Steve Boese - Blog Posts for week ending July 23, 2011


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Compilation of Steve Boese posts for the week ending July 23, 2011 created by a cool service called Tabbloid.

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Steve Boese - Blog Posts for week ending July 23, 2011

  1. 1. 24 July 2011Today’s TabbloidPERSONAL NEWS FOR steveboese@gmail.comSTEVE BOESE’S HR TECHNOLOGYFive for Friday - July 21, 2011 STEVE BOESE’S HR TECHNOLOGYJUL 22, 2011 08:46A.M. Protecting the Boss - A ShavingEvery week it seems like I read about 47,000 blog posts, articles, pressreleases etc. all in my continued quest to provide you, loyal readers, with Cream Taleideas and insights to help, inform, or amuse you. But each week also, I JUL 21, 2011 lucky if I can draw on at most 4 or 5 of these pieces that mighteventually become the basis for posts, the rest slip off into the ether. The News Corporation ‘hackgate’ scandal is a mess, both figuratively and Sure, I share some of the links on Twitter and Facebook, we all know by virtue of a classic ‘shaving cream in the face’ gimmick, literally as fleeting those media can be. In case you need a little refresher course, (‘It’s all ball bearings these days’), during Rupert Murdoch and James Murdoch’s appearance at aSo today I thought I’d do a classic ‘Links to 5 articles I thought British parliament inquiry into the various alleged improprieties at thewere interesting this week’ take, so that at least I could find a way to now defunct News of the World newspaper, a wacky protester rushed theshare and promote some of the great stuff I read. But then I thought Murdoch’s table, and attempted to give ‘ol Rupert an old-fashionedabout it for a minute more and realized the ‘Here are 5 links’ posts are shaving cream face wash.pretty weak, a little tired, and sort of a blogger’s way of raising the whiteflag of ‘I have no more good ideas this week. I surrender.’ Check the below video to see what transpired - (email and RSS subscribers click through)But then while I was debating this, (the mental debate was at least 43seconds), I remembered a neat little presentation-type tool I read about Pretty wild and interesting to me for two points. One, after the shavingthis week that might make my little ‘5 links’ post just a bit more cream incident you can hear the chairperson of the hearing announce ainteresting. Below is the embed of the tool and the links, more details on 10-minute break in the proceedings. Ten whole minutes? Only secondswhat it is and how you can try it out after the jump). Email and RSS after an apparently deranged man attempts some kind of assault in asubscribers may need to click through and there is a little parliamentary hearing, and there is no way anyone could have totallyarrow on the upper right corner of the slideshow to use for processed the situation and ongoing threat level, the chairpersonnavigation. announces a 10-minute recess? Gutsy. If that kind of incident happened in the US Congress, we’d be at a standstill for days, maybe weeks while aSteve’s Top 5 (or really 7) Reads of the week: new inquiry led by a blue-ribbon ‘Commission on Shaving Cream Incidents’ is formed and begins an investigation.Pretty cool right? The second point of interest in the clip - check out Rupert Murdoch’sThe tool is from a web service called Slidestaxx, and it allows the user to wife Wendi Deng leap into action and toss a right hand haymaker in thecreate embeddable and shareable slideshows from multimedia and social direction of the assailant. Quick, decisive, powerful - and from theweb content. Sign up for a free account, and in minutes you are creating sounds on the video, it seems like she did make contact and swatted thea cool slideshow that can consist of online images, video, website links, guy. Sure, it would be natural and correct to interpret Ms. Deng’s actionsand more. Add a short little description to each slide, (about the length as the reflex of someone instinctively protecting a loved one, and whileof a Tweet), and publish. You can then share your slideshow on social extremely commendable, it doesn’t seem all that unusual. I think most ofmedia, share a direct URL link, and grab the embed code to use on your us would react similarly if we sensed a spouse, child, or anyone else closesite. to us was in imminent physical danger.All told, I think it is a nice improvement from the list of hyperlinks. But if we spin this just a little differently, and indulge a bit of extension outside of the familial bonds here and think about the organizationalGive Slidestaxx a try and let me know what you think. And check out the ones, a slightly different take emerges. In the entirety of this ongoing5, (really 7), links in my Slidetaxx presentation above. News Corporation hacking scandal it is pretty much impossible to find any actor that will emerge from this looking good. The MurdochsHave a great weekend! themselves appear at worst complicit, and at best, ineffectual and out of 1
