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.What’s New in Fusebill takes a look at some of the exciting changes we’ve made to our billing and payments platform in the last few months. Highlights include our Salesforce CRM integration, Fusebill Webhooks, and Fusebill Secure – the first mobile credit card acceptance application specifically designed for subscription billing. Also includes a sneak peak of what’s next for Fusebill.

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  • Donna has a strong track record of success in translating business process gaps and impediments into workable client-specific solutions across the Software-as-a-Service and business automation solutions sectors. Donna possesses great talent for relationship management and strives to empower clients with the tools necessary to solve internal issues, improve workflows, and drive efficiencies. Donna spends most of her time at Fusebill addressing customer requirements and making the onboarding process seemless.Donna has previously worked her magic at Premiere Global Services, Phresseia, and like many of us at Fusebill - Protus.
  • Whether you are running your business in a traditional storefront, from an office, or even from your living room; if you want your customers to be able to purchase using a credit card, PCI compliance on some level is required.The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) is a set of requirements designed to make sure anyone who processes, stores, or transmits credit card information maintain a secure environment (yes this includes e- vendors!).  The requirements were set by all of the major credit card companies to protect consumers, merchants and service providers from fraud and other security threats stemming from credit card transactions.The purpose of PCI is to prevent the disclosure of card data – a breach or disclosure of secure card data can be catastrophic to you an your clients. Bad things – you can be fined up to $500,000 per incident and you can be banned from accepting credit cards. Penalties are not openly discussed nor widely publicized, but they can be catastrophic to a small business.  It’s important to be familiar with your merchant account agreement, which should outline your exposure.There are 12 requirements divided into 6 categories, these include building and maintaining a secure network, implementing strong access control measures, and regularly monitoring and testing networks. The good news is you don’t have to deal with PCI compliance; you can use a billing and payments platform like Fusebill who is PCI compliant to shoulder the burden for you by storing your credit card information in our PCI compliant facilities. This is a better option than using a payment gateway for PCI compliance because many gateway providers will ‘lock-in’ your information and won’t release it or help you move it if you decide to change providers
  • Recently we acquired PCI Level 1 Compliance (the same level as banker and payment gateways).  Level 1 is the highest level of compliance offered by PCI Data Security Standard and the only level that requires an annual external review by a Qualified Security Assessor auditor, as well as a quarterly network scan by an Approved Scan Vendor and completion of an Attestation of Compliance Form.All other levels of PCI compliance require only a Self-Assessment and not an external audit. What this means is that Fusebill has put every possible safeguard into place to make sure your customer’s credit card information is safe, and we’ve been checked by an outside auditor who ensures all processes are active, and all procedures are complete.A recent study from ControlScan and Merchant Warehouse shows of the SMB merchants who are compliant, only 39% have the paperwork to support it and  43% became compliant “just by completing the paperwork” which means they took no action or made any purchases. What this shows is how important the external audit is to actual, practical compliance.Acquiring our level 1 was important to us because businesses are being specifically targeted by hackers. A June 2012 study by Visa confirms that attacks against Level 4 and franchise merchants are on the rise in the United States (15% increase in 2011 from 2010). These merchants are an ideal target for automated attacks from cyberspace, because they often fail to implement basic data security best practices.The correlation between PCI non-compliance and data breaches is well documented and the numbers are staggering as in the Verizon 2012 Data Breach Investigations Report, 96% of victims of a security breach were not PCI compliant.The cost to your business if you are breached isn’t cheap. The average direct costs of recovering from a security breach average $194 per stolen record, and this doesn’t cover the cost of breach to your reputation. Nothing can make your customers leave in droves like finding out their credit card information was stolen while it was in your care.
  • Webhooks are an HTTP POST callback request sent to a URL of your choice in response to an event.If you’re not a developer, that description may not mean much to you. In layman’s terms, webhooks are nifty things that ‘publish’ or ‘notify’ other systems of changes, basically turning the Internet from a pull platform to a push platform.Typically a system-system integration, webhooks allow you to collect information about events within the customer life-cycle so that other systems can act on the data in near real-time. Basically, instead of having to ask or look up if something has happened, you’re told when something happens.
  • Here are some common Fusebill webhook applications:A customer is created in Fusebill. The webhook notifies a downstream system that this has occurred, so it can choose what to do (i.e., provision the service).A customer upgrades (moves from free trial to paid, or changes plans). The webhook notifies a downstream system so it can adjust the service delivered.A customer changes status (e.g., for non-payment, or cancellation). The webhook notifies a downstream system so it can stop delivering the service.To set up webhooks in Fusebill navigate to Settings >> Integrations and click the  New Integration button, this will bring up a pop-up like the one shown above.If you’d like more info on our webhooks including configuration, supported events, event data, etc. Visit the Webhooks section of the Fusebill Knowledge Base.
