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Overview of iBeacon and other BLE beacon technologies.

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  • Massimo Banzi – Arduino
    Eben Upton, Raspberry Pi
    Bre Petis – Makerbot
    Nate Seidle CEO – Sparkfun
    Dave Jones, EEVBlog
  • Enough about me. Let’s talk about iBeacons!
  • Drives more relevant engagement with a customer
    By providing location as a context
  • iBeacons enable indoor location
  • Not Bluetooth 3.0 compatible.
    Has very little in common from a hardware implementations
    Modern chipsets are dual-mode. Both 3.0 and 4.0 compatible
    Spun out of Nokia while Bluetooth 4.0 was struggling to come up with a new standard.
    Has more in common with Zigbee than Bluetooth 3.0
  • Bluetooth is generally great for low power, battery operated devices
  • iBeacon spec is about half a page
    iBeacon logo usage specification is 8-10 pages.
    A lot of the hardware out there is not very good.
    Apple could easily build better hardware than is available.
    It’s all about the ecosystem and branding
  • These devices are solving similar or the same problems
    Some have some advantages over ibeacon
  • Start-ups
    Big guns

  • Thought leaders in the space
    Great place to start as a software developer
    Blog prolifically about ibeacon
    Provide a lot of good info to developers about iBeacon integration
    Limited hardware available
    Provide some good tools for detecting beacons on iOS/OSX
    Provide tools for turning mac/iphone into a beacon
  • Have probably the best stand-alone beacons readily available that are iBeacon compatible
    Great place to start as a hardware hacker
    Takes 2 AAs
    Lots of options for developers
    Great for hardware hackers
  • Kickstarter project
    Very visible, lots of press
    Crappy hardware with terrible battery life
    You must cut it open to change battery
    Wait for V2

  • Proprietary beacons, not iBeacon standard
    Spun out of Qualcomm recently
    Venture funded
    Beacons solve some security and spoofing issues, but do not use native iOS facilities for detecting beacons, not sure how apple will tolerate this
  • A bit new to the scene, not real clear on their offering yet
    Does not appear to be iBeacon standards compatible
  • Not an iBeacon
    Pre-authorized payments
    Apple has filed patents for similar beacon technology, but hasn’t talked about it publicly or announced anything yet.
  • GE is working on LED lighting with integrated iBeacons
  • Not really going to talk about hardware, but thought I would mention
    Lots of options, but two really popular platforms
  • Used in a ton of devices including the Redbear labs stuff
    8bit 8051 microcontroller SoC
    Low Power
    Not very fun to work with
  • 51822 is my fav
    Arm Cortex M0 SoC
    256 kb of flash!
    Used in Estimotes
    Gimbal is using their own silicon out of Qualcomm
  • Who is prepared to handle this piece of the puzzle?
    Some Startup?
  • No acceptable encryption mechanisms exist that haven’t been pwned
    People have demonstrated breaking BLE pace makers and insulin delivery machines
    Rolling your own encryption is typically a terrible idea
    Example of listenting with your phone and having it act as a Beacon
    Al’s Coffee Shop, Stumptown coffee example.

  • Everyone is spinning out their own thing
    Android doesn’t support iBeacon specifically, requires something to sit on top of BLE
    Remember NFC
    If anyone can pull it off, it would be Apple
  • With
  • With
  • With
  • iBeacon

    1. 1. Steven Osborn iBeacon
    2. 2. Steven Osborn Co-founded Urban Airship 5 years ago. Co-founded Smart Mocha with Surj and Jake Olsen Started Thing Tuesday (Surj does all the driving now, Thanks Surj!) Authored Makers at Work , Apress 2013 steven@urbanairship.com @steve918
    3. 3. What is an iBeacon?
    4. 4. iBeacons Indoor location triggers
    5. 5. Indoor triggers Incentives / Coupon (Sign spinner) Indoor directions / navigation Customer greeting (Hotel) Occupancy management (Stadium) Enter, Exit, Historical Location context
    6. 6. Bluetooth LE iBeacons are BLE devices Bluetooth Low Energy (LE) Bluetooth Smart Bluetooth 4.0
    7. 7. BLE Devices Lots of new devices
    8. 8. iBeacons It’s all about the logo
    9. 9. BLE Beacons Not all beacons are iBeacons
    10. 10. Key Players
    11. 11. Radius Networks
    12. 12. Redbear Labs
    13. 13. Estimote
    14. 14. Gimbal
    15. 15. Motorola
    16. 16. Paypal
    17. 17. GE iBeacon integration Everyday devices as iBeacons
    18. 18. Chip Makers
    19. 19. Texas Instruments CC254X
    20. 20. Nordic Semiconductor nRF51822, nRF51422, nRF8001, nRF8002
    21. 21. Concerns
    22. 22. Management Who is responsible when stuff doesn’t work
    23. 23. Management iBeacon management Thousands of hardware devices Hundreds/thousands of stores Provisioning Monitoring Maintenance Batteries!
    24. 24. Privacy Big brother is watching
    25. 25. Privacy User tracking Opt-In Location requires opt-in iBeacons are transmitting, your device listens You track iBeacons, they don’t track you. MAC rotation
    26. 26. Battery Life Got juice?
    27. 27. Battery Life Can’t pull power out of the air (yet) iBeacon spec says to transmit every 100ms So much for coin cell batteries USB beacons How to know when one dies Huge cost to roll a truck to replace batteries Also has some burden on phone battery
    28. 28. Security I see what you did there
    29. 29. Security Haxx BLE is inherently insecure iBeacon does not provide Encryption Authentication Authorization Assurance a user is actually at a location Easily spoofable Easily detected by competition Insecure channel Roll your own encryption if you need it
    30. 30. Adoption It’s Apple’s baby, but does anyone want it?
    31. 31. Adoption Many people are rolling out their own, non-iBeacon BLE beacons Android doesn’t support it out of the box. Hasn’t announced plans too. Apples and Oranges
    32. 32. What do Consumer's think?
    33. 33. Consumers response It’s all about appropriate context
    34. 34. Good Push Index Urban Airship Proper / Improper uses of notifications Real world customer response
    35. 35. Open Beacons
    36. 36. Open Beacons www.openbeacons.com
    37. 37. Open Beacons Open Hardware Open Firmware Increased security OTA firmware Spoof resistant Rotating UUID iBeacon compatibility Goals
    38. 38. Thanks!