  2. 2. Today’s Tabbloid PERSONAL NEWS FOR 24 July 2011touch with what their managers and executives were doing. Variously the Oracle Applications for most of the ensuing stops in my career,police and politicians that are caught up in this might find themselves (including working for Oracle Consulting directly), in roles ranging fromout on the street, their reputations and long-term career prospects client implementations, project management, enterprise HRISsignificantly diminished. management, and more. But even as the geographies, industries, and responsibilities changed for me, I consistently stayed close, (some mightBut you know who looks good in all this? At least to someone from say loyal), to the set of Oracle technologies that I first encountered manyoutside the UK that might not be as intimately aware of the full details of years before on a 115 degree day in Riyadh. Consistently, I derived thethe story? That’s right - Wendi Deng. most satisfaction by learning new technologies, working with clients to assess their needs and goals, and finding and delivering solutions thatThink about her actions in the video in the broader context of career and could help them to meet these goals. And sure, getting the chance toorganizational advice you have probably heard for ages - protect the ‘play’ with cool new tools is always fun.boss, think about how you can make the boss’ life easier, how you can getahead by understanding your boss’ objectives and how you can best help So for me, to return to Oracle, and to work with Oracle Fusion HCMhim/her achieve them. Applications at this point in my career is, I think, a natural fit. As I said, the Fusion HCM team is the best in the space, (sure I am biased), and theIf you look at it that way, wouldn’t you want to have someone like Ms. Fusion HCM Applications that have been delivered, and the ones that areDeng sitting next to you at the next big board meeting? on the way, are on the absolute cutting edge of our industry. I am looking forward to the chance to contribute to the team, and most importantly to be back helping customers achieve their goals.STEVE BOESE’S HR TECHNOLOGY Some other notes, (continuing the navel-gazing theme of this post), I doWelcome Back - News from plan on keeping this blog active here, contributing to Fistful of Talent, and continuing to produce and host the HR Happy Hour Show,Steve (although I am taking tomorrow night off). In time there may be someJUL 20, 2011 07:43A.M. changes to one or both of these projects, we will just have to see how that develops. Going forward, I will have to manage and determine myRequesting your kind indulgence today, as I have some participation in other events and projects that I have been associatedpersonal news to report today on the blog. with in the past and balance the needs and objectives of my employer and our objectives. But I do plan on remaining active and visible in theRecently I accepted a position with Oracle Corporation, working in the HCM community, and look forward to continued engagement andFusion HCM Product Strategy team, and I will start in my new role next dialogue with the many, many fantastic and intelligent people it has beenweek. I am excited by the opportunity to work with such a fantastic team my great pleasure to come to know in the last few years.of Human Resources technology professionals, and with a set of newtechnologies in Fusion HCM that are driving innovation, capability, Lastly, I wanted to say thanks to all the fantastic friends, colleagues, blogefficiency, and business insight for organizational leaders and managers. readers, show listeners for the assistance, kind words, advice and counselThe Oracle Fusion HCM team has spent several years designing and over the last several weeks. One thing I have learned for sure is the valuebuilding an incredible set of applications, and I am thrilled at the chance and power of community, and I am humbled and appreciative for all theto help continue the momentum, and help customers with their critical generosity directed to me. I only hope that I can find a way to repay atHuman Resources and Talent Management initiatives. least some of the good Karma in the future.Some of you might know that I have a long history of working with That’s it for now - tomorrow we are back to our regularly scheduledOracle Applications, from my earliest days with AT&T implementing program of technology, innovative ideas, basketball, and barbecue.what now seems like a quaint ‘green screen’ Oracle Apps version 10.4 inthe dusty desert city of Riyadh in the 90s. That project was Have a great day!simultaneously my first real experience with a true enterprise-class set oftechnologies, and my first taste of seeing up close how theimplementation of the right technologies, by the right people having ashared commitment to the desired outcomes could truly transform anorganization. It was the perfect project to get introduced to the world ofenterprise software, large enough to have significance in theorganization, but with just enough self-governance and individualaccountability to keep the engagement levels high, and the spirit ofteamwork alive.Eventually I moved back home from Riyadh, and continued to work with 2