  • Closing sales, winning deals, and signing up new customers is great for your business, but you may have noticed your finance and billing people aren’t celebrating quite as much as everyone else.This is because a new customer or sale can mean the beginning of tedious manual processes that often have to be repeated month after month. By bridging the gap between your CRM and your billing with the Fusebill Salesforce CRM integration, manual processes go away which makes everyone happy. And it’s not just Billing and finance teams who benefit from this integration:Operations and legal will love that security concerns also vanish as credit card information is securely captured by Fusebill and stored in PCI Level 1 compliant facilities.Business owners and administrators can publish your product catalog to Salesforce CRM Products tab and choose what your sales team sees.And your sales team will love that they can:Manage Fusebill billing accounts and See account status, balance, and current subscriptions
  • With the Fusebill Salesforce CRM integration application you can create accounts, manage subscriptions, and view customer information without leaving Salesforce CRM. Because the integration is two-way, customer accounts in Fusebill are published to Salesforce CRM and opportunities in Salesforce CRM create billing accounts in Fusebill.No one will have to duplicate information in both services or make manual updates from one to another because the account synchronization means new customers created in Fusebill are automatically sent to Salesforce CRM with Fusebill account fields and subscription data. Information for existing customers such as status, balance, subscription setting and subscription cancellations is also synchronized.
  • We’ve all been there, you come home from a tradeshow, conference, seminar, annual meeting, etc. with a stack of paper or worse yet business cards, of new customers that you have to manually enter into your billing service and or CMS after calling them to get their credit card information.Or maybe you’re lucky and you have a mobile payment POS device which makes things a little better, but since it doesn’t work for subscriptions, you still have a lot paper work to deal with and you still have to contact people for credit card information in order to set up recurring payments.Fusebill secure is the first  mobile credit card acceptance application specifically designed for subscription billing, it means you can make sales any time, from wherever you are by turning your mobile phone into a point of sales (POS) device that securely automates charging a credit card entry. It’s like having Fusebill in your pocket.
  • Capture sales anytime and anywhere such as: Tradeshows – Make subscription sales in record time from your booth or tradeshow floor. Conferences – Sign up new customers while attending or hosting conferences. Training sessions – Quick and easy onsite signups! Seminars – Take payments and add future registrations. Membership meetings & Drives – Add new members to your association without the paperwork. Annual Meetings – Renew subscriptions or memberships while meeting with your members.Easily set up, bill, and manage onsite signups.Automatically create customers in Fusebill.Significantly reduce the paperwork and follow up required by similar solutions that are payment collection applications only and don’t create customers and subscriptions with recurring billing.
  • Save Time and Make Money Significantly reduce the paperwork and follow up required by similar solutions that are payment collection applications only and don’t create customers and subscriptions with recurring billing. Easily set up, bill, and manage onsite signups. Empower your team to securely take payments anywhere in seconds. No more tracking down new customers or members after onsite signup for payment information.Convenient, Simple, and Flexible Whether you have hundreds of customers or tens of thousands, Fusebill Secure is scalable to meet your needs. The Fusebill Secure app can be used by multiple users at the same time. Online and offline processing capabilities to protect against lost wireless connectivity. The reader is small enough to take anywhere and plugs into the existing audio input on your smart phone. Just plug it in and start signing up customers in seconds.Secure and Reliable Fusebill is PCI-DSS Level 1 compliant and end to end data encryption occurs when the credit card is swiped and transmitted over SSL. Customer data is not kept on the mobile phone used to swipe the credit card.
  • Many of our customers offer multiple payment options because it suits their business - often smaller clients pay by credit card, while larger, longer term clients are granted credit terms and pay after being invoiced. Highlights of our AR suite include how easy it is to personalize and send out invoices, choose who to invoice, and create AR customers with different terms, and billing dates. You can even itemize to show one-time charges, recurring charges, and line-by-line usage-based charges.And other great features like our AR Aging report, one time payment and manual charge options, and the Invoice tab saves you time and helps you improve your customer service. You can even control risk with Account level credit limits.
