Steward the Journey - A look at FG SQUARED's 19 year journey to see what patterns emerge


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presented to UT Austin's Human Dimensions of Organization class in Nov 2013

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  • Steward the Journey - A look at FG SQUARED's 19 year journey to see what patterns emerge

    1. 1. STEWARD THE JOURNEY A look at FG SQUARED’s 19 year journey to see what patterns emerge UT HDO Professional Seminar 09 Nov 2013 Hosted by Steve Golab
    2. 2. ABOUT FG SQUARED • An Austin-based Jive Alliance Agency who also owns and operates the GoLab Austin coworkspace. • Here’s what we do really well • Global enterprises trust us to tailor their Jive Software communities. • We also provide workspace for local creative professionals, software developers, and journey-oriented entrepreneurs.
    3. 3. THE CONNECTION BETWEEN PERSPECTIVE & MEANING What is stewardship, and why is it an important skill for people?
    4. 4. STEWARDSHIP – CHOOSING SERVICE OVER SELF INTEREST “Stewardship is the willingness to be accountable for the well being of the larger organization by operating in service, rather than in control, of those around us. Stated simply, it is accountability without control or compliance.” - Peter Block
    5. 5. ZEN AND THE ART OF MOTORCYCLE MAINTENANCE “You look at where you’re going and where you are and it never makes sense, but then you look back at where you’ve been and a pattern seems to emerge. And if you project forward from that pattern, then sometimes you can come up with something.” - Robert Pirsig
    6. 6. JOURNEY What journey are you on right now and what meaning might you uncover by reflecting on it?
    7. 7. PEEK INTO MY LIFE JOURNEY 1973 1994 Born; given 10% chance of survival FG2 was born 2008 Daughter was born 2013 Heart Attack (DJIA 3754) (DJIA 13264) (DJIA 13104) 1991 2000 Move to Austin Married on a cliff in Hawaii (DJIA 2633) (DJIA 11497) 2010 Golab Austin was born (DJIA 12217)
    8. 8. THE JOURNEY OF MY ROLE AS BUSINESS OWNER 1995 2001 Project Manager and Programmer HR, Sales, and Marketing 2010 Community Steward 1998 2004 Client Service and Finance Chairman and CEO
    9. 9. THE JOURNEY OF FG2 OWNERSHIP TEAM 1995 Fred and Matt leave 1994 Jason and Casey join 2003 2006 Lin and Debbie join Davin leaves 1995 1996 2004 2010 Steve, Fred, and Matt join Davin joins Jason and Casey leave Lin leaves Debbie and Steve Remain
    10. 10. THE JOURNEY OF FG2 CORE TEAM 2004-2006 1999 Debbie, Brad, and Culby join 1995 Steve joins Amy and Coskey joins Brad and Culby return 2012 Coskey returns 1997 2001 20011 Jim joins Brad and Culby leave Coskey leaves
    11. 11. THE JOURNEY OF FG2 BUSINESS MODEL 1996 Multimedia Services Firm 1994 Ecommerce 2007 Social Business Agency 1995 2000 2012 Tech Consulting Firm Integrated Services Firm Jive Alliance Agency
    12. 12. THE JOURNEY OF FG2 MARKETS 1996 B2B 1994 2008 Global 2000 and Startups WWW Users Social Enterprise 1995 2003 2012 Professional Service Firms B2B Jive Owners in Texas Global 2000 Especially Global 2000
    13. 13. THE JOURNEY OF FG2 OFFERING 2007 1996 1994 Legacy Creative, Technology, Strategy Computer and Hair Products + Social 1995 2000 Myriad of Services Plan, Design, Execute 2012 Jive Only
    14. 14. SMALL GROUP CONVERSATION What themes emerge?
    15. 15. THE JOURNEY OF FG SQUARED’S MANTRA 1994 1996 How will we fund the Easy Beader Prototype? What are our signature areas of innovation? 1998 How do we scale quickly? 1995 1997 Can we make a living doing what we love? How do we build long term client relationships?
    16. 16. THE JOURNEY OF FG SQUARED’S MANTRA 2002 How do we manage the transition going on in our individual lives? 1999 - 2000 How can we work less and play more? 2005 How do we stay alive when our email server keeps crashing? 2001 2003 – 2004 Who stays and who goes? How do we breathe new life into this company?
    17. 17. THE JOURNEY OF FG SQUARED’S MANTRA 2008 2006 Is this really happening again? Where can we find more inspiration? 2007 2009 What does social mean for our clients? Who is going to save us?
    18. 18. THE JOURNEY OF FG SQUARED’S MANTRA 2012 2010 When we say no, what are we saying yes to? Who is ready to reboot the business? 2011 2013 What do we want to create together? How do we want to grow together?
    19. 19. SMALL GROUP CONVERSATION What themes emerge?
    20. 20. STEWARDSHIP IS THE CORE ACTION “We are all on a journey, and in that journey we are trying to express ourselves in the greatest, fullest expression of ourselves. Stewardship involves being present to and helping someone else, starting with yourself, to go and find that full expression. There is a lot of work behind real stewardship. It has to do with a lot of things about understanding where that person or thing is on its journey and what they’re trying to do. So it’s a lot of questions pulling it out.” - Bijoy Goswami
    21. 21. THANK YOU