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If you're a subscription based company thinking about automating your billing, or if you're looking for information on the account and subscription management features that set a billing platform apart from a payment gateway, this webinar will provide you with a solid understanding of what a billing service is and the benefits it can provide.

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  • Donna has a strong track record of success in translating business process gaps and impediments into workable client-specific solutions across the Software-as-a-Service and business automation solutions sectors. Donna possesses great talent for relationship management and strives to empower clients with the tools necessary to solve internal issues, improve workflows, and drive efficiencies. Donna spends most of her time at Fusebill addressing customer requirements and making the onboarding process seemless.Donna has previously worked her magic at Premiere Global Services, Phresseia, and like many of us at Fusebill - Protus.
  • Fusebill automates invoicing, billing and collections for subscription based companies and solves “real world billing problems”.Ideal for both B2B and B2C businesses, our customers span many industry sectors, including software as a service, digital media, and communications. The founding team of Fusebill helped build Protus – maker of MyFax, Campaigner and my1voice – to support over 550,000 paid subscribers and a wide variety of pricing models and real-world billing issues. Fusebill is the product of a 10 year history of building & running large scale billing systems with hundreds of thousands of subscribers. We've lived the pain of billing outages & architected Fusebill to avoid them. Fusebill is reliable, secure and offers high availability to all of our customers.
  • Welcome, today’s seminar is an Introduction to Subscription Billing
  • 4. Data Portability & LockinIf a payment gateway holds all subscription information and is also acting as a credit card vault, it can be difficult to move to another gateway. This flexibility to move is important so that you can find the most attractive pricing as your business grows, and in the case of commercial disputes. 5. Reporting & Analytics While a payment gateway can provide information about payments, platforms generate insights about subscription businesses by inherently tracking key subscription metrics like:Monthly recurring revenues;ARPU (Average Revenue per User);Churn;Customer Lifetime Value.Platforms work cooperatively with gateways and securely maintains the customer, subscription and payment information. This allows you to rapidly switch gateways, or add new gateways and route traffic between them. Fusebill is not a payment gateway provider, but interconnects with over 25 different gateways including, Beanstream, PayPal and Moneris.
  • How does automating billing save you money?:All of these things lead not only to more efficient billing processes which save your business time and money, they also lead to better relationships with your customers. Since better relationships lead to longer relationships, an automated recurring billing service not only saves you money, it makes you money
  • With our AR features you can:Specify recurring billing dates or distribute throughout the month.Itemize to show one-time charges, recurring charges, and line-by-line usage-based charges.Choose who to invoice.Create an invoice for your records, for presentment to customers if requested, and for legal requirements in some countries.Manage your invoiced clients with these related features:Branded Invoices: You can add your logo and contact information to invoices;Customer communications: You can customize emails to deliver invoices, and warn of past due payments.Account level credit limits: this allows you tocontrol risk.Record offline payments and optionally link to specific invoices.Online Invoice Access: A secure self-serve portal allows customers to access their old invoices and payment receipts.Real Time Reporting: view outstanding payments and receivable aging reports.
  • The Fusebill philosophy of “Keep it Simple Stupid” is reflected in our simple and efficient Account Management tool that includes:Dunning management – collections notes, and account status changes.Easily define and manage free trials.Define subscriptions with a fixed term, or make them evergreen.Add multiple subscriptions to accounts – cross-sell and upsell.Upsell and cross-sell additional subscriptions – all on the same bill. One click renewals.Manual cancellation of subscriptions and accounts.Set a fixed billing date or distribute dates.
  • Fusebill protects your customer and credit card data in our PCI Level 1compliant facilities. And we adhere to the Credit Card Data Portability standard. This means that if you choose (for whatever reason) to terminate your relationship with Fusebill, we will help securely move your credit card data to you, or to a new provider. When it comes to Reliability All of our network components, SSL accelerators, load balancers, Web servers, and application servers are in redundant configuration. All customer data is stored on a primary database server that is clustered with a backup database server for redundancy and backed up regularly. Disaster recovery plans are in place.
  • Service availability is key:We know how important billing is to your business. You need to be confident your billing service is working, accessible, and processing transactions at all times. We monitor our systems externally, and real time results are available on our website.Historical data is also available.