  • <<Invoices Tab>>Have you ever tried to find a specific invoice for a specific customer in a filing system that seems to only make sense to the person who created it?Frustrating isn’t it?It’s even more frustrating when you’re on the phone with a customer while you’re looking.  invoice tab, puts an end to this. Located in the Customers section of Fusebill, the Invoice tab displays all of a customer’s invoices as well as their current Open invoice. The Invoice Grid contains Invoice #Status (Due, Overdue, Paid) Posted Dateand Downloadfor any/all invoice(s)  generated for a customer.Each column can be sorted and each invoice can be viewed by clicking the PDF icon under the Download column.   And the status column changes depending on the status of the invoice.<<AR Aging Report>>The AR aging report shows not only the amounts owed to a company by its customers but also the length of time the amounts have been outstanding. It is probably the most important debt collection tool a company has because it helps you keep on top of customers who owe you money. This report classifies AR as either Due Within Terms, Overdue 0 to 30 Days, Overdue 31 to 60 Days, Overdue 61 to 90 Days, Overdue 91 to 120 Days, and Overdue 120+ Days.  An important feature here is that you can drill down to particular customers and invoices – it is not a static ‘report,’ but a path to explore the balances due. AR Aging Report has multiple purposes:Well run companies use it so they are always up to date on open invoices, and invoices beyond terms.Helps the business owner prioritize the receivables to be dealt with in a more urgent manner based on the length of time overdue.Distinguishes which customers may be bad credit risks. If a customer is always paying late, you may decide to no longer do business with them.Indicates the financial health of your customers, and therefore the health of your overall business.The AR Aging Report can also be an early warning sign for your business, slower collection could mean your business is slowing down or that your sales team is taking customers that are bigger credit risks than they should be.<<Customer Communications>>You can create customizable emails to deliver invoices, warn of past due payments, dunning emails, account status changes, etc. Fusebill helps automate lifecycle emails to your customers, so that you can eliminate the manual work and processing
  • Product Catalog: creating a structured catalog to make it easier to represent your pricing in Fusebill – you’ll see less proliferation of components, and find it easier to model more complex pricing structures. Easily bundle together groups of components of products and assign separate bundle pricing. Override pricing at the customer level (common in b2b negotiations). Generate detailed reports on everything.Multi-level billing – for example, sell and track at a customer’s division level, while the invoice goes to a parent corporation. Track sales to, and through, channel partners. Reporting/ Analytics – we’re improving our standard reporting, and giving you more control over tailoring those to your needs and customizing your dashboard. We’ll also be introducing a far richer level of true customer intelligence, generating insights into your customer’s behavior and lifecycles.Integration: In addition to building on recently introduced capabilities like webhooks and Salesforce (looking for feedback) we’ll be introducing a new REST API – this makes integrations much easier.Timing: You’ll start to see a rollout through Q3 and Q4 – some features will be released to specific customers before being made generally available. By Q1 everything will be generally available.Pricing: not yet determined – mix of features that will be included in our standard offerings, while some (particularly reporting/analytics) are expected to have separate charges.
  • What's New in Fusebill June 2013

    1. 1. What’s New in FusebillQuarterly Update, Q2 2013May-30-2013 1
    2. 2. Speaker IntroductionDonna McPheeFusebill Customer Success ManagerThursday, June 13, 2013 2www.fusebill.comCall Us at: 1-888-519-1425 Copyright Fusebill Inc. 2013. All rights reserveddmcphee@fusebill.com
    3. 3. Agenda PCI Level 1 Webhooks Salesforce CRM Integration Fusebill Secure – Mobile Payments Account Receivable Suite Updates What’s Next?3www.fusebill.comCall Us at: 1-888-519-1425 Copyright Fusebill Inc. 2013. All rights reserved
    4. 4. WE MEASURE OUR SUCCESS BYOUR CUSTOMER’S SUCCESSJune 13, 2013 4www.fusebill.comCall Us at: 1-888-519-1425 Copyright Fusebill Inc. 2013. All rights reserved
    5. 5. PCI Level 1June 13, 2013 5Overview The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard is a set of requirementsdesigned to make sure anyone who processes, stores, or transmits credit cardinformation maintain a secure environment. Requirements were set by all major credit card companies to protect consumers,merchants and service providers from fraud and other security threats stemmingfrom credit card transactions. PCI has 12 requirements divided into 6 categories. Vendors can use a billing and payments platform or agateway to shoulder the PCI burden.Bonus Material: Learn more about PCI Compliancewww.fusebill.comCall Us at: 1-888-519-1425 Copyright Fusebill Inc. 2013. All rights reserved