  3. 3. Today’s Tabbloid PERSONAL NEWS FOR 24 July 2011STEVE BOESE’S HR TECHNOLOGY Using a variety of sensors, the Sociometric Badge is capable of, among other things, capturing face-to-Are you wearing a wire? face interactions, extracting social signals from speech and body movement, and measuring theTracking Employee Interaction proximity and relative location of users.Digitally The process seems pretty straighforward. Turn up at the office in theJUL 19, 2011 08:25A.M. morning, check your email and voicemail, then just before heading over to the office pantry for a cup of thin, industrial coffee, place the Sociometric Badge around your neck and the badge will begin recording how much you talk (versus how much you listen); it will gauge how much you sit versus how much you move around; and an infrared sensor will track how often you’re facing other people also wearing the badges. After a period of data collection, about a month or two, the folks at Sociometric Solutions will use their analytics platform that combines Sociometric Badges information, e-mail traffic analytics, and other proprietary data collection methods to provide individual and group visualization dashboards. The idea being that these dashboards will provide organizations a more complete view of collaborative behaviors and interactions, than simple monitoring and metrics of purely digital forms of communication like shared wikis, activity streams, or email alone. Sociometric Solutions points to a case study from Bank of America whereThese days it seems most organizational leaders have bought in at least that found that call center workers who interacted more with theirconceptually to the idea that improvements in employee collaboration - colleagues felt less stressed, handled calls more quickly, but haddiscovery of ideas, sharing best practices across internal silos, equivalent customer approval ratings to those who didn’t interact asunearthing insights from the far corners of the firm, and so on, is likely much. Addtionally, Bank of America scheduled employees’ breaks so thatto increase in importance and urgency in the coming years, as almost all they could interact and talk with one another more often throughout theorganizations try to do more work with less people.The Sociometric day.Badge - no you don’t have to tape it on under your shirt It is an interesting, if possibly instrusive approach, but one that makesSure, a raft of technologies have emerged in just the last few years to perfect sense that people have been collaboratively solving problems,facilitate and support employee collaboration, (Yammer, Jive, Socialcast, determining solutions, and generating innovative new breakthoughs foretc.), and while these tools and others like them all have some excellent ages by simply talking to each other.features and capabilities, they are limited in scope by their digital nature.We can use tools like these to develop, share, track, and interact, and we It could be the next great breakthrough in harnessing the collaborativecan measure and report metrics about those interactions, but as systems power of the enterprise won’t be limited to rolling out the next ‘Internalthat rely (mainly), on computer-generated and supported inputs, Facebook’ tool, it might be simply gaining a better understanding of the(individual status updates, shares of a document, group edits of content, informal, verbal, and offline interactions happening all the time.etc.), they still miss capturing a key aspect of employee collaboration,namely actual meetings and conversations between peers and in group What do you think? Would you wear a workplace ‘wire’?settings.A new approach towards better understanding these ‘real-life’ employee(and customer) interactions, created by a company called SociometricSolutions a wearable device called the ‘Sociometric Badge‘ attemptsto bridge this gap between analog conversations and digital collaborationtools and data sets by recording and assessing the information capturedin a proprietary framework for further analysis and action.More information about the capability of the Sociometric Badge from theSociometric Solutions website: 3
