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Presentation to OSM State of the Map conference, Limerick, 12 July 2008

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  • Two views from recent excellent additions: Export tab > XML data Data overlay – allows point and search of data for tagging and history
  • Should all have seen: Osmarender Mapnik Cycle map All available from tab on slippy map
  • Note to self: Cycle and check the route through middle of Enfield, tagged variously as 53, 88 and 4
  • Those with good eyesight might be able to see that the use of transparent lines allows you to see already that the Lea Valley Walk is all on footpaths (towpath mostly), whereas the Pymmes Brook Trail varies from roads, cycleways to footpaths.
  • Thanks to Andy Allan for the render. Explanation:
  • Enfield Green map: Lecturer at college Mike Childs – “always have the user in mind”. This map suffers from having no user. I have included green spaces, footpaths, recycling centre and recycle points, but is that what the “user” wants. Mapnik’s collision avoidance routine is neat but uncontrollable. I want all the green features to ALWAYS show, even if they overlap. Thanks to Frederik Ramm for setting up an Enfield extract service. Note the 2 halves of Enfield W and E: green spaces, footpaths, cycleways. So, see oneplanetsutton – work in progress, mostly tom Chance and Thomas Wood (Edgemaster). Openlayers explanation (apologies to Edgemaster if I get this wrong): OpenLayers vector layer functionality, calling files/layers/feeds from their own server. POIs stored in Openlayers text format (not osm). JavScript used for popup control/content – but some odd results. Considering: moving external data to PostGIS, then using Featureserver. Also using modified osm2pgsql to populate with osm POIs. Any question best directed to Thomas or TomC. Do take a look.
  • One of my first attempts at customised mapnik output. Proofing device, and also to show overground/underground status of tube lines. Washed out background detail – laboriously by changing styles as necessary. Big up the tube widths and colour with correct hex code for each line. Doesn’t show in this graphic but illustrates the so called tube line problem – how to show a tube line that at the same time is two (or more) lines (eg concurrent Circle and District lines).
  • Proofing map for canal network. Don’t anyone start on what is a canal please. Cut out all irrelevant detail. Bring canals/names to front. Knew about Limehouse Cut, Hertford Union, but what is Albion Channel. Proved very useful for fixing up gaps, anomolies, etc. About to work on the detail of Caldon Canal (Stoke?Leek area).
  • Enfield canal map: Firstly an overview. Topography – draining east to Lea Valley Also the smallest symbols in the world. New River (which is neither new nor a river) contours across the prevailing terrain/drainage – supplied fresh water to central London. Mapping without roads experiment. Proximity of symbols. Enfield Lock – lock, mooring, dry dock, winding-hole Can’t avoid clash with road name – South Ordance Road Symbol alignment task. Locks – static symbol rotated to match alignment of the way it is on. Enfield pubs map: Very simple HTML page. Shows some pub mapping still to be done. Removed casings and lightened road fills. Symbol/name collision. Click: Jolly Farmers – G map. Plough – need cartographer. Enfield schools map: Schools highlighted. Then an image map with links. Sec/primary differentiated. Highlands – Ofsted. Merryhills – school website
  • Early example of customising SVG output SVG > changes to style > Inkscape for enhancements The way I actually like working – taking the data into a vector/graphic environment
  • Thanks again due to Frederik – whose geofabrik website hosts SHP output of all the extracts that it autogenerates on a daily turnaround Imported Enfield SHP file into GIS package Gives 6 layers – roads, water, amenities, etc Filtered amenities to select only schools – yellow dots Wanted to do secondary schools only but >shp filter doesn’t pick up the differentiating tag Added buffer zones of 500m around each school
  • Turned on the open spaces by filtering the SHP natural= data
  • Added 200m buffer zones around open spaces, this time continuous rather than overlapped. Hyperthetically – I want to live within 500m of a school AND within 200m of some open space. Should have coloured the overlap between 2 buffers – but used software for mere 30 minutes before doing the tasks.
  • Roads layer displayed again to give better picture. Red triangle added to highlight the area I am going to look for a house in
  • Impressionist’s view of Enfield at night. How: Lightness of roads drawn proportional to their importance (and thus likely strength of lighting). Fill for residential, with 2 vignette lines at edge to simulate ambient lighting. Resulting mapnik image then filtered with a standard Photoshop impressionist filter
  • I had to work hard on this one. Cut a whole load of data out from the rendering, reduced the working map display area greatly. Has anyone guessed which webmap yet? Yep, here’s osm data rendered as the “Peoples map”. Zoom out for level of data from osm as comparison.
  • So I have all this data

    1. 1. So I have all this data …. Steve Chilton State of the Map Conference, Limerick 13 th Jul 2008
    2. 2. osmarender layer
    3. 3. mapnik layer
    4. 4. cycle map layer
    5. 5. Render of waymarked paths (relations)
    6. 6. Render of waymarked paths (relations)
    7. 7. Enfield – Green Map Sutton – oneplanetsutton Map
    8. 8. Tube network map
    9. 9. Canal network map
    10. 10. Enfield – canal map Enfield – pubs map Enfield – schools map
    11. 11. SVG output – enhanced in Inkscape
    12. 12. GIS – adding buffer zones
    13. 13. GIS – adding buffer zones
    14. 14. GIS – adding buffer zones
    15. 15. GIS – adding buffer zones
    16. 16. Enfield – at night
    17. 17. And now ……. in the style of a famous webmap Thank you. [email_address]