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This program is for insurance producers, insurance agency principals and managers, insurance company managers & staff, and anyone else who needs to understand and be able to manage doing business in today’s fast paced and real-time world. The class will explain the trends in insurance agency technology and how they are changing the way you interact with your clients and prospects.

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Business In Real Time

  1.<br />1<br />Business in Real-Time<br />Steve Anderson<br />The Anderson Network, Inc.<br />
  2.<br />2<br />Moore’s Law<br />“The number of transistors per square inch of possessor doubles every 18 months while the cost remains constant or drops.”<br />Gordon Moore, Founder - Intel Corporation<br />
  3.<br />5<br />Metcalf’s Law<br />“The usefulness of a network increases by the square of the number of connections.”<br />Bob Metcalf, Inventor of Ethernet<br />
  4.<br />8<br />Reasons for Past Failure<br />Principals and producers not involved <br />Internal rather than external focus<br />Technology didn’t deliver<br />Cost vs. benefit<br />Resistance to change - failure to implement<br />“Automation does get some jobs done faster. But fundamentally the same jobs are being done, and that means no fundamental improvements in performance.”<br />Michael Hammer & James Champy Re-engineering the Corporation<br />
  5.<br />9<br />Agency Technology Trends<br />User Interface<br />Communication<br />Information Sharing<br />
  6.<br />10<br />User Interfaces will continue to change not functionality<br />
  7.<br />11<br />
  8.<br />12<br />User Interface<br />Web based computing<br />Company Web Sites<br />Comparative Rating<br />Client Access<br />Voice over IP (VoIP)<br />
  9.<br />13<br />The On Demand World Requires Always On<br />
  10. Client expectations<br />Time is important<br />Leverage time with technology<br />Saving time = Good Service<br />Good customer service raises expectations<br />
  11. What is <br />“Good Customer Service?”<br />Transactions<br />or Relationships<br />
  12. Too many agencies think “Good Service” is transaction processing. Our computer systems have gotten us into the trap of thinking that the faster we can process a transaction the better service we provide.<br />
  13. Using Tech to Touch<br />E-mail<br />Newsletters<br />Blogs<br />Tracking personal preferences<br />“Auto-pilot” relationships<br />
  14. The Power of Questions<br />Don’t guess – ask!<br />Keep asking<br />Record the answers<br />Now – ACT on them!<br />
  15. Success criteria: <br />Success is not more customers, but a larger share of existing clients<br />
  16.<br />21<br />What is Real-Time?<br />
  17.<br />22<br />Is this Real-Time?<br />
  18.<br />23<br />Business in Real-Time<br />Management<br />Internal Operations<br />Customer Service<br />Marketing & Sales<br />Carrier Relations<br />Human Resources<br />
  19.<br />24<br />Real-Time Management<br />How do you keep up?<br />What kind of planning do you do?<br />What kind of technology infrastructure do you have?<br />What kind of technology will you need?<br />
  20.<br />25<br />What assumptions do we need to change?<br />
  21.<br />26<br />What’s the impact?<br />
  22.<br />27<br />Real-Time Operations<br />What will an agency management system look like?<br />How will real-time communication work?<br />Will you be able to get rid of paper?<br />Do you need a physical office?<br />How do you keep a client focus?<br />
  23. Application Service Provider<br />You do insuranceThey do Technology<br />
  24. Flavors of ASP<br />Full service desktop<br />Terminal server<br />Icon based<br />LOB applications<br />Browser based<br />Web enabled applications<br />
  25. Advantage<br />Focus on core business<br />Reliable computing<br />Predictable costs<br />Capital expenses reduced<br />Multiple locations<br />
  26. Disadvantage<br />Data not in agent’s office<br />Relies on Internet connection<br />Slower for certain functions<br />Current cost<br />
  27. Examples<br />Web Enabled Software<br />Applied TAM & Vision<br />AMS Services<br />AMS Sagitta Online<br />Web Architected Applications<br />AMS 360<br />XDimensional Technologies Nexsure<br />EbixASP<br />
  28. What makes a Virtual Office<br />Access from anywhere<br />Information available to everyone<br />Easy communication<br />Fast connection<br />Effective use of technology<br />Do you need a physical office?<br />