  4. 4. Today’s Tabbloid PERSONAL NEWS FOR 24 July 2011STEVE BOESE’S HR TECHNOLOGY people to divert at least some of their social networking energy away from the value networks they have spent the last few years building upDon’t quite ‘get’ Google+ yet? on the liked of LinkedIn and Twitter. No doubt we will soon see a rapid uptake on ‘productivity’ tools that will automate bi-directional feeds andFear not, you’ll be ok updates to and from G+ from the older social networks. And then soonJUL 18, 2011 07:57A.M. after brands and organizations will begin to adopt G+, the game makers like Zynga and others will get on board, and finally the Google advertising engine will kick in - developments that will certainly change G+ from what it looks and feels like today. It can be pretty hard to keep up with all these developments in the social space, and one might feel frustrated or even behind the times if they are not one of the early adopters. But I know of at least one other pretty well- known and successful guy that also has only a passing understanding of G+, legendary investor Warren Buffett. Check out the (paraphrased) comments from Buffett about the technology and social networking space taken from a recent interview on Bloomberg TV: Interviewer: Did you ever feel you missed the boat on these four companies? (Google, Amazon, Apple, Facebook) Buffett: ‘Well I missed the boat on them, but I don’t mind missing boats that I don’t know enough to captain’. ‘I don’tI am almost certain that if you are reading this blog that you have at least have to understand everything. I am smart in spotssome passing awareness of Google+, the search behemoth’s latest foray and I stay around those spots’, (emphasis mine).into the social networking space. By most accounts G+ is starting strong,coming out of a short but limited private beta period to grow to over 10 Nice one. Now of course Buffett must have staff that stay informed aboutmillion users in just a couple of weeks. Plus seems to fit nicely into a gap the latest and greatest in technology, social, mobile, and whatever otherthat many users of more established social networks feel exists, making it new things are coming. But he made it clear in the interview that heeasier and simpler to share status updates, contents, images, etc. with personally did not really deeply understand these newer technologiesdiscrete ‘circles’ of friends and contacts, positioning Plus less of a and developments, and consequently did not feel compelled to chasebroadcast medium like Twitter, while offering better (at least ostensibly), them, or to change his strategy or direction to compensate for that fact.control over data privacy, and possessing more potential for meaningful Buffett stressed the importance (at least for him), of sticking to what heengagement than on Facebook. knew and felt like he could excel at, rather than being constantly on the make to re-invent himself.G+ is still very new, and while most folks (at least the majority of ones inmy ‘Circles’) have not done much more on the network other than start I think the lesson here might be an important one, as new technologiesre-building the social connections they had previously formed on and networks continue to multiple and proliferate, it can be really easyFacebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter, that has not led to a myriad of chatter and dangerous to get caught up in the chase ourselves. Some newand blog posts attempting to decipher, explain, and help you, the network gets hot, a new tech gadget hits the market, a major serviceneophyte G+ user make sense of it all. We have seen this before with starts offering a new solution - whatever, and we almost immediatelyother Google products like Wave and Buzz. The products launch to a change course, divert some of our time and attention to this new shiny(relatively) small set of users, and almost instantly a flood of content gets thing, and feel compelled to figure it all out. And exploit it for somecreated (with a shockingly limited data set and experiences to draw personal gain, I mean isn’t that at least part of the game?from), that compete for some knid of position or authority in the space. While some experimentation is great, and even fun at times, I also thinkFor more casual users of social networking services, (like your Grandma it can put us in a situation where we never stop chasing, and spendon Facebook), the hype and bluster surrounding G+ is likely lost, as they enough time really focusing on that thing we are really good at, that wehappily continue to to post pictures, check in on family members, and understand deeply, and that we can comfortably and reliably addtend to their virtual crops on Farmville. By early reports, G+ is mostly whatever value it is we are trying to create. Warren Buffett might be onemale, and very geeky. Sort of like the old High School A/V clubs back in of the greatest investors that has ever lived, but he knows what he knows,the day. and it seems that realization has served him pretty well.And for more hard core social networking aficionados, G+ while I kind of like Google Plus, but I also really don’t know what if anythingintriguing and capable, will need to offer just enough reason to get I’ll ever do with it, and that any time I spend there is time I’m not doing 4
  5. 5. Today’s Tabbloid PERSONAL NEWS FOR 24 July 2011something else. We make these kinds of tradeoffs all the time I know, butwhen the trade involves something so new and exciting as G+, I think weperhaps make them too easily.What’s your take - are we too caught up in the hype and thechase and not spending enough time at what we are reallygood at? 5