  • We pride ourselves on our customer support and service and measure our success by our customer’s success. We realize that billing is a critical business function and we are available 24/7 to help.
  • Our pricing consists of two straightforward components: A monthly platform fee And a fixed transaction fee which decreases with volume.
  • Intro to subscription billing

    1. 1. Introduction to Subscription BillingDonna McPheeCustomer Success ManagerMay 30, 2013 1
    2. 2. Speaker IntroductionDonna McPhee,Customer Success ManagerThursday, May 30, 2013 2www.fusebill.comCall Us at: 1-888-519-1425 Copyright Fusebill Inc. 2013. All rights reservedE: dmcphee@fusebill.comT: 888.519.1425 x415
    3. 3. Fusebill Introduction We pride ourselves on ourcustomer support &service We measure our successby our customer’s success. Customers rely on Fusebillto: reduce costs speed cash collections extend their customerlifecycles.Thursday, May 30, 2013 3www.fusebill.comCall Us at: 1-888-519-1425 Copyright Fusebill Inc. 2013. All rights reservedFusebill automates invoicing, billing & collections for subscriptionbased companies.
    4. 4. Agenda1. Recurring Billing Overview2. Differences between Payment Platforms and Payment Gateways3. How Automating Billing Saves Money4. How Automating Billing Makes you Money5. Price Plan Features and Benefits6. Account Management7. Web Self Service8. Customer Communication9. Reporting10. The Fusebill Difference11. Wrap Up and QuestionsThursday, May 30, 2013 4www.fusebill.comCall Us at: 1-888-519-1425 Copyright Fusebill Inc. 2013. All rights reserved
    5. 5. Billing Service OverviewThursday, May 30, 2013 5www.fusebill.comCall Us at: 1-888-519-1425 Copyright Fusebill Inc. 2013. All rights reservedFor businesses with products or services billed on a recurring bases, a billing service: Reduces costs, Improves customer response times, Streamlines operations.With a billing service you can: Automatically charge cards each month Manage expiring cards, failures, & fraud Automate one-time or ongoing discounts & freeReduce passive churn Process debit, echecks & ACH payments Automate delivery of invoices & statements Eliminate billing clerks & prevent errors Reduce manual processing Access analytics like MRR, churn, ARPU, etc. Boost new customer registrations Lower cost of customer acquisition
    6. 6. Platforms vs Payment GatewaysPayment gateways: Connect you, your customer, your customer’s credit card provider and your bank. Securely validate your customer’s card, ensure funds are available, and deposit funds into your bank.To process an electronic transaction online you need a payment gateway. While someprovide basic recurring capabilities this costs extra and is limiting.Thursday, May 30, 2013 6www.fusebill.comCall Us at: 1-888-519-1425 Copyright Fusebill Inc. 2013. All rights reserved
    7. 7. Platforms vs Payment GatewaysPayment platforms are more robust in 5 key areas:Thursday, May 30, 2013 7www.fusebill.comCall Us at: 1-888-519-1425 Copyright Fusebill Inc. 2013. All rights reserved Gateways process specified charges. Platforms determine the amount based on: price plans free trials discounts taxes coupons pro-rating Currency add-on purchases volumes and usage Gateways manage financialtransactions. Platforms manage customerlifecycle from: free trial to premium package, to add-ons, to renewals with managementfeatures like welcome emailsand self-serve portals.1. Billing Intelligence 2. Customer Management
    8. 8. Thursday, May 30, 2013 8www.fusebill.comCall Us at: 1-888-519-1425 Copyright Fusebill Inc. 2013. All rights reserved4. Data Portability &Lock-in3. Failures &Chargebacks Gateways tell you whencharges fail. Platforms proactively reducesfailures & chargebacks with: warning of expiring cards optional payment receipts upcoming renewal notifications,automatic account statusing grace periods, etc. If a payment gateway holdsall subscription informationand is also acting as a creditcard vault, moving can bedifficult. This flexibility to move isimportant so that you canfind the most attractivepricing as your businessgrows, and in the case ofcommercial disputes.
