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Maintain control of wireless permits and adapting to AB 57 requirements


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Local government control over permits for cell sites and other wireless facilities was drastically curtailed in California. Steve Blum, president of Tellus Venture Associates, offer options for cities and counties at a seminar sponsored by Joint Venture Silicon Valley in San Jose on 8 March, 2016

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Maintain control of wireless permits and adapting to AB 57 requirements

  1. 1. TellusVenture Associates ® Maintaining control of wireless permits and adapting to AB 57 requirements 8 March 2016
  2. 2. Shot clocks designed for fast decisions: yes or no • Same rules but new process • Requires change of culture • 150 day clock = less than 90 days working time • Assume colocations fall under 60-day clock • No more back and forth with applicants TellusVenture Associates
  3. 3. Front load application process • Justification for less than 150-day window • All state & federal permits, licenses done • Photo simulations, including future modifications • CEQA studies, including seasonal bio surveys • All information for all local permits, e.g. encroachment • Valid permit for existing structures • Neighborhood meeting TellusVenture Associates
  4. 4. Encourage pre-application consultation • Allow waivers for favored designs, locations such as facade mounts, light poles • Fast track city property, ROW • If OK waive neighborhood meeting, allow negative declaration • Denial of waiver is denial of application TellusVenture Associates
  5. 5. Set up review for quick initial decision • Publish detailed checklist • Request additional info within 30 days • Administrative approval/denial without hearing • Incomplete application, design changes grounds for denial • No additions, changes, amendments without mutual agreement to pause (toll) TellusVenture Associates
  6. 6. Automatic appeal of denials to city council 5 days to appeal approvals, assume clock keeps running TellusVenture Associates
  7. 7. Establish stringent standard permit conditions Waivers only possible by affirmative grant TellusVenture Associates
  8. 8. TellusVenture Associates ® TellusVenture Associates Contact: Steve Blum Tellus Venture Associates +1-831-582-0700 Adapting to AB 57 requirements 8 March 2016