers’ 2009 ad revenue drop<br />Newspapers’ retail ad drop 2005-2009<br />Total 2008 newspaper classified revenue<br />Any newspaper classified vertical at peak<br />Sources: Borrell Associates & Newspaper Association of America<br />Details:<br />
  31. Mobile disrupts<br />Newspapers<br />TV<br />Radio<br />Music<br />Web<br />Photography<br />Video<br />Books<br />Games<br />Mail<br />Phones<br />Wrist watches<br />Alarm clocks<br />Maps<br />Movies<br />Toys<br />
  32. Mobile is unique …<br />Only personal mass medium<br />Permanently carried<br />Always connected<br />Built-in payment channel<br />Available at point of creative inspiration<br />Best audience information<br />Captures social context of consumption<br />Augmented reality to mass markets<br />Source: Tomi T. Ahonen, Communities Dominate Brands<br />
  33. Mobile-first strategy<br />Text alerts<br />Email <br />Applications (phones & tablets)<br />Social media (tweets, check-ins, tips)<br />Location-based news, info & commerce<br />Easy-to-use mobile websites<br />Device-flexible (not device-agnostic)<br />Games (phones, iPads great for games)<br />
  34. Mobile news-gathering<br />Reporters with smartphones (shooting photos & videos, tweeting & texting from events, disaster & crime scenes)<br />Easy submission tools for the public<br />Curation of tweets, check-ins, tips, twitpics<br />
  35. Driving<br />How often do you buy a car?<br />
  36. Driving<br />How often do you buy a car?<br />How often do you drive, gas up, service car, park?<br />
  37. Driving<br />How often do you buy a car?<br />How often do you drive, gas up, service car, park?<br />Connect drivers with information they need daily<br />Connect auto services with drivers<br />
  38. A mobile-first project<br />Community going to distant event<br />Twitter hashtag<br />Photo contests<br />Text alerts<br />Liveblog<br />Crowdmap<br />Short code<br /><ul><li> User photos
  39. Foursquare
  40. Local ad sales
  41. Mobile coupons
  42. Collaborate w/ media in host city
  43. Advance promotion</li></li></ul><li>
  44. Mobile: Everyone’s job<br />Executives emphasize mobile priority<br />Journalists focus on mobile news & info delivery & presentation<br />Tech staff focuses on mobile apps<br />Designers focus on mobile design<br />Sales staff meets business customers’ mobile needs<br />
  45. What can small staff do?<br />Consume news on smartphone (including editor & publisher)<br />Push press associations to help w/ apps<br />Share resources on Pioneer apps<br />Partner with local college or university (mobile internships?)<br />Revenue share w/ developer and/or advertiser<br />
  46. Mobile-first newsroom<br />Top editor stresses & shows mobile priority<br />Every staffer with smart phone<br />Mobile planning, emphasis in meetings<br />Designated mobile leader<br />Work closely w/ tech & sales staffs to pursue mobile opportunities<br />
  47. What can top leaders do?<br />Use Twitter on your phone. A lot.<br />Use Foursquare (don’t sync w/ Twitter) & check in regularly (yeah, become a mayor).<br />Use several apps (including yours) on your phone.<br />Lead company planning of mobile-first strategy.<br />Appoint & empower mobile leader.<br />
  48. In meetings next week …<br />Plan mobile-first coverage of an event.<br />In routine planning meetings, ask about hashtags, maps, live coverage, curation, community engagement, multimedia.<br />Change front-page meeting or weekly publisher’s meeting to a mobile planning meeting or digital-first meeting<br />
  49. Questions?<br />Ask questions now, <br />or later by email ( <br />or DM (@stevebuttry)<br />
  50. Read more<br /><br />@stevebuttry on Twitter<br /><br />
  51. In digital storytelling and mobile-first strategy …<br /> Don’t let obstacles become excuses<br />Turn them into war stories of success<br />