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Quick portfolio10 6_12

  1. 1. Stephen Aris User Experience Service Design Information Architecture Innovation stephenaris.com 07976 282618
  2. 2. Where do I fit ?
  3. 3. Business as usual Stakeholder management User Interviews Delivery Workshops Personas Analytics Business goals Ideation Agile iteration Platform agnostic Sketches Lean UX Prototypes QA UAT Vision Information Leadership architecture Strategy Wireframes Team building Site Maps Evangelism Content tone Method Taxonomy User journey Divergent thinking Brainstorms User testing Expert reviews/ heuristic evaluations Analytics Research/ insight Review competition
  4. 4. What have I been doing the last few years ? •  Current: UX Lead consultant Grand Union [Waitrose] •  Principal UX consultant House of Fraser •  Principal UX consultant Bupa •  UX lead consultant Lbi •  UX lead consultant BskyB for Foviance
  5. 5. A few examples
  6. 6. Grand Union •  Strategic user experience framework •  Needs and benefit analysis •  Working with key stakeholders to define new ecommerce proposition.
  7. 7. House of Fraser •  Leading multi channel retailer •  Working with key stakeholders to define new ecommerce proposition.
  8. 8. Bupa •  UX Leading largest web transformation project. Full lifecycle. •  Results speak volumes. •  + presentations to group businesses selling UX, building a team and methods that were faster, better, smarter.
  9. 9. Like  a  teenagers  bedroom,  sites  were:   Disorganised  Trip  hazards  everywhere   Confusing  language   Func6onal  but  not   fit  for  purpose  Inefficient  
  10. 10. Site: Members World Site: Members World Home page content map Current Site map Help Online Contact us claim Author: Stephen Aris form Author: Stephen Aris 19/11/10 Download Claim form V0.1 Request 19/11/10 My Messages pre_auth V0.1 Seach mdical provider network orisation Quick Links View your claims & View claims and pre authorisations other docs My Change address and contact details Claims Print a My Home claim form Expat travel guides and other WebChat docs Travel Information WHO News Name My Policy Last log in Claiming & treatment advice Membership Log In Number Assistance and advice View & Home My Heath FAQ My Amend Make a Profil claim Facilities finder video health & Lifestyle Update Bupa Doctors opinion contact Rewards Details Factsheet & Guides Summary Editorial 1LOGIN/REGISTER Payment Details Editorial 2 My Member details Pescription drugs Database FAQ & Health Claiming Informati advice Membershio card on My Policy Request View policy document doctors Hospital opinion Search Webchat Membership guide Forms Welcome letter Upate payment details Membership certificate Make a payment Medical Decaration Amend Details Membership guide My Documents Topic Policy Documents Latest Invoices & credit nores All Links Become an online customer SMS Alerts My claims Request pre- authorisation print membership card View claims & pre authorisation history Order new card Online claim form Print Forms Links View remaining benefits My profile Facility search Deconstruct and analyse Engage all stakeholders Downlaod claim form Amend Security Question legal Define method for project Change Password contact Change login name Footer copyright bupa.com Communication preferences logout
  11. 11. New IA and taxonomy Best practice and data anaysis
  12. 12. Wire frame and prototype
  13. 13. Prototype and test with users Internationally to validate.
  14. 14. Curate visuals and contentStakeholders sign off
  15. 15. Strategic enhancement. .au User journey for concept piece
  16. 16. Lean sketch prototypes
  17. 17. •  User Experience Lead Foviance @ BSKYB •  Working independently with key business stakeholders to define and develop a new online proposition -Sky Living •  Involvement with Sky Tv and Sky movies sites •  Two screen experience •  Outline app development
  18. 18. Analysis •  Current site usability tests •  Analysis of Hit box data •  Product development roadmap •  User interviews/ User research •  Stakeholder interviews •  Card sorting with editors •  Creative workshops
  19. 19. Content site maps Rapid diagramming to helpstakeholders visualise and worktogether
  20. 20. Content site maps Rapid diagramming to helpstakeholders visualise and worktogether
  21. 21. User Journey Based on personas, a range of detailedscenarios were explored
  22. 22. Wireframes The site is broken down into core templates.
  23. 23. Work big = think big!
  24. 24. Navigation
  25. 25. Creating narratives, userjourney high level IA and Wireframesfor Creative Directors MD
  26. 26. 20 Years of other digitalstuff Mostly full lifecycle, conceptto delivery
  27. 27. A suite of rich media interactive learning toolsfor Learndirect. Focusing on our oldest form oflearning ‘story telling’ Lots of UCD and testing with a diverse dis-engaged audience.
  28. 28. Talk Radio, process flow
  29. 29. Mobile
  30. 30. Mobile
  31. 31. Tools: Omnigraffle, Visio, Photoshop, Keynote, Illustrator, Axure RP Post it notes, video camera, flip charts. Listening.! More?