    6. 6. PCI Level 1June 13, 2013 6What? Highest level of compliance offered by PCI DataSecurity Standard. The same level banks and payment gateways have. Only level that requires an external review by aQualified Security Assessor auditor.Why? Businesses are being specifically targeted by hackers & the cost of recoveryboth financial & to your reputation isn’t cheap. By becoming PCI Level 1 compliant we have put every possible safeguard inplace to make sure your customer’s credit card information is safe.Bonus Material: Learn more about PCI Level 1 Compliancewww.fusebill.comCall Us at: 1-888-519-1425 Copyright Fusebill Inc. 2013. All rights reserved
    7. 7. WebhooksJune 13, 2013 7Overview An HTTP Post callback request sent toa URL in response to an event. An easy to use integration point. ‘Publish’ or ‘notify’ other systems ofchanges. Typically a system-system integration. Used to determine whether serviceneeds to be started or stopped.Bonus Material: Read our webhooks blog postwww.fusebill.comCall Us at: 1-888-519-1425 Copyright Fusebill Inc. 2013. All rights reserved
    8. 8. WebhooksJune 13, 2013 8Common Fusebill Webhooks: Customer created. Customer upgrades. Customer status change.www.fusebill.comCall Us at: 1-888-519-1425 Copyright Fusebill Inc. 2013. All rights reservedHow To: Go to Integrations from Fusebill’sSettings menu. Click the New Integrations button.Bonus Material: Read all of our Webhooks documentation in the Fusebill Knowledge Base.
    9. 9. Salesforce CRMBridge the gap between your CRM and billing9June 13, 2013www.fusebill.comCall Us at: 1-888-519-1425 Copyright Fusebill Inc. 2013. All rights reserved Create accounts Manage subscriptions View customer informationWithout leaving SalesforceCRM
    10. 10. 2 Way Salesforce IntegrationJune 13, 2013 10 Define pricing plans Invoicing, Collections AccountingOrdersUpdatesStatusWeb orders Sales teams work in Salesforce Covert Opportunities – Sales Access leads and trialsBonus Material: View our CRM Billing and Lifecycle Management: Optimizing Your Customer Experience onSlideshare.
    11. 11. Fusebill SecureOverview The first mobile credit card acceptance solutionfor subscription and other recurring paymentbased businesses. Enables secure payment and commercefunctionality - to help you sell more, faster,easier! Securely accept credit card data whenever andwherever you are. Capture customer data. Automatically create customers in Fusebill. Works with your iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.11June 13, 2013Bonus Material: Read our Finally! Mobile Subscription Billing blog post.www.fusebill.comCall Us at: 1-888-519-1425 Copyright Fusebill Inc. 2013. All rights reserved
    12. 12. Fusebill SecureWith Fusebill Secure you can: Capture sales anytime and anywhere. Easily set up, bill, and manage onsite signups. Automatically create customers in Fusebill. Capture customer data. Significantly reduce paperwork & follow up.12June 13, 2013
    13. 13. Fusebill SecureBenefits Save time and make money. Convenient, simple, and flexible. Secure and reliable. Significantly reduce paperwork & follow up.13June 13, 2013
    14. 14. Accounts Receivable SuiteOverviewWhether your customers payelectronically by credit card or ACH oroffline by check or wire transfer,Fusebill’s complete billing system letsyou automate ALL of your billing.14June 13, 2013 Create personalized invoices Automate email delivery Set payment terms per client Adjust invoices with manual discounts,charges, and refunds. Accept offline payments Publish online, etc.With Fusebill You Can:Bonus Material: View our Introduction to theFusebill Accounts Receivable Suite on Slideshare.
    15. 15. Accounts Receivable Suite15June 13, 2013AR Aging ReportInvoice TabCustomer Communicationswww.fusebill.comCall Us at: 1-888-519-1425 Copyright Fusebill Inc. 2013. All rights reserved
    16. 16. What’s Next?16June 13, 2013• Simpler price plans• Bundles• More reuse – products and plans• Per customer overridesProduct Catalog Reporting & Analytics• Hierarchical billing• Parent – child relationships• Distribution relationshipsMulti-Level Billing Integration• Improved standard reports – breadth,navigation• Simpler user-controlled reporting• Rich analytics offering• Expand Webhooks event notifications• Salesforce: react to feedback• REST API
    17. 17. 17Try Fusebill Free for 30 days.No contracts, credit card, or surprises.Sign up at www.fusebill.comThankYou!www.fusebill.com1-888-519-1425support@fusebill.comTwitter: @fusebillwww.fusebill.comCall Us at: 1-888-519-1425 Copyright Fusebill Inc. 2013. All rights reserved