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Film Survey


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Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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Film Survey

  1. 1. Film Survey
  2. 2. Age The age of the people I asked for the survey ranged between 16 and 73 but the majority of people that I asked were 16 and 17 year olds, 55% of them were between 13 and 20. Also the gender that I asked was pretty much split in half between male and female.
  3. 3. What is your favourite film genre? I had a good response to the question: what is your favourite film genre? It resulted in comedy being the favourite with 30%, closely followed by action with 25% of the votes. Sci-Fi and romance both had 15% each and the rest had 5%. The ‘other’ category ended up without any votes.
  4. 4. Where do you watch films? This is a very important question as people think that cinema isn’t as popular anymore because there are other modes of consumption. I found that download is the most popular with 35% of the votes, followed by DVD and cinema with 25%. TV had 15% votes and PC and other had 0. This shows that people watch films by downloading them rather than go to the cinema, watch it on TV and DVD.
  5. 5. Where do you prefer to watch films? This question is as important because it asks where people want to watch films, not where they actually watch them. I had an interesting response to this one. Cinema was the most popular with 45% of the people I asked voting for this, TV had 30% and DVD had 15% and download had 10%. PC and other had 0 votes.
  6. 6. I think that cinema is where people want to watch films because they can see it with other people like friends or family, this is the same with TV. But the most popular way of actually watching it is downloading. I think that this is because it is easier and you can do it while on the computer doing other things. I thought that this was interesting because the way people want to watch it and how they watch it is completely different. Conclusion
  7. 7. Expectations I also asked them what they expected an action teaser trailer to contain because that is the genre that we will be using for our teaser trailer. There were many classic conventions that are frequently seen in other action films that people said that they wanted to see in an action teaser trailer. They consisted of fast paced, deaths, forms of violence, explosions and it should be realistic.
  8. 8. Gratifications When viewing films or trailers, what do you hope to get from it? Escape, Surveillance, Personal relationships or personal identity. The most popular one from these options was surveillance because 40% of the people that I asked voted for this. Personal identity was next with 25%, Escape had 20% and personal relationships had 15%