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Digital first thinking and values


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These are slides for a workshop for the Montreal Gazette on digital-first journalism: how we think and what we value. For links relating to this workshop, check my blog:

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Digital first thinking and values

  1. 1. Digital First Journos:How we think; what we value Steve Buttry The Gazette March 19, 2012 #gaztrain
  2. 2. Read more about it••• @stevebuttry••
  3. 3. Digital-first journos think …1. Story is a process, not a product2. Like to be first, but link when we’re not3. Community = collaborators4. When we hear great quote or learn interesting fact, think, “I better tweet that.”5. More excited by RTs & links than by front-page play
  4. 4. Digital-first journalists …6. Obstacles = war stories, not excuses7. New gadget or social platform = tool for better journalism8. When news breaks, thinks of terms to search for on Twitter9. Journalism future is bright & boundless10. Defies prediction (& lists), thinks of new ideas, issues & solutions
  5. 5. Values discussionHow should journalists vet & verifysources and content found through social media?
  6. 6. Values discussionShould journalists express opinion in blogs & social media content?What, if any, guidelines should we follow?
  7. 7. Values discussionWhat guidance should journalists follow regarding personal and professional social media use –whether and how to mix them?
  8. 8. Values discussion How can we engage the community to help youensure/improve the accuracy of our content?
  9. 9. Values discussionHow important should balance be in reporting?
  10. 10. Read more about it••• @stevebuttry••