  29. Why add virtual options?<br />Attract new employees<br />Retain current employees<br />Lower level work to lower level employee<br />Greater flexibility<br />Increase productivity<br />Reduced expenses<br />
  30. Vital Part of Today’s Business<br />Work is no longer a “place”<br />Key is improved access<br />To people<br />To Data<br />Mobile Voice changed work<br />Mobile Data will also<br />
  31. Remote Staffing (Outsourcing)<br />Two types<br />Project<br />Person<br />
  32. Remote Staffing (Project)<br />Specific projects<br />Limited scope<br />Well defined<br />Short duration<br />Options<br /><br /><br /><br />
  33. Remote Staffing (Person)<br />Why?<br />Demographics<br />Difficulty finding staff<br />Lower cost <br />What?<br />Data entry<br />Back office transaction processing<br />Not customer interaction<br />Who?<br />ResourcePro (<br />Ebix (<br />
  34. “My employees at Resource Pro access our system through our terminal server.  I have every confidence about their confidentiality.  In fact, they reconcile my bank statements and perform daily accounting functions!”<br />
  35. Remote staff tasks<br />New Business<br />
  36. Potential Cost Savings<br />The cost for the contracted / outsourced employee is $24,000 annually. CFO has estimated that the cost of hiring an internal employee versus hiring a remote staffer would result in approximately $39,000 in savings (per person) if we chose to hire a remote staffer.<br />
  37. Issues to Consider<br />Political perception<br />Security<br />Resistance to change<br />Communication<br />Time difference<br />Cost/savings<br />Staff turnover possibilities<br />
  38. Looking for remote workers<br /><br /><br /><br />
  39.<br />53<br />Real-Time Communication<br />Carrier options<br />Transformation Station<br />TransactNow<br />Web Bridge<br />Carrier Connect<br />Other wireless access<br />How is agency workflow changed?<br />
  40.<br />54<br />Information is available to anyone who needs it when they need it.<br />
  41. Communication Options<br />Fax<br />E-mail<br />Online Chat<br />Instant Messaging<br />Text Messaging?<br />
  42.<br />56<br />Communication<br />Learning relationships<br />Wireless access<br />Carrier options<br />Transformation Station<br />TransactNow<br />Web Bridge<br />Carrier Connect<br />
  43. Company Interface<br />Issues to consider<br />How will it affect your agency workflow?<br />Stand alone proprietary systems<br />Part of your agency management system.<br />
  44. Online Chat<br />
  45.<br />65<br />Real-TimeCustomer Service<br />What does good service really mean?<br />What do clients want from you?<br />How can you provide 24/7 service?<br />
  46. Client Service Centers<br />Insurance Company based<br />Valid strategic option<br />Traditional model<br />What’s Your Experience<br />Agency based service center<br />Workflow issues<br />
  47. Agency Web Site Service<br />Forms for changes<br />Agency procedure for responding<br />Self Service<br />Account information<br />Policy Changes<br />Auto IDs<br />Certificates<br />Payment options<br />
  48. Agency Service Center Stats<br />Average agency has 32 insureds processing transactions monthly, with and average of 277 phone transactions per month and an average of 576 online transactions per month.<br />
  49. Online Access options<br />CSR24 (<br />CertificatesNow (<br />TrackCertsNow (<br />Agency Management System Access<br />Applied InScope<br />AMS Client Access<br />
  50. Certificates & ID Cards<br />Sell the value<br />High volume clients<br />Signed agreement<br />Audit<br />
  51. Web based customer service<br /><br />
  52. Agency Web site service<br />Private labeling<br />Putting your name on another application<br />Examples<br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
  53.<br />73<br />Real-Time Marketing<br />What type of producers do you hire?<br />How does marketing change?<br />What about email marketing?<br />Can technology help you sell?<br />What shouldn’t changed?<br />
  54.<br />74<br />Real-Time HR<br />What type of employee will you hire?<br />Where will they work?<br />How does management style need to change?<br />
  55.<br />75<br />Opportunity<br />The new consumer, the information society, cyber-space, and paradigm shifting technology all add up to a great opportunity for Independent Agents<br />
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  58. Steve Anderson<br />The Anderson Network, Inc. <br />PO Box 1546<br />Franklin, TN 37065<br />(615) 599-0085<br /><br />