    9. 9. Thursday, May 30, 2013 9www.fusebill.comCall Us at: 1-888-519-1425 Copyright Fusebill Inc. 2013. All rights reserved5. Reporting and AnalyticsWhile a payment gateway can provide information about payments,platforms generate insights about subscription businesses byinherently tracking key subscription metrics like: Monthly recurring revenues; ARPU (Average Revenue per User); Churn; Customer Lifetime Value.Platforms: Work cooperatively with gateways and securely maintains the customer,subscription and payment information. This allows you to rapidly switch gateways,or add new gateways and route traffic between them. Fusebill is not a payment gateway provider, but interconnects with over 35different gateways including, Beanstream, PayPal and Moneris.
    10. 10. Automated Billing SAVES MoneyThursday, May 30, 2013 10www.fusebill.comCall Us at: 1-888-519-1425 Copyright Fusebill Inc. 2013. All rights reservedAn automated billing service saves you money: Eliminates revenue leakage. Reduces passive churn by automatically implementing dunning rules. Eliminates manual clerical work. Allows end clients to manage their own accounts and payment methods, whichdramatically reduces inbound calls. Eliminates IT requirements for subscription billing reporting. Ensures payments received on time, passive churn significantly reduced, dunning rules automatically implemented, and you and yourcustomers are notified of missed payments. Includes heuristics to ‘try again’ when payments are declined,which leads to more successful charges. Lets you set up evergreen and term based subscriptions andaccount status transitions to provide grace periods beforecancellations.How does an automated billing service save money?
    11. 11. Automated Billing MAKES MoneyThursday, May 30, 2013 11www.fusebill.comCall Us at: 1-888-519-1425 Copyright Fusebill Inc. 2013. All rights reservedAn automated billing service makes you money : Builds better customer relationships which lead to longer customerrelationships. Encourages upselling and cross selling. Makes building your product catalogue easier.How?More efficient billing processes save your business timeand money.
    12. 12. The Fusebill ServiceThursday, May 30, 2013 12www.fusebill.comCall Us at: 1-888-519-1425 Copyright Fusebill Inc. 2013. All rights reservedFeatures Fusebill’s recurring billing and payments platform manages your recurring billing needsthroughout the customer lifecycle – from signup or account creation, through recurring paymentsand invoices, dunning and customer communication. Fusebill supports your entire organization – from accounting and billing operations, through sales,marketing and management. Credit card payments Recurring invoices and Payments Flexible Pricing and Discounting Integration & APIs Make Billing easier Tax Management Account Management Subscription Management
    13. 13. Pricing PlansThursday, May 30, 2013 13www.fusebill.comCall Us at: 1-888-519-1425 Copyright Fusebill Inc. 2013. All rights reservedFusebill has the power and flexibility to define subscription pricing plans to meet yourbusiness needs – now and as you grow.Price using: One-time, recurring, usage and volumebased plans.Automate: One time, ongoing discounts, coupons,and free trials.With Fusebill you can:• Define time-based free trials that automatically expire.• Define recurring charges for standard subscriptionpricing fees.• Implement volume based charging.• Specify usage based charging, including Standard,Tiered, or Stairstep.• Create and administer coupons for fixed or % baseddiscounts.• Define recurring billing period in days, weeks, monthsor years.• Rapidly Test Price Changes Without IT
    14. 14. Billing and InvoicingThursday, May 30, 2013 14www.fusebill.comCall Us at: 1-888-519-1425 Copyright Fusebill Inc. 2013. All rights reservedBy seamlessly integrating invoiced customers and credit card customers Fusebill’srecurring billing platform automates all of your billing processes.With Fusebill you can: Create invoices. Automate email delivery. Add your logo & customize invoice appearance. Set payment terms per client (30 days, 60 days) and automatedunning emails. Detailed reporting on outstanding balances & collections. Adjust invoices with manual discounts, charges and refunds. Accept offline payments (cash, checks) and associate with invoices. Publish online.Flexible options to suit your business: Many of our customers offer multiple payment optionsbecause it suits their business - often smaller clients pay bycredit card, while larger, longer term clients are grantedcredit terms and pay after being invoiced.
    15. 15. Account ManagementThursday, May 30, 2013 15www.fusebill.comCall Us at: 1-888-519-1425 Copyright Fusebill Inc. 2013. All rights reservedManage: customer lifecycles, subscriptions, prevent billing errors, save time and money.Fusebill: makes billing easier, frees up your IT team, centralizes customermanagement, subscriptions, and financial transactions.Whether you’re large or small, selling B2B or B2C, Fusebill’s account managementtools provide your business with the solutions you need to simplify your billingchallenges.
    16. 16. Web Self ServiceThursday, May 30, 2013 16www.fusebill.comCall Us at: 1-888-519-1425 Copyright Fusebill Inc. 2013. All rights reservedFusebill give you the ability to create online checkout andcustomer self-serve pagesYour customers can: Manage their own accounts View past and current invoices online. Update contact and billing information. View payments. Renew subscriptions.A Self-Service Portal Reduces Lifecycle Costs: Give clients secure access to account information. Provide better customer service while reducingcalls and emails to your billing and support team. Reduce the number of failed payments andimprove cash flow.’ Removes the burden of PCI compliance andpassword management.
    17. 17. Thursday, May 30, 2013 17www.fusebill.comCall Us at: 1-888-519-1425 Copyright Fusebill Inc. 2013. All rights reserved A quick and easy way to offer subscription servicesonline. Secure and affordable. No development skills required. Removes data storage risks. No hosting charges.Hosted Checkout PagesHosted Checkout Pages: A quick & easy way to offer your subscriptionservices online
    18. 18. Customer CommunicationsThursday, May 30, 2013 18www.fusebill.comCall Us at: 1-888-519-1425 Copyright Fusebill Inc. 2013. All rights reserved View and resend emails to customers Strengthen customer loyalty Increase brand awareness. Build long lasting relationships.With the Fusebill Automate Lifecycle Emails, you can send communications toyour customers as well as provide notifications internally based on specifictriggers. New customer “welcome” emails Successful payment notifications Failed payment notifications Alerts about expiring credit cards Statements and invoices Collection warnings, dunning emails & accountstatus changes.Examples:Benefits:
    19. 19. ReportingReal time analytics to manage your business.Thursday, May 30, 2013 19www.fusebill.comCall Us at: 1-888-519-1425 Copyright Fusebill Inc. 2013. All rights reserved Accurately track accounting ledgers. Track Revenue and deferred revenue. Total Customer Value (TCV) Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR) Cash Flow Churn Customer Lifetime Value Customer Acquisition Rates Product / Subscription Sales Earned RevenuesExecutive Dashboard provides visibilityto key metrics. Check daily to get overall view of thehealth of your business. Reports are concise, easy to understandand complement the portfolio of detailedreporting on customers, products,revenues and other financial metrics.
    20. 20. Security, Reliability & Scalability201. Security:A. PCI Level 1 , SAS70B. Round-the-clock protection of data and systems.C. Secure credit card vault.2. Reliability:A. 24/7/365 Service availability.B. SLA’s – 99.5% uptime (actual 99.9%.)C. Fully redundant.D. Multiple Data Centers – separate grids.3. Scalability:A. Cloud based.B. Unlimited capacity.C. Capacity on demand.www.fusebill.comCall Us at: 1-888-519-1425 Copyright Fusebill Inc. 2013. All rights reserved
    21. 21. High Availability21Service availability is keywww.fusebill.comCall Us at: 1-888-519-1425 Copyright Fusebill Inc. 2013. All rights reservedWe know how important billing is to your business. You need to be confident your billingservice is working, accessible, and processing transactions at all times.Availability is published on our:• Main website• Fusebill APP• Fusebill API
    22. 22. Service & Support Structure22www.fusebill.comCall Us at: 1-888-519-1425 Copyright Fusebill Inc. 2013. All rights reserved
    23. 23. The Fusebill Difference23Experience counts:Vision – automate billing for all subscription businesses.People – we know how to run and scale subscription businesses.Technology - scale, reliability, quality.Product :Breadth – supports the entire organization from accounting and billingoperations , through sales, marketing and management.Flexibility – we can tailor to meet your needs.Easy to use – Intuitive UI, no technical expertise required.Commitment to service:Available - Product experts available at all stages of implementation.Responsive – 24/7 phone, and email support as well as Twitter and FacebookFriendly – Your success is our success. We take the time to help you succeed.www.fusebill.comCall Us at: 1-888-519-1425 Copyright Fusebill Inc. 2013. All rights reserved
    24. 24. 24Take a free trial atwww.fusebill.comThank You!Contact Us:www.fusebill.com1-888-519-1425support@fusebill.comSales@fusebill.comTwitter: